I2PCon has been a giant success. For us, the I2P contributors, it represents a leap forward in terms of what we're capable of pulling off as a community, how we communicate the usecases of I2P and reach out to privacy conscious individuals.

By arranging this event, we've also grown our community. People who've previously only lurked on our irc channels, or run our software or possibly hadn't even heard of I2P are now a part of our comminuty.

This event has been our first active step towards building a large and inclusive community, and as such it's been great success.


On day 2 we had two short discussion sessions. A more general discussion and a roadmapping discussion.

The minutiae can be found here: I2P Roadmap session minutiae and I2P Discussion session minutiae.


The learn how to setup I2P crypto party station The learn how use I2P and Vuze party station David Dagons wonderful talk


We've had some wonderful speakers, from both inside- and outside of our community.

David Dagon talked to us about the way forward and how I2P could handle potential abuse.

Lance James - the creator of our predecessor iip - said Hi and gave us his thoughts about how far I2P has come.

Nick Johnston gave us a wonderful talk about why privacy matters and why you should care.

I would also like to thank the speakers from our community. psi, @str4d and zzz who all had wonderful talks. Improving our ability to inform people about I2P is something that is going to be important for us going forward.

I would like to thank Sadie and Siew for helping us out with marketing and graphics. Without you I2PCon would've been a very different event.

I would like to thank @chlorelium and Hacklab for being the most wonderful of hosts.

I would like to thank @darknetj, P and @hizeena of Toronto Crypto for their help during the event.

I would like to thank @z3r0fox for doing a wonderful job with the AV and doing all of the post-production work for the videos of all the talks.

I would like to thank @killyourtv_i2p for hosting a very popular crypto party station.

Thanks to our new favorite journalist @robinlevinson, for showing an interest in our cause and educating yourself about the technologies involved.

Thanks for all the pizza @Panago_Pizza, it keept us going. You very much made this event better.

Finally I would like to thank everyone else who just showed up to the event and helped out in any way they could. ComradeNosebleed, LazyGravy, cacapo, Xmz, ZeroRax, echelon, it was most excellent to hang out with you.

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