I2P dev meeting, September 3, 2019 @ 20:00 UTC

Quick recap

  • Present:

eyedeekay, sadie, zlatinb, zzz

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               Note: sadie's lines did not come through in the meeting, pasted in below.

20:00:00 <zzz> 0) Hi
20:00:00 <zzz> 1) 0.9.42 release status (zzz)
20:00:00 <zzz> 2) I2P Browser "labs" project status (sadie, meeh)
20:00:00 <zzz> 3) Outproxy use cases / status (sadie)
20:00:00 <zzz> 4) 0.9.43 development status (zzz)
20:00:00 <zzz> 5) Proposals status (zzz)
20:00:00 <zzz> 6) Status scrum (zlatinb)
20:00:04 <zzz> 0) Hi
20:00:06 <zzz> hi
20:00:17 <zlatinb> hi
20:00:30 <zzz> 1) 0.9.42 release status (zzz)
20:00:48 <zzz> the release went pretty smoothly last week
20:00:56 <zzz> there's only a few things outstanding
20:01:27 <zzz> getting the github bridge back working (nextloop), the debian sid package (mhatta), and the android client lib that we forgot for 41 (meeh)
20:01:37 <zzz> nextloop, meeh, you have ETAs for those items?
20:03:06 <zzz> anything else on 1) ?
20:04:02 <zzz> 2) I2P Browser "labs" project status (sadie, meeh)
20:04:25 <zzz> sadie, meeh, what's the status, and what's the next milestone?
         <sadie> Beta 5 was supposed to be out on Friday, but there were some issues. It looks like some are ready https://i2bbparts.meeh.no/i2p-browser/ but I really needed to hear from meeh about the next deadline for this
         <sadie> The Lab Page will be live by the end of this week. The next Browser milestone will be discussing the beta 6 release console requirements
20:05:51 <zzz> anything else on 2) ?
20:06:43 <zzz> 3) Outproxy use cases / status (sadie)
20:06:57 <zzz> sadie, what's the status, and what's the next milestone?
         <sadie> Anyone can follow our meeting notes on ticket 2472. We have decided on use case statuses and have a list of requirements. Next milestone will be user requirements for a Friends and Family use case as well as development requirements for Friends and Familiy and General use case to see where they may ovelap
20:08:05 <zzz> anything else on 3) ?
20:08:19 <eyedeekay> Sorry I'm late
20:09:01 <zzz> 4) 0.9.43 development status (zzz)
20:09:21 <zzz> we're just getting started on the 43 cycle that we have planned to release in about 7 weeks
20:09:40 <zzz> we've updated the roadmap on the website but will be adding some more items
20:10:06 <zzz> I've been fixing some IPv6 bugs, and speeding up tunnel AES processing
20:10:30 <zzz> soon I will be turning my attention to the new blinding info I2CP message
20:10:59 <zzz> eyedeekay, zlatinb, you have anything to add about .43?
20:11:46 <eyedeekay> No I don't think so
20:12:02 <zlatinb> probably more testnet stuff
20:12:32 <zzz> yeah, we do have a few more jogger tickets to look at, w.r.t. SSU
20:12:48 <zzz> anything else on 4) ?
20:14:00 <zzz> 5) Proposals status (zzz)
20:14:20 <zzz> our primary focus is on the very complex new encryption proposal 144
20:14:48 <zzz> we've made some good progress in recent weeks and have made some major updates to the proposal itself
20:15:35 <zzz> there's a few cleanups and holes to fill in, but I'm hopeful it's in good enough shape that we could start to code some unit test implementations soon, maybe by the end of the month
20:16:17 <zzz> also, the blinding info message for proposal 123 (encrypted LS2) will get another look after I start to code it in the next week
20:16:52 <zzz> also, we're expecting an update on proposal 152 (tunnel build messages) from chisana soon
20:17:27 <zzz> we finished up proposal 147 (cross-network prevention) last month and both i2p and i2pd have that coded and in the .42 release
20:18:23 <zzz> so things are moving forward, even if 144 seems slow and daunting, even it is making good progress
20:18:27 <zzz> anything else on 5) ?
20:20:00 <zzz> 6) Status scrum (zlatinb)
20:20:05 <zzz> take it away zlatinb
20:20:42 <zlatinb> Hi, please say in a few words : 1) what you’ve been doing since last scrum 2) what you plan to do next month 3) do you have any blockers or need help.  Say EOT when done
20:21:23 <zlatinb> me: 1) Various experiments on the testnet to speed up bulk transfers 2) more testnet work on a hopefully bigger server/network 3) no blockers EOT
20:22:15 <zzz> 1) bug fixes, the configuration split change, .42 release, proposals, DEFCON workshops (see my trip report on i2pforum and our website)
20:23:56 <zzz> 2) bug fixes, proposal 144, blinding info message, speedups, helping out with the outproxy research, fix the SSL wizard broken by conf. split
20:24:20 <zzz> more IPv6 fixes
20:24:38 <zzz> 3) no blockers EOT
20:24:50 <eyedeekay> 1) Since last scrum I've been working on bugfixes, the web site, working on the outproxy proposal, and things to do with i2ptunnels. 2) Continue re-organizing and improving the presentation of the web site. Work on advancing the outproxy proposal 3) no blockers EOT
         <sadie> 1) Attended FOCI, researched funding options, met with potential funders, had a meeting with Tails ( including Mhatta ), worked on I2P Browser branding, website updates with IDK, made small changes to console for the last release
         <sadie> 2) my next month I am working on grants, console and website improvements, set up wizard, attending Our Networks in Toronto, moving I2P Browser and OutProxy research along
         <sadie> 3) no blockers EOT
20:25:29 <zlatinb> scrum.setTimeout( 60 * 1000 );
20:27:04 <zzz> ok, timing out
20:27:10 <zlatinb> ScrumTimeoutException
20:27:41 <zzz> last call for sadie meeh nextloop to circle back to 1)-3)
20:27:52 <zzz> any other topics for the meeting?
20:28:47 * zzz grabs the baffer
20:30:00 * zzz ***bafs*** the meeting closed