• Skrivet: 2016-10-17
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0.9.27 contains a number of bug fixes. The updated GMP library for crypto acceleration, which was bundled in the 0.9.26 release for new installs and Debian builds only, is now included in the in-network update for 0.9.27. There are improvements in IPv6 transports, SSU peer testing, and hidden mode.

We updated a number of plugins during I2P Summer and your router will automatically update them after restart.

Som vanligt rekommenderar vi att du uppdaterar till den här versionen. Det bästa sättet att upprätthålla säkerheten och hjälpa nätverket är att köra den senaste versionen.



  • GMP 6 (in-net updates)
  • SSU Peer Testing for IPv6
  • Add outproxy plugin support for SOCKS
  • Enable desktop GUI (tray icon) on Windows


  • Fix reported GMP version when jbigi built as a shared library
  • Fix SSU peer test happening too frequently
  • Fix SSU peer test not terminating properly in some cases
  • Fix bote plugin not working in Debian/Ubuntu builds
  • Fix rare UPnP NPE when viewing /peers
  • Fix standalone i2psnark build and configuration
  • Hidden mode improvements: Enable tunnel testing and use fast peers
  • Fix possible CSRF in SusiMail
  • Fix i2psnark exception on bad configured announce URL
  • Fix layout issues on i2ptunnel registration page
  • Fix streaming accept() hang when session disconnects


  • Split up the large /configclients web page into several
  • Add links to view complete router and wrapper log files
  • Block 'Proxy' header in i2ptunnel (HTTPoxy)
  • Recognize Kaby Lake CPUIDs
  • Translation updates
  • Uppdatera GeoIP data (enbart nya installationer och PPA)

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af712a5f71d40c3dfdcd21f34696324acfb499fe54f6c751059aeea414b9f5c7  i2pinstall_0.9.27_windows.exe
5e9ae0b1e8fb5707ae6903e09aa1110b6d98742b5c2952f24667133e563843f0  i2pinstall_0.9.27.jar
89808fa062735fc880d28d232fae27028d9ecdc13b1695a251ecfec119bc15da  i2psource_0.9.27.tar.bz2
0178a9aea4d1359c8be1ac82804e0d5711b01b6a3f28d4b587b7f491c292d74e  i2pupdate_0.9.27.zip
9dbd1a15572ecc6172ff85073519352e493f83d7e3ca53e57c68f8d76ec7f159  i2pupdate.su3