I2P dev meeting, August 2, 2005

Quick recap

  • Present:

ant, bar, cervantes, duck, jrandom2p, lucky, mihi, protokol, smeghead, thetower,

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13:53 < jrandom2p> ok, as i'm here, is there anyone interested in having a brief meeting wrt the notes (or something else)?
13:54 < jrandom2p> anything in the notes people are concerned with, thoughts not related to 'em that people want to bring up, or other issues relevent and timely?
13:54 <@smeghead> sure
13:54 <+protokol> is icepick here?
13:55 <+protokol> i am wondering if i2p-mnet is testable yet and/or an ETA on it
13:55 < jrandom2p> idle for 9 hours atm..
13:56 < jrandom2p> from the channel logs, it didnt sound workable, but he did get the basic SAM integration going
13:56 < jrandom2p> i'm sure we'll hear more when there's more to hear
13:56 <+protokol> cooool
13:57 < jrandom2p> smeghead: has -1 fixed your port migration issue?
13:57 <@smeghead> i haven't noticed any funny business
13:58 <@smeghead> in 3 days or so
13:58 <@cervantes> glad to say I haven't had a loss of service for a day or two
13:58 <@smeghead> i think i can call it fixed
13:58 < jrandom2p> wr0d
13:58 < jrandom2p> (^2)
13:59 <@cervantes> and thetower is only reconnecting every 4 minutes now...so the network health in general must be improving
13:59 < jrandom2p> heh
13:59 <+thetower> A fresh install seemed to fix the problem, but it was really quite disturbing and I never could find a good reason for it.
14:00 < jrandom2p> hmm
14:00 < jrandom2p> was it irc only, or were you losing many peers?
14:00 <@cervantes> gremlins
14:01 <+thetower> Is it possible that changing the router.config file without restarting i2p would have caused the crashes?
14:01 < jrandom2p> hmm, no, i change router.config often
14:01 < jrandom2p> or, is there a particular change you're concerned with?
14:02 <@cervantes> I remember copying over my jbigi lib once while the router was still running.... THAT caused problems ;-)
14:02 <+thetower> I set up some script to alter the bandwidth limits based on current network usage and I was wondering if that was causing the problem.
14:02 < jrandom2p> heh yeah cervantes, that'll always kill the router
14:03 < jrandom2p> ah ok, no, that shouldnt be a problem... though... if it altered the limits to be too small for messages to get through...
14:04 <+thetower> Well, it had fairly reasonable lower limits so I guess that wasn't it.
14:04 < jrandom2p> ok cool, just checkin~ :)
14:05 < jrandom2p> i suppose we'll have tomorrow then, as -1 seems to be a pretty good improvement
14:05 < jrandom2p> it'll be backwards compat, etc, yadda yadda.
14:06 < jrandom2p> anything else y'all know that needs to get pushed out there?
14:06 < jrandom2p> whats the status with i2phex?
14:06 <@smeghead> maybe push the cvs hosts.txt to dev.i2p.net... the current one is months old
14:06 < jrandom2p> i did the other night iirc
14:07 <@smeghead> sirup hasn't been around in a couple of weeks
14:07 < jrandom2p> ooh, hmmm..
14:07 <@smeghead> it's summer though
14:07 <@smeghead> maybe on holiday or something
14:08 <@cervantes> or he's been bum-raped by the riaa
14:08 < jrandom2p> ah yeah, its up there (it was just cached on squid.i2p)
14:08 <@smeghead> riaaped?
14:09 < jrandom2p> ($Id: meeting141.html,v 1.2 2005-08-04 16:21:39 duck Exp $)
14:09 < jrandom2p> *cough*
14:09 <+bar> there are some things that need to be added to bugzilla, like i2p 0.6 and java 1.5
14:09 <@smeghead> ok
14:09 < jrandom2p> ah right, yeah i still havent gotten my laptop online yet (grr)
14:10 < jrandom2p> ((the weekly status notes needed to be burnt to cd... a 1KB cd...))
14:10 < jrandom2p> woah heya mihi
14:10 <@duck> hi mihi!
14:10 < mihi> hi all :)
14:10 <@cervantes> could be dm :)
14:10 < jrandom2p> heh
14:10 <@smeghead> indeed
14:10 <@cervantes> 'lo mihi
14:10 < mihi> seemed to require a bit of tweaking in the config file till my router believed that *only* 8887/udp is open...
14:11  * jrandom2p mentioned i2ptunnel in the status notes and mihi appears ;)
14:11 < jrandom2p> ah, hmm, the i2np.udp.fixedPort=true thing?
14:11 < mihi> hmm? was it there?
14:11  * mihi read status notes only quickly
14:11 < mihi> hmm... is that better solution?
14:12  * mihi just reset the port to 8887 and restarted hard until it did not change the port...
14:12 < jrandom2p> whats the tweak you did to your router.config to make it believe only 8886?
14:12 < jrandom2p> er, 8887
14:12 < jrandom2p> hah
14:12 <@cervantes> can we perhaps rename I2PTunnel as you suggested to something like I2PProxy...?
14:12 < jrandom2p> ok, yeah, use i2np.udp.fixedPort=true
14:12 < jrandom2p> (deployed in 0.6-1 and to be released asap as
14:12 <@cervantes> it can get very confusing talking about "the tunnel config page"
14:13 <+thetower> Oh I have a question, isn't i2p supposed to automatically detect which udp port to use? And if so, is it supposed to be hard coded in the default router.config?
14:13 < mihi> hmmkay...
14:14 < mihi> seems that i2p changed the port once again
14:14 < mihi> expect me to be away soon :)
14:14 < jrandom2p> thetower: yes, it should automatically detect, but there are some funky tap dances that we~re going through at the moment 
14:14 <@cervantes> mihi: d'you have the latest cvs?
14:14 < jrandom2p> thats what the whole PeerTest thing is about (making it so that we always automatically configure it properly)
14:14 < mihi> nope.
14:14 <@cervantes> mihi: that would be why then :)
14:15 < mihi> only the version from i2pupdate.zip
14:15 <@cervantes> mihi: 0.6 has RandomPort (tm) functionality
14:15 < jrandom2p> heh
14:16 <@cervantes> :)
14:16 <+ant> * mihi 'd like FixedPorto functionality :)
14:16 <+ant> <mihi> and disconnected...
14:16 <@cervantes> then you'd need  0.6-1 FixedPort Pro
14:16 < jrandom2p> heh
14:16 < jrandom2p> ok, anyone else have something to bring up for the meeting?
14:16 <@cervantes> or wait for
14:17 < jrandom2p> how has the latency/throughput been, barring the intermittent reachability?
14:17 <+ant> <mihi> hmm. here is a cvs checkout from 2004-10-06. should try to update it :)
14:17 < jrandom2p> !thwap mihi
14:18 <@cervantes> I got i2pinstall.jar at 110k/sec from dev.i2p yesterday on a single stream
14:18 < jrandom2p> nice
14:19 <@cervantes> and 320k/sec using multiple
14:19 < jrandom2p> w0ah
14:19 < jrandom2p> 0hop, i assume
14:19 < jrandom2p> (dev.i2p is 0hop)
14:19 <@cervantes> yup
14:19 < jrandom2p> ((in case you couldn't tell ;)
14:19 <@cervantes> ;-)
14:19 <+thetower> download to:    GTA San Andreas
14:19 <+thetower> download rate:  28.51 kB/s
14:20 <@cervantes> that was from multiple sources though...
14:20 < jrandom2p> ah cool thetower 
14:20 <@cervantes> managed to push squid.i2p up to about 280
14:21 < lucky> jrandom2p :)
14:21 < lucky> would you push the new hosts.txt to the site
14:21 <@cervantes> lucky: tis done
14:21 < jrandom2p> yeah, once we can consistently pull that sort of rate cervantes, we'll need to add on some configurable delays to let people do 0hops safely
14:22 < jrandom2p> (so it delays AVG(tunnelTestTime/2) but doesnt waste bw or lose messages)
14:22 <@cervantes> to hide the fact that it's a 0 hop tunnel?
14:22 < lucky> i wonder if I2P will ever have speeds decent enough tha ti could let people log into my virtu-vax
14:23 < jrandom2p> yeah.  otherwise, if you say "hey i~m getting 300KBps from your site", you can pretty safely guess that its 2 0hop tunnels
14:23 < jrandom2p> (otoh, 1 to 2 to 3 to 4hops don't have such a dramatic cut)
14:23 <@cervantes> so will i2p effectively have a bandwidth cap
14:23 < jrandom2p> ((as once you force true tunnel operation, each intermediate hop isn't much))
14:24 < jrandom2p> nah cervantes, large windows + delays 
14:24  * cervantes cancels his plans for HDTV streaming anonymous pr0n
14:24 < jrandom2p> you can just have more messages in the air to get the same rate
14:25 <@cervantes> ah right
14:25 < jrandom2p> (but it'll take a few more rtts to get to the larger window, of course)
14:25 < jrandom2p> ok, anyone have anything else to bring up?
14:26 < mihi> bring up a *baf*er :)
14:26 <@cervantes> it's gone rusty with missuse
14:27 < jrandom2p> heh i suppose its time ;)
14:27  * jrandom2p winds up
14:27  * jrandom2p *baf*s the meeting closed