• Pubblicato: 2019-03-21
  • Autore: zzz
  • Pubblicato in release

0.9.39 includes extensive changes for the new network database types (proposal 123). We've bundled the i2pcontrol plugin as a webapp to support development of RPC applications. There are numerous performance improvements and bug fixes.

We've removed the midnight and classic themes to reduce the maintenance burden; previous users of those themes will now see the dark or light theme. There's also new home page icons, a first step in updating the console.

Come sempre consigliamo ad ogni utente di aggiornare il proprio sistema a questa versione. Il modo migliore per essere anonimi ed aiutare gli altri ad esserlo è eseguire un software aggiornato.



  • I2PControl RPC plugin bundled as a webapp
  • Encrypted LS2 support in floodfills (proposal 123)
  • New option to disable NTCP1
  • Add offline key support in streaming

Bug Fixes

  • Numerous LS2 fixes (proposal 123)
  • Fixes for NTCP only (SSU disabled)
  • Proxy fixes for websockets
  • Streaming fix for sending expired messages
  • SSU RTO/RTT calculation fixes
  • UPnP startup fixes
  • Fix connectivity test at startup


  • Remove classic and midnight themes
  • New console home page icons
  • Caching of outproxy selection
  • Transport performance improvements
  • Faster startup for i2ptunnel
  • Tomcat 8.5.38
  • Aggiornamenti traduzione
  • Update GeoIP data

Full list of fixed bugs

SHA256 Checksum:

61e2cd75553ba647c58960a2dc2ce099c857f25a8288439840194a6451df4502  i2pinstall_0.9.39_windows.exe
da5a5f094c6a6b0eb54f1233c1a8af0f1e0fc6a2fdb822a2ae3edbf47fca8c44  i2pinstall_0.9.39.jar
105773e11481cfcea0bc69b932895890ba5dd5e8d59ec322f06743bf2f15d211  i2psource_0.9.39.tar.bz2
77690f16b648258d18f0d7f0bd83458b2b46898cf9a1db77d49e31c7dbb546ab  i2pupdate_0.9.39.zip
1930910c0a5aa2fccc7a76676d8998e95eac473657857797f1660ad47124fe59  i2pupdate.su3

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