• Geplaatst op: 2021-08-23
  • Auteur: zzz
  • Geplaatst in release

Yes, that's right, after 9 years of 0.9.x releases, we are going straight from 0.9.50 to 1.5.0. This does not signify a major API change, or a claim that development is now complete. It is simply a recognition of almost 20 years of work to provide anonymity and security for our users.

This release finishes implementation of smaller tunnel build messages to reduce bandwidth. We continue the transition of the network's routers to X25519 encryption. Of course there are also numerous bug fixes and performance improvements.

Zoals gewoonlijk raden we aan om bij te werken naar deze uitgave. De beste manier om veiligheid te onderhouden en het netwerk te helpen is om de laatste uitgave te gebruiken.



  • RRD4J 3.8
  • Tunnels: Finish support for new build messages (proposal 157)
  • Updates: Support for .dmg and .exe updates

Bug Fixes

  • Console: Fix generation of SSL keys on Java 17
  • i2psnark: Fix autostart for magnets
  • Router: Fix rare deadlock in publishing our RI
  • SSU: Fix handling of bad peer test responses
  • UPnP: IPv6 fixes


  • Jetty: Improve sort in directory listings
  • Jetty: Add X-I2P-Location header
  • Router: Increase probability to rekey to ECIES
  • Streaming: Performance improvements for low-latency connections
  • Translation updates

Full list of fixed bugs

SHA256 Checksums:

2c9c382852e17e124d77a2bf28f95056599fd458f8de77adcf8e2aaa22b3ef81  i2pinstall_1.5.0_windows.exe
8c843c90870223b4808065761d059a02b168b74daddd1773c36f0a0245e201f9  i2pinstall_1.5.0.jar
26e5f4d95b1a0766870f97b30e57c9a8e98690279c3bf09198e30effabecc450  i2psource_1.5.0.tar.bz2
ea1b4b8095f4d6f5568ce879242e1d5b077de1beb4366f4a75a75cffd559ee7f  i2pupdate_1.5.0.zip
5d4812278350ce80f3a718f40698afc7f20f0808ef1e2ff56432ab0c2891134c  i2pupdate.su3