• Skrivet: 2019-08-30
  • Författare: idk
  • Skriven i conferences

I went to Def Con 27 last weekend to give a workshop on I2P application development, and to meet zzz, mhatta, and Alex in person.

My workshop went well, we even had a few application developers attend! In particular I had a pretty lengthy conversation with a person named Mary about how I2P could be used to eliminate centralization and enhance privacy in a "Magic Wormhole" type of application. While I wasn't totally familiar with Magic Wormhole at the time, I think most of my advice was usable. I think Mary had some very interesting and workable ideas about sharing information in more human-centric ways that could be interesting in I2P applications, and am looking forward to experimenting with some of those.

De material jag gjorde för applikationsutvecklingsverkstaden finns på Github! https://github.com/eyedeekay/defcon Vänligen se det som ett levande dokument, din insats är önskad! Eftersom det är licensierat tillåtligt, är du fri att förgrena den och göra det till ditt eget också. Dela dina exempel, dina hackningar, eller korrigera min komma användning, klaga på min dokumentförberedelse stil, eller bara skriva ut din egen kopia i häftform!

I also talked to a guy who gives advice to the government about the differences between I2P and Tor, why I2P is more P2P-friendly, and some scenarios in which peers in a P2P application might want to have enhanced privacy from each-other, and why I2P is perhaps uniquely suited to accomplish that.

In general, both the application development workshops went well, even though they didn't go entirely according to plan in that only a small proportion of the audience were application developers. The impression I got was that many people are very interested in I2P, but also many people are confused by how interacting with I2P works. By re-focusing on their questions and by teaming off with zzz, mhatta, and Alex we were fairly successful at dealing with our audience, which was more varied in terms of occupation, interest, and I2P knowledge than expected.

Besides that, I also talked to Alex about my experimental contextual-identity driven I2P proxy plugin for Firefox and eventually, Brave Browser. Got to talk a little about bundling, but not too much, as it was a very busy convention. I'm looking forward to following up with him on that soon.

mhatta and I almost won a lobster from a claw machine, but it was a real fighter and got away at the last second. Really thought I had it for a moment though. :)

To add to zzz's notes for next time, aside from being more general I believe our workshops would not have been as able to adapt to the needs of the audience without the support of mhatta and Alex. Having people who can help particpants individually or in small groups was immensely helpful, many, many thanks to both of them for helping us out.

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