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A New, Professional Outproxy

For years, I2P has been served by a single default outproxy, false.i2p whose reliability has been degrading. Although several competitors have emerged to take up some of the slack, they are mostly unable to volunteer to serve the clients of an entire I2P implementation by default. However, StormyCloud, a professional, non-profit organization which runs Tor exit nodes, has started a new, professional outproxy service which has been tested by members of the I2P community and which will become the new default outproxy in the upcoming release.

Who are StormyCloud

In their own words, StormyCloud is:

Mission of StormyCloud Inc
To defend Internet access as a universal human right. By doing so, the group protects users’ electronic privacy and builds community by fostering unrestricted access to information and thus the free exchange of ideas across borders. This is essential because the Internet is the most powerful tool available for making a positive difference in the world.
We own all of our hardware and currently colocate at a Tier 4 data center. As of now have a 10GBps uplink with the option to upgrade to 40GBps without the need for much change. We have our own ASN and IP space (IPv4 & IPv6).

To learn more about StormyCloud visit their web site.

Or, visit them on I2P.

Switching to the StormyCloud Outproxy on I2P

To switch to the StormyCloud outproxy today you can visit the Hidden Services Manager. Once you're there, you should change the value of Outproxies and SSL Outproxies to exit.stormycloud.i2p. Once you have done this, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the "Save" button.


Thanks to StormyCloud

We would like to thank StormyCloud for volunteering to provide high-quality outproxy services to the I2P network.