• Postado: 2014-09-20
  • Autor: zzz
  • Postado em release

0.9.15 adds preliminary support for Ed25519 EdDSA signatures. It includes a new persistent configuration backend for i2psnark and fixes several issues with i2psnark's handling of file names. There are several improvements to speed up SAM. Plugins now support stronger signatures in the su3 file format. Plugin installation via the console, which was disabled in 0.9.14, is re-enabled.

We have supported ECDSA signatures since 0.9.12, and we would like to start using ECDSA by default. Unfortunately, some of you are still running older I2P versions, and for others, their distribution or Java runtime does not support ECDSA. Red Hat (RHEL, Fedora) distributions are reported to be missing ECDSA. Some have fixed the Java issues by upgrading from Java 6 to Java 7; others have had success with installing the "unlimited strength policy files". We've added information about missing crypto to the log file and the /logs page in the console. After you update to 0.9.15, please check if you are missing ECDSA support, and attempt to fix it if necessary. This is particularly important for those that run popular eepsites and services.

Como de costume, recomendamos que você atualize para esse lançamento. A melhor maneira de manter a segurança e ajudar a rede é rodar a última versão lançada.



  • Add support for Ed25519 signatures
  • i2psnark move to separate config file for each torrent to better support per-torrent settings
  • Add i2psnark support for data outside the i2psnark/ directory
  • Enable stronger signatures (su3 format) for plugins
  • Speed up SSU introductions by responding to hole punch messages
  • Several improvements in SAM efficiency

Correção de falhas

  • Form submission fixes in the console and i2psnark
  • Streaming fixes for long signatures
  • i2psnark fixes for file name character mapping when seeding
  • I2PTunnel fixes stopping client tunnels
  • I2PTunnel fix updating options on a running delay-open client tunnel


  • Re-enable plugin installation via the console, removed in 0.9.14
  • i2psnark now remembers uploaded count across restarts
  • i2psnark increase max piece size to 8 MB
  • i2psnark several UI fixes
  • Prohibit SSU peer test requests unless a connection is established
  • i2ptunnel add support for local SSL connections for standard and IRC client tunnels
  • Console and log warnings for unavailable crypto
  • More consistent routing for Delivery Status Messages to reduce network connections
  • Disable external entities in UPnP XML parser
  • More escaping and cleanups in forms and messages
  • Traduções atualizadas
  • Update GeoIP data (in both new installs and updates)

Somas de verificação SHA256:

05c352494a36bc10d284683135b8713fa06f227354c4c251052298e38d317ee6  i2pinstall_0.9.15_windows.exe
623e800e42aec3583059176d4a614920de0004618dd17b4820c01afb944d9506  i2pinstall_0.9.15.jar
ca314bec4e683919f75c4734e9c4190f9ac070ccc76e40b7d104404ade5b736b  i2psource_0.9.15.tar.bz2
eae3100a292404a67d9b7cd4d3cf470c36791ba25a0953b35d48f7fd821a580d  i2pupdate_0.9.15.zip
066cfc1833be887b9a0aee77327c109128e51865ee0fa6e50a215efcc5189347  i2pupdate.su2
d8ea17c74eb86567fd3539476334fce049344e2acc90e8e33e9dd2526ada0ddc  i2pupdate.su3
d4fe9313e58958ba88f5c46063185f9301b5dc4c8d5b22eef37152ef167d3430  i2pupdate.sud