• Geschrieben: 2022-11-23
  • Autor: idk
  • Veröffentlicht in release

The I2P Easy-Install bundle for Windows has been released. In this release, support has been added for most major browsers, including all major Firefox(Gecko) and Chromium forks. Compatibility with external I2P Service installs and un-bundled I2P user installs has been improved. The Easy-Install bundle can now detect other I2P routers and prompt the user to launch them instead, if they already have I2P. The browser extensions have been updated to the latest versions. The Easy-Install now has access to i2p.plugins.firefox's usability mode via the -usability command-line flag. The default mode is the "Strict" mode where Javascript is disabled by NoScript. In usability mode, Javascript is restricted by JShelter. For more details, see the profile manager repository at i2pgit.org.

It is recommended that you update to this release for the best security, privacy, and performance, and to help the network.

Due to the departure of the developer/maintainer, the Easy-Install Bundle for OSX will be delayed by a month while we work out the maintainership.