I2P dev meeting, October 4, 2005

Quick recap

  • Present:

cat-a-puss, cervantes, Complication, jrandom, mancom nickless_head, phedy, postman, protokol, Ragnarok,

IRC 完整日志

16:16 < jrandom> 0) hi
16:16 < jrandom> 1)
16:16 < jrandom> 2) i2phex
16:16 <@protokol> speaking of, whats the news on legion and i2phex
16:16 < jrandom> 3) syndie
16:16 < jrandom> 4) ???
16:16 < jrandom> 0) hi
16:16  * jrandom waves
16:16 < jrandom> weekly status notes posted up to http://dev.i2p.net/pipermail/i2p/2005-October/000939.html
16:17 <+postman> hi
16:17 < jrandom> might as well jump into 1)
16:18 <+postman> ya
16:18 < jrandom> the network has been growing in number and in usage, but things have been doing pretty well
16:18 <+postman> .. apart from the irc servers
16:18 < jrandom> aye, thats an interesting one
16:19 < jrandom> (the irc servers are currently running an older rev, and we're still working on some debugging to understand exactly why things are the way they are)
16:19 <+Ragnarok> what happened?
16:20 < jrandom> hopefully we'll get the irc servers upgraded sooner rather than later, as there has been some good stuff lately
16:20 < cervantes> Ragnarok: server<->server link is shakey under 1.1
16:20 <+Ragnarok> weird
16:20 < jrandom>, that is ;)
16:20 <+Complication> protokol: see forum, he finally opted for a sensible approach
16:20 <+postman> cervantes: don't mention the time travel, idiot
16:20 < cervantes> 0.6.1.x
16:20 <+postman> :)
16:21 < cervantes> oop
16:21 <+postman> jrandom: i hope i'll be able to build a test ircd this week
16:21 <+postman> jrandom: we could link to an instance run by you or cervantes 
16:22 < jrandom> aye, that'd be great.  we could even split off the different tunnels into different jvms, using different streaming libs and router versions, to isolate the issue further
16:23 < jrandom> it'd be cool if we could do that before, but if not, no big deal
16:24 < jrandom> ok, anyone else have anything for 1)
16:24 <+postman> jrandom: apart from that: runs like hell
16:24 < jrandom> would that be a good hell or a bad hell?  :)
16:24 <+postman> a hell of a hell :)
16:25 <+Complication> Eh, managed to cause a few more errors (but those were really, really borderline stuff, router restart under a running i2phex.) Will send privately.
16:26 < jrandom> ah cool, thanks Complication 
16:26 <+Complication> (e.g. they probably won't hurt anyone in real life)
16:26 < jrandom> heh never underestimate people's ability to break things :)
16:27 < cervantes> or the ingenuity of fools in testing fool proof systems
16:27 <+postman> yea, make something fool proof and you'll be rewarded with a new kind of fool
16:28 < jrandom> hallelujah
16:29 < jrandom> ok, anything else for 1), or shall we move on to 2) i2phex
16:30 < jrandom> there has been a lot of discussion as of late, and legion has agreed to merge back the changes made into sirup's i2phex codebase.  
16:30 <+postman> move
16:30 < jrandom> this is quite cool, as it'll be great for us all to benefit from legion's hard work while remaining entirely open and secure
16:31 <+Ragnarok> what did he actually do?
16:33 < jrandom> latest changes include the addition of systray4j, striker's timeout updates, increased tunnel length defaults, some nsis and jni stuff, and a few other changes
16:33 <+Ragnarok> hm, ok
16:33 <+postman> jrandom: so there're a bunch of improvements - those will be kept tho?
16:34 < jrandom> certainly, all good stuff will be integrated into i2phex
16:34 < jrandom> there are a few things i'm not so sure of, but that'll be discussed with legion outside of the meeting ;)
16:35 <+postman> k
16:36 < jrandom> ok, anyone else have anything for 2) i2phex?  or shall we move on to 3) syndie?
16:37  * postman prepares his syndie500 franchising goods
16:37 < jrandom> heh
16:37 < jrandom> ok, Ragnarok, wanna give us the rundown on the latest?
16:37 <+Ragnarok> hm, ok
16:38 <+Ragnarok> Syndie will now get new posts from an archive automatically.  
16:38 <+Ragnarok> you can set which archives you want to get updates from, and set how often you do it in the syndie config file
16:39 <+Ragnarok> more details about that are in history.txt
16:39 <+Ragnarok> it needs a ui, but otherwise it's essentially done
16:39 <+Ragnarok> 'course, no one seems to be posting anything recently, so maybe it's not that useful :)
16:40 < jrandom> [insert field of dreams quote here]
16:40 < jrandom> thanks Ragnarok, this has been an oft requested feature
16:41 <+Ragnarok> cool
16:41 <+Ragnarok> happy to do it, wasn't really that much work
16:42 <+Ragnarok> mostly just scratching my own itch :)
16:42 < cervantes> oh wasn't it? or forget it then :P
16:42 < cervantes> or=oh
16:42 <+postman> (hush, the genius must not admit that it needs to work hard too)
16:42 <+Ragnarok> hehe
16:43 <+Ragnarok> anyway, if anyone's got bug reports/feature requests/boos/cheers/etc. let me know
16:43 < jrandom> (cheers!)
16:43 <+Ragnarok> next thing I'm thinking of is auto matically importing petnames seen in posts into the routers petname db, but that looks like it could be complicated...
16:44 <+Ragnarok> but, it would essentially allow syndie to replace addressbook
16:44 < jrandom> that would be Very Cool
16:44 <+nickless_head> yeah :)
16:45 <+Ragnarok> I just have to figure out how to get a list of petnames out of the archive
16:45 <+Ragnarok> everything else is trivial
16:45 <+nickless_head> ragnarok: are your  changes already in cvs? (too lazy to read the whole discussion) :)
16:45 <+Ragnarok> yeah
16:45 <+nickless_head> :happy:
16:45  * nickless_head considers cvs update
16:45 <+Ragnarok> have been since yesterday
16:45 <+nickless_head> nah, probably better to wait for the next release
16:45 < jrandom> perhaps get the petnames whenever they're rendered, exposed via the HTMLRenderer (in the addressReceived)
16:46 <+Ragnarok> ok, I'll look into that
16:46 < jrandom> cool, thanks Ragnarok 
16:47 <+Ragnarok> well, that's it from me, unless there's questions
16:49 < jrandom> wr0d.  ok, jumping on to 4) ??? 
16:49 < jrandom> anyone have anything else to bring up for the meeting?
16:49 < cervantes> aye
16:49  * nickless_head looks at cervantes interestedly
16:50 <+fox> <mancom> is there anything new on Q or feedspace?
16:50 <+postman> nickless_head: hey, he's mine - don't dare to stare at him like that :)
16:50 <+nickless_head> I'm not staring at him .. I'm looking at him interestedly.
16:51 < cervantes> After some deliberation I've revived the "Forum User of the Month" spot - and this month it deservedly has gone to Complication for outstanding forum contributions
16:51 <+nickless_head> congratulations complication!
16:51 <+postman> kudos :)
16:51 < cervantes> so he gets an avatar (whether he likes it or not) :P
16:51 <+Complication> Heh, I hope my blunders have been less outstanding. :O :D
16:52 <@protokol> oh yeah
16:52 < jrandom> w00t!  thanks Complication 
16:52 < cervantes> (which is active now)
16:52 <@protokol> hows that Yellow Submarine i2phex test going
16:52 <@protokol> any notable speeds or lack thereof?
16:52 <+Complication> It's going.
16:52 < jrandom> mancom: nothing new regarding Q or feedspace
16:53 <+Complication> No hyperfast speeds, but a guaranteed good-enough speed, I'd say.
16:53 < jrandom> protokol: last i heard was 10-20KBps, but thats just stuff on the forum
16:53 <@protokol> im downloading it right now
16:53  * nickless_head understands what postman implied
16:53  * nickless_head blushes
16:53 <+Complication> (also: I re-read part of the tech intro, and couldn't find flaw with the network comparisons. I think they're good enough.)
16:54 <+postman> nickless_head: LOL (sorry)
16:54  * Complication looks at the avatar and grins :D
16:54 <+nickless_head> postman: *GG* (no problem)
16:54 < cat-a-puss> Has anything been done in an effort to get "Amazon honor system" as an alternate method of collecting donations?
16:54 <+Complication> Spot on. :P
16:55 <@protokol> cat-a-puss: what do you mean?
16:55 < jrandom> not yet cat-a-puss, haven't seen wilde around
16:55 < jrandom> woah, hey phedy
16:55 < phedy> Hi jrandom.
16:55 < cat-a-puss> protokol: it's like pay-pal, except you can use an account you have with amazon.com to make payment
16:56 < jrandom> Complication: thanks re: the comparisons.  there are a few cleanups left, but its coming along
16:56 <@protokol> weak
16:56 <+Complication> (not that I know Tor or Freenet in decent degree, although I've used both)
16:57  * cat-a-puss is thinking of creating a bounty for helping finish the distributed search engine. 
16:57 < jrandom> (before putting the doc out on the normal website i'll run it by those folks for comment)
16:58 < cervantes> Complication: it's an art installation on a roundabout in London that causes havoc with the traffic ;-)
16:59 < jrandom> cat-a-puss: i've got to work out some other financial stuff soon anyway, so shall let you know asap
16:59 < jrandom> ok, anyone else have anything to bring up for the meeting?
16:59 < cat-a-puss> oh if we want documents translated to some other languages before 1.0, I may know people who could help with Spanish and Chinese.
16:59 < cat-a-puss> ok
16:59 < jrandom> kickass, that'd be great
17:00 <+Complication> cervantes: thanks for telling, I wasn't aware where such an, umm... effect occurred :D
17:00 < jrandom> there's a draft tech intro floating around in cvs, and we'll eventually want whatever our website redesign turns out to contain to be translated
17:03  * nickless_head goes to sleep
17:03 < jrandom> i suppose i should grab the baffer...
17:03 < jrandom> if there's nothing else
17:03  * jrandom winds up 
17:03  * jrandom *baf*s the meeting closed