• Geschrieben: 2014-03-12
  • Autor: orion

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Suchmaschine DuckDuckGo prämiert Invisible Internet Project mit $5000

Somewhere, NH -- Internet search company DuckDuckGo donates $5000 to the Invisible Internet Project (I2P) as part of their yearly open-source donation program. The award was granted on the basis of nominations by members of the public on the DuckDuckGo community portal. With an emphasis on privacy, DuckDuckGo provides a search engine which does not track its users or store personal data. I2P is an anonymous network intended to protect individuals from dragnet surveillance regularly performed by ISPs and governments.

This marks the single largest donation ever received by I2P and reflects a growing interest in privacy and security by the Internet community. The funding will help I2P to reach more users, expand development, and audit the code. It will also enable I2P developers to attend conferences, such as the Real-World Cryptography conference in New York City, where the developers met and collaborated with cryptography experts pursuant to I2P's goals of providing anonymity to the public.

I2P dankt Gabriel Weinberg und DuckDuckGo für die großzügige Spende und der I2P-Community für ihre Unterstützung bei den Nominierungen.

For more information about I2P, visit our web site or follow us on Twitter.

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