There are many ways you can help I2P!

To get involved, please feel free to join us on the #i2p-dev IRC channel (on,, or within I2P on irc.echelon.i2p, irc.dg.i2p or irc.postman.i2p). We also have a forum, which is available at on the clearnet and at i2pforum.i2p inside the network. If you don't want to create an account on our forum, some of our developers are active Redditors who will talk to you on r/i2p.

Если вы хотите присоединить к нашей команде, пожалуйста, свяжитесь с нами, так как мы постоянно ищем новых активных участников.

Нам нужна помощь по многим направлениям, поэтому вам не обязательно знать язык Java, чтобы оказать помощь! Вот список, который поможет вам начать!

Grow the Community

  • Расскажите о нас! — Tell people about I2P on forums, blogs, and comments to articles. Fix up the Wikipedia article about I2P in your language. Tell your friends, and more importantly, use I2P to communicate with your friends! We have many tools that can help you keep your private conversations private.
  • Перевод — Help translate the website and the software into your language. Translators are a very important part of this decentralized project and your work is always appreciated. See the new translator's guide for details.
  • Тестирование — Run the latest builds from monotone or a recent build from the unofficial github mirror and report results on #i2p or as bugs on Trac.
  • Документация — Suggest changes to the website, or help fix the parts of the website that you notice outdated or incomplete. We also always appreciate our wonderful translators, join one of our Transifex teams and help translate pages into other languages.
  • Multimedia — Create promotional materials, infographics, and videos about I2P. Create guides to setting up your favorite services on I2P, and take screenshots as you go. If your guide is helpful, we'd love to mirror it on our blog.
  • Контент — One of I2P's greatest strengths as a peer-to-peer network is that anyone can run their own website, it's actually a built-in feature. Create an eepSite, talk about something you're passionate about, or just interested in. It's easy, and it's getting easier every single day. Announce it on r/i2p and i2pforum.i2p/ you will have visitors in no time.

Host Services for Yourself and Others

  • Службы — Running many kinds of services on eepSites is very easy. You could self-host almost anything, from an SSH server for yourself to an ActivityPub forum for everyone and anything in between. Almost anything you can think of can be made to work with I2P, and your service is valuable to the network.
  • Начальная загрузка — Getting new users onto the network is a very important task, and that task is handled by our reseed servers. The more reseed servers we have, the more de-centralized and redundant our infrastructure is. It's a big responsibility, but it's pretty easy to set up a reseed server for new routers to bootstrap from. Detailed instructions are on our reseed server page.

Develop Software

  • Приложения для I2P — Создавайте или портируйте программы для I2P! Вы найдёте несколько руководств и список идей на странице приложений.
  • Программируйте — Есть много задач для реализации если вы знаете Java или готовы учить. Проверьте открытые заявки в Trac или в списке TODO zzz.i2p что бы определиться с чего можно начать. Просмотрите руководство разработчиков для выяснения подробностей.
  • Анализ — Study or test the code to look for vulnerabilities. Both anonymity vulnerabilities from the various threat models, and DOS and other weaknesses due to security holes, benefit from ongoing research.
  • Пожертвования