Please do not use these email addresses for support requests. These are not public email lists. We do not provide help via email.

  • press _at_ geti2p.net - Press contact
    GPG Key fingerprint: 8736 C702 E83E E8A6 D2F1 6CF3 7EB8 9548 0027 B05F
  • security _at_ geti2p.net - Vulnerability disclosure
    GPG Key fingerprint: EA27 06D6 14F5 28DB 764B F47E CFCD C461 75E6 694A
    Public key


Our primary IRC network is the Irc2P network within I2P; a default tunnel to this network is set up with new router installs. We are also present on multiple standard networks like OFTC, EIN and Freenode. All I2P-related channels on all these network are linked to the main channels on Irc2P via relay bots.


#i2p       General i2p discussion and help channel
#i2p-chat  Offtopic
#i2p-dev   Kehityskeskustelu
#i2pd-dev  Purple I2P (I2Pd) Development talk
#Abscond   Abscond browser bundle discussion and development


Most of the discussion about I2P's development happens on the I2P developer forum. This is usually the best place to start with inquiries, if the dev IRC channel is inactive.


I2P:lla on sähköpostiviestiluettelo, mutta sitä käytetään nykyään harvoin, koska pieni kehittäjien ryhmä pitää parempana viestiä IRC-kanavan tai kehittäjäfoorumin kautta. Tämä voi muuttua tulevaisuudessa.


Sähköpostiviestiluettelon tilaamiseksi mene luettelotietosivulle (linkki alla) ja tåytå kaavake. I2P-sisäisiä sähköpostiosoitteita (foobar@mail.i2p) voidaan käyttää.

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  • i2p-dev (Arkisto)
    I2P developer discussions - anything related to development of I2P
  • i2p-general (Arkisto)
    General I2P discussion - anything that doesn't fit in a different list goes here


You don't like mailing lists? Then this is for you. All mailing lists are available via NNTP as well.


alt.privacy.i2p.general       i2p-general
alt.privacy.i2p.dev           i2p-dev


news.welterde.de     news.welterde.i2p