• Skrivet: 2014-05-22
  • Författare: zzz
  • Skriven i release

0.9.13 includes fixes for firewalled routers, netdb lookup improvements, and a big SusiMail update. Of course, there's also the usual collection of bug fixes and translation updates.

0.9.22 med felkorrigeringar och påbörjar Ed25519-migrationen

zzz has updated his GPG keys, and the release files are signed with his new keys. His new key fingerprint is: 2D3D 2D03 910C 6504 C121 0C65 EE60 C0C8 EE72 56A8



  • Many UI improvements
  • Implement local storage of messages
  • Add offline mode
  • Messages now deleted on server after download
  • Several backend POP3 and SMTP speedups and fixes


  • NetDB lookup fixes
  • Fix transition from not-firewalled to firewalled
  • Fix plugin uninstall on Windows
  • SSU locking fixes
  • Fix rapid republishing of SSU addresses
  • IRC client exception fixes
  • Fix changing HTTP outproxy configuration without restarting tunnel


  • New i2ptunnel server option for unique local address per-client
  • Warn in i2ptunnel on duplicate client ports
  • Update HTTP User-Agent to match TBB
  • Extend SSU establishment retransmission timer
  • Use constant-time method for HMAC verification
  • New translation: Slovak
  • Translation updates
  • Uppdatera GeoIP data (enbart nya installationer och PPA)

SHA256 Kontrollsummor:

1839a392c74b3d57d8dfdf8016ad37538bbdd315535f7b58258ec4a4639d29f1  i2pinstall_0.9.13_windows.exe
62c2731109c5c9983705a5b9e615f57523594db339a798f56e9d5a6ba188cb02  i2pinstall_0.9.13.jar
d313e2e0de43303c6633f433860d0fc10b7e9c014950261c331c1caf8ef38c79  i2psource_0.9.13.tar.bz2
639b281cde82059a1b69a3074b8ebaf1046791be40d57e8a48f748e065f8a368  i2pupdate_0.9.13.zip
1b623954da95efe43206ac87eae36db5b985503fe29797b507f18daeedfa0e1a  i2pupdate.su2
6bee2716dc28423b324835b905c5aa539df0fb370555cdfc4ad68a94941fe44e  i2pupdate.su3
5edf2cb0aca66d75d3a7d49aa170a8920fda23a9a1301fe1409bfb60d2509095  i2pupdate.sud

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