Сетевая БД

Транспортные протоколы

  • How could packet retransmission strategies and timeouts be improved?

Туннели и Назначения

Выбор пира

Всенаправленные туннели

  • What are the benefits of unidirectional tunnels over bidirectional tunnels? What are the tradeoffs?
  • More details are available here.

Множественная адресация

  • How effective is multihoming at load-balancing?
  • How does it scale? What happens as more routers host the same Destination?
  • The benefit for anonymity is less correlation of router uptime to Destination uptime. Are there tradeoffs?

Маршрутизация сообщений

  • How much is the effectiveness of timing attacks reduced by fragmentation and mixing of messages?
  • What mixing strategies could I2P benefit from?
  • How can high-latency techniques (e.g. message-dependent routing delays) be effectively employed within or alongside our low-latency network?