I2P dev meeting, February 2, 2016 @ 20:00 UTC

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allyourbase, anonimal, C0B4, cacapo, comraden1, eche|on, EinMByte, hottuna, Hummingbird, Irc2PGuest39432, Irc2PGuest76545, Irc2PGuest95462, IrcI2Pd743, JIa3apb_KaraHoBu4, lazygravy, nda, orignal, psi, sadie_i21, str4d, supervillain, The_Tin_Hat, trolly, xcps, Yankee, z3r0fox, zab__, zzz

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20:00:00 <zzz> Agenda http://zzz.i2p/topics/2014
20:00:00 <zzz> 0) Hi
20:00:00 <zzz> 1) Review of assigned tasks from Dec. 30 meeting - http://zzz.i2p/topics/2016 (zzz)
20:00:00 <zzz> 2) Other CCC followup - http://zzz.i2p/topics/2019 (zzz)
20:00:00 <zzz> 3) Project meeting plan for 2016 (zzz, Sadie)
20:00:00 <zzz> 4) GMP 6 readiness for merging  - http://zzz.i2p/topics/1960 (tuna)
20:00:00 <zzz> 5) http://secure.tinhat.i2p console home page request - http://zzz.i2p/topics/236?page=3#p10884 (david)
20:00:00 <zzz> 6) Proposal for Code of Conduct - http://zzz.i2p/topics/2015 (Sadie)
20:00:02 <lazygravy> There is a link to it in the ccc blog post
20:00:05 <zzz> 0) Hi
20:00:09 <zzz> hi
20:00:19 <EinMByte> hi
20:00:21 <psi> hi
20:00:25 <lazygravy> Hello
20:00:32 <cacapo> hi
20:00:33 <sadie_i21> hi
20:00:37 <zzz> 1) Review of assigned tasks from Dec. 30 meeting - http://zzz.i2p/topics/2016 (zzz)
20:00:44 <Irc2PGuest76545> Hey
20:00:48 <zzz> ok, let's quickly go through the open items only
20:00:49 <anonimal> Hi
20:00:50 <Hummingbird> hi
20:00:55 <z3r0fox> Hi
20:01:03 <zzz> gravy to post one on encrypted leasesets by Jan. 27
20:01:11 <zzz> lazygravy, what's the status?
20:01:34 <orignal> hi
20:01:37 <lazygravy> zzz: very late on that. But it is "started". I still plan on writing it
20:01:38 <zab__> hi
20:01:44 <trolly> hi
20:01:50 <lazygravy> Might change the topic , but my point stands
20:01:51 <zzz> lazygravy, what's the new target date?
20:02:27 <Irc2PGuest39432> oops
20:02:28 <Irc2PGuest39432> hi
20:02:37 <lazygravy> zzz: president's day weekend?
20:02:52 <zzz> got a date for that?
20:03:10 <lazygravy> 15 Feb
20:03:14 <zzz> ok thanks
20:03:17 <zzz>  Sadie to work with J to get his blog post up 
20:03:32 <zzz> sadie_i21,status?
20:03:42 <sadie_i21> mid feb
20:03:55 <supervillain> vodka anyone?
20:04:02 <zzz> Sadie to contact backup to discuss reseed campaign
20:04:05 <zzz> sadie_i21,status?
20:04:12 <Irc2PGuest76545> hi
20:04:27 <sadie_i21> not yet
20:04:39 <zzz> new due date please?
20:06:09 <zzz> ok, we'll move on, sadie please let me know
20:06:10 <sadie_i21> mid feb for this too
20:06:10 <Irc2PGuest95462> hi
20:06:13 <zzz> Strengthinging the network - home page and additional pages
20:06:13 <zzz> ** str4d, gravy, cacapo: Add use cases, what are we best at, more "passion" and "fat", add / highlight Bote, by end of January
20:06:17 <zzz> ok thx sadie
20:06:31 <zzz> str4d, lazygravy, cacapo, status?
20:07:08 <cacapo> we're working on it but need feedback from community i think
20:07:16 <str4d> hi
20:07:16 <lazygravy> cacapo++
20:07:22 <Irc2PGuest76545> hallo
20:07:40 <zzz> new due date please?
20:08:42 <cacapo> also I don't think we're clear on the end purpose. Is it for a blog post?
20:08:50 <hottuna> cacapo: if you need me to read through it again, please ping me
20:08:50 <cacapo> march 1st
20:09:07 <EinMByte> please also try to target researchers, not just end-users
20:09:07 <str4d> The scope AFAICT is to alter the homepage and the "supported applications" page, no?
20:09:18 <zzz> iirc the intention was to enhance the home page and possibly add additional pages. Not a blog post
20:09:33 <zzz> sadie_i21, could you elaborate please?
20:09:34 <EinMByte> Ok, nvm in that case
20:09:38 <str4d> Right
20:09:47 <cacapo> so it's the supo
20:09:59 <cacapo> supported applications page then?
20:10:26 <zzz> iirc the priority was the home page. If it spilled over to other pages (new or not), that's ok too
20:10:55 <cacapo> also: do we talk about torrents for PR?
20:11:06 <zzz> unless sadie has something to add, let's move on
20:11:22 <zzz> we can discuss torrents or not outside the meeting
20:11:37 <sadie_i21> nope
20:11:38 <str4d> sadie_i21, the Simply Secure design thoughts are probably relevant here too.
20:11:39 <str4d> If they have any immediate thoughts regarding the homepage, that will affect how the use cases stuff is written up and presented/
20:12:00 <zzz> comraden to edit / polish / enhance / post the "i2p story" by end of February
20:12:06 <sadie_i21> sorry zzz, on a call...
20:12:09 <zzz> comraden1, you on track for that?
20:12:13 <str4d> cacapo, I say yes, highlighting benefits of torrents (e.g. downloading new versions of Tails!)
20:12:17 <psi> sadie_i21: do you have the press@geti2p.net spam firehose forwarding at your email yet?
20:12:42 <zzz> psi, please take that offline with sadie
20:12:45 <sadie_i21> no, not yet
20:12:50 <psi> kk
20:13:09 <zzz> ok, we will assume comraden1 is on track
20:13:17 <zzz> broader roadmap and priority setting processes are TBD, but should come out of the evolving project meetings 
20:13:26 <comraden1> zzz: haven't read the post you put up yet, as I mentioned to you earlier I had an emergency I had to attend to
20:13:50 <zzz> that item is mine and sadie's, let's defer that to item 3)
20:13:52 <comraden1> I will be looking at the history sometime this week and will reach back out with corrections to you & lance
20:14:05 <zzz> comraden1, are you on track for end february?
20:14:26 <str4d> zzz, the draft is certainly interesting :)
20:14:31 <str4d> cacapo, regarding how it appears on the website, I think it would work well having it interspersed with year headers (breaking it into "chapters" as it were). Also would mean we could navigate through it by year.
20:14:34 <comraden1> zzz: so far, yes :)
20:14:45 <zzz> sadie to review, make recommendations or possibly start managing tickets (by when?) 
20:14:55 <zzz> sadie_i21, status? due date?
20:15:55 <zzz> ok we'll assume she's still on a call, please get back to us
20:16:05 <zzz> 4) Android -
20:16:05 <zzz> kinda like 1) in that it's code and tied to the java router, but like 3) in that it's ad hoc or a one-man show by str4d, and he's behind. 
20:16:13 <str4d> DM from @YrB1rd: "There. Are. So. Many."
20:16:24 <str4d> (a few days ago, but you get the idea ;P)
20:16:57 <zzz> this wasn't really a todo item, but str4d you have any proposal on how to manage android development, or can we give you and/or sadie a more specific assignment on this?
20:17:09 <str4d> Yah, basically everything that had me as a primary dependency was completely shot for the last 4-5 months.
20:17:36 <zzz> can you give us a target for a 0.9.24 release, and perhaps another target to come up with a plan on how to manage android better?
20:17:39 <str4d> Because I've been writing my PhD thesis.
20:18:08 <str4d> Targeting submission at the end of this week, so that will be out of the way, but I will also be taking on paid work after then.
20:18:23 <zzz> feb. 5, great
20:18:33 <str4d> 0.9.24: going to aim for this weekend.
20:18:38 <sadie_i21> zzz - can we circle back to ticket question - I am only half here rn
20:18:56 <zzz> circle back now or circle back later?
20:19:16 <sadie_i21> later 
20:19:22 <str4d> Beyond that: what I need is a better roadmap, so I can do slow targeted development instead of "oh, another I2P release is coming up, I need to clear some Android work so I can do a release".
20:19:23 <zzz> ok, end weekend is feb. 7 for 0.9.24
20:19:48 <zzz> ok str4d, due date when you'll have a roadmap?
20:20:42 <zzz> anything else on item 1) ?
20:20:50 <str4d> I have a bunch of to-do items locally, in-repo and in-Trac. What I need is more eyes on planning.
20:21:30 <zzz> so you can't even give us a date, that's a bad sign. Can you throw up a draft roadmap out of your todo list?
20:21:34 <str4d> zzz, I'd say March 6, I can draft something up earlier but I expect we will end up doing roadmapping on that along with everything else while I'm over.
20:21:40 <zzz> ok, march 6
20:21:44 <zzz> last call for 1)
20:21:57 <zzz> 2) Other CCC followup - http://zzz.i2p/topics/2019 (zzz)
20:22:13 <zzz> I put 2) in here just as a placeholder in case there were other important followups
20:22:18 <str4d> I'll target Feb 26 for collating all the todo items and possibly drafting a roadmap.
20:22:26 <zzz> I've been corresponding with Phillip Winter about Sybil
20:22:39 <zzz> anybody else have interesting followups to report?
20:23:02 <eche|on> nothing from my side
20:23:25 <zzz> ok, I encourage you all to send some emails out or do the research you wanted to do, it's not too late
20:23:26 <anonimal> Were we going to cover VRP this meeting?
20:23:26 <eche|on> finances will be updated this weekend IMHO
20:23:44 <zzz> VRP is not on the agenda, if we have time we can add it as 7)
20:23:49 <zzz> last call for 2)
20:23:58 <JIa3apb_KaraHoBu4> Dear zzz  ! I am very grateful to you for the creation of this network because I have met wonderful people here and find rare content, for which our country is suspended for the genitals an apple tree. Long old are you!
20:23:58 <C0B4> I'm sorry, who checked the safety 0.9.24
20:24:11 <str4d> I have a few people I need to follow up with from RWC
20:24:13 <str4d> (shoehorning that into 2))
20:24:31 <zzz> 3) Project meeting plan for 2016 (zzz, Sadie)
20:24:44 <lazygravy> While shoehorning, I need to talk to you about i2spy str4d. But that is for later/offline
20:24:57 <zzz> ok, just a brief item. We decided at the Dec. 30 meeting to get more serious about project management
20:25:03 <zzz> to hold monthly meetings
20:25:14 <zzz> and to have somebody act as a project manager
20:25:37 <zzz> so this is the first monthly meeting, and they will be the first tuesday of every month at 8 PM UTC
20:25:56 <zzz> except for next month, which will be on Thurs. Mar. 7
20:26:26 <zzz> the goal is for me to run these meetings for a little while, but after a few, to turn them over to Sadie and have her be our project manager
20:26:34 <zzz> sound good? any comments?
20:26:39 <lazygravy> Seems reasonable. Hopefully it will keep us all accountable.
20:26:59 <comraden1> La
20:27:03 <comraden1> lazygravy++
20:27:04 <anonimal> Will sadie_i21 be on IRC more often?
20:27:15 <xcps> C0B4, good point!
20:27:15 <lazygravy> anonimal++
20:27:22 <sadie_i21> okee dokee
20:27:33 <str4d> Sounds good to me
20:27:42 <zzz> that's a good point, we've repeatedly encouraged sadie_i21 to be here more often, I know she was working on a 2nd computer to make it easier
20:27:48 <str4d> sadie_i21, I still have that bouncer account - sadie - if you want it
20:28:04 <zzz> i think it will be difficult to manage the project if you aren't here very often
20:28:28 <anonimal> Hi sadie_i21, we've never officially said hi.
20:28:28 <anonimal> I have PM-related questions, but I think they can wait?
20:28:30 <str4d> That would at least enable you to not miss PMs etc.
20:28:39 <zzz> sadie_i21, any progress on getting a setup so you can be here and see scrollback?
20:28:52 <sadie_i21> hi! I am trying to be here more!!
20:28:57 <anonimal> s/PM-related/Project Management-related/
20:29:06 <comraden1> str4d: talk to me on how to set that up for sadie_i21 offline? Twitter or here is fine
20:29:14 <sadie_i21> yes, zzz - all done ansset up
20:29:43 <zzz> ok, we have the general migration plan from me to sadie, lets see how it goes over the next few months
20:29:47 <eche|on> sorry to interrupt, as sadie will get manager(in), system she needs to be organized
20:30:01 <eche|on> hardware she need, sorry
20:30:20 <zzz> echelon huh?
20:30:41 <str4d> comraden1, k
20:31:00 <zzz> anything else on 3) ?
20:31:05 <comraden1> eche|on: I setup a computer for her so that might not be necessary, but that's her call of course if she wants a new piece of equipment
20:31:14 <eche|on> zzz: sorry, we talked about a pc system she needs, and she shopuld get in contact with me
20:31:23 <zzz> ok
20:31:29 <zzz> 4) GMP 6 readiness for merging  - http://zzz.i2p/topics/1960 (tuna)
20:31:35 <zzz> hottuna, what's the latest?
20:31:38 <eche|on> if thats the point, IMHO it is fine, but the meeting round here can vote yes!
20:31:56 <hottuna> jcpuid for windows x86isn't working
20:32:05 <hottuna> I have two options left to test, then I'm 100% out of ideas
20:32:40 <zzz> ok. kytv did it successfully 5 years ago, if you hit the wall maybe he can help
20:32:48 <eche|on> jcpuid is c code?
20:32:58 <hottuna> ucpuid for osx has not been compiled or tested
20:32:58 <hottuna> jcpuid*
20:33:13 <hottuna> c+asm+java-bindings
20:33:13 <zzz> I'd like to have major stuff like this propped for 0.9.25 by mid-Feb, so we have about two weeks to make it happen
20:33:24 <anonimal> hottuna: I can help with that.
20:33:31 <str4d> There's also another alternative we could look int
20:33:41 <hottuna> zzz: I can't make any promises. I'm hitting a bit of a wall here
20:33:47 <hottuna> anonimal: help with osx builds?
20:33:48 <str4d> orignal raised the point a while back that our ElGamal implementation could be a lot more efficient.
20:33:52 <hottuna> or help with windows x86?
20:34:02 <hottuna> str4d: how?
20:34:04 <str4d> (currently it just does the ElG math directly)
20:34:07 <hottuna> by having it be all c?
20:34:12 <zzz> let's not get sidetracked on ElG
20:34:17 <zzz> in the meeting
20:34:25 <str4d> hottuna, using e.g. Montgomery ladder or something
20:34:30 <str4d> Still to be looked into
20:34:35 <hottuna> ok
20:34:41 <IrcI2Pd743>  C0B4 for example, nobody. All people just believe a word about the safety and anonymity of the network.
20:34:53 <zzz> ok so the summary is that hottuna needs help and the clock is ticking or we will miss .25. everybody please help if he asks
20:35:00 <anonimal> hottuna: Yes. I'm always strapped with time these days + Kovri, so I'll do what I can.
20:35:08 <zzz> anything else on 4) ?
20:35:14 <anonimal> hottuna: Latest link is in the forum post?
20:35:34 <str4d> I'm useless for testing unfortunately
20:35:36 <hottuna> links for what?
20:35:40 <hottuna> for jcpuid?
20:35:47 <orignal> str4d, 100%
20:36:18 <zzz> 5) http://secure.tinhat.i2p console home page request - http://zzz.i2p/topics/236?page=3#p10884 
20:36:27 <zzz> The_Tin_Hat, please tell us about your site
20:37:10 <JIa3apb_KaraHoBu4> Justification - for the weak!
20:37:16 <The_Tin_Hat> The site provides  a number of practical tutorials on privacy and security, aimed at being digestible by intermediate users, including a number of tutorials on i2p and tor
20:38:03 <The_Tin_Hat> I think its relevant for people who are just getting into I2P and/or internet security and privacy
20:38:03 <zzz> I know you've been around at thethinhat.i2p for a while, what's with the relatively new secure.thetinhat.com? how long has each been around?
20:38:08 <trolly> I know thetinhat from long
20:38:18 <trolly> I translated some of those tutorials
20:38:23 <str4d> zzz, IIUC secure.thetinhat.i2p is an EdDSA key
20:38:44 <The_Tin_Hat> thetinhat.i2p still exists, but the subdomain was added when i switched servers and upgraded the key, along with longer tunnels
20:38:53 <C0B4> I'm sorry, but I wait long for an answer to the question, or you're not respond to mere mortals>>> <C0B4> I'm sorry, who checked the safety 0.9.24
20:38:53 <zzz> anybody have any questions or comments about this request?
20:38:57 <str4d> So 5a) we need to extend the subscriptions feeds to enable key upgrades
20:39:16 <zzz> C0B4, we're in the middle of a meeting, sorry
20:39:43 <zzz> str4d, we'll talk about 5a) in the roadmap meetings next month
20:39:52 <str4d> b
20:40:15 <str4d> I am +1 on adding.
20:40:47 <hottuna> +1, add it
20:40:52 <anonimal> hottuna: Yes, jcpuid.
20:40:56 <zzz> ok re: secure.thetinhat.i2p console home page request, if there are no other questions or comments, please vote +1 or -1
20:40:59 <lazygravy> +1
20:41:13 <Yankee> Hi, gays!
20:41:23 <trolly> +1
20:41:23 <cacapo> +1
20:41:51 <comraden1> +1 for adding
20:41:53 <anonimal> hottuna: Or are we working directly from mtn now? (I haven't seen anything since I last tested)
20:42:24 <zzz> anonimal, we've moved off that topic, please discuss elsewhere, thanks
20:42:32 <zzz> ok last call for 5)
20:42:37 <z3r0fox> +1
20:43:06 <zzz> hearing no objections, we'll approve the thinhat request, I'll check it in for .25
20:43:27 <zzz> 6) Proposal for Code of Conduct - http://zzz.i2p/topics/2015 (Sadie)
20:43:27 <zzz> 6a) Proposal and reasoning (Sadie)
20:43:27 <zzz> 6b) Questions for Sadie
20:43:27 <zzz> 6c) Brief comments from those who have NOT already commented on zzz.i2p
20:43:27 <zzz> 6d) Brief Comments from those who HAVE already commented on zzz.i2p
20:43:27 <zzz> 6e) Volunteers to present specific proposal at next meeting
20:43:50 <zzz> I'd like to limit this topic to about 20 minutes. We aren't going to make any final decision today
20:43:53 <zzz> 6a) Proposal and reasoning (Sadie)
20:44:01 <zzz> sadie_i21, you're up
20:45:30 <zzz> ok we lost sadie, let's move to 6b
20:45:36 <zzz> er, 6c
20:45:40 <Yankee> zzz:  Edward Snowden wrote that i2p not safe
20:45:44 <zzz> 6c) Brief comments from those who have NOT already commented on zzz.i2p
20:46:09 <zzz> if you have not already added your thoughts to the zzz.i2p thread, please comment on this proposal now
20:46:13 <orignal> 6с, imho CoC is completely useless
20:46:32 <orignal> a adult person must have it in thier head
20:47:02 <orignal> rather than create policy, CoC and other HR's sh#t
20:47:29 <comraden1> zzz: I'm for a coc (had lazygravy post a link to the nsa's coc as an example). This is part of project maturity for development and to ensure that we can get more than just programmers involved with i2p
20:47:41 <orignal> do jobs instead policies
20:47:53 <eche|on> I am on the point, as is should already be acked by us all, we can also write it down and fix the unwritten rules. No change at all.
20:48:02 <anonimal> zzz: I'm *for* a CoC.
20:48:04 * orignal believes you will get less programmers
20:48:04 <zzz> anybody else who hasn't commented on the zzz.i2p thread wish to add their thoughts?
20:48:16 <zzz> please be brief with your comments
20:49:05 <orignal> being brief. We are not going to introduce any CoC for i2pd.
20:49:18 <zzz> ok. let's circle back to 6a). sadie_i21 please fill us in on your proposal, what you had in mind, and why
20:49:19 <orignal> period
20:50:15 <Yankee> anonimal: I have not seen more boring than you...
20:50:24 <EinMByte> Probably a CoC is not very important, but I'm not against.
20:50:24 <EinMByte> It's more or less a formality
20:50:40 <anonimal> One comment:
20:50:43 <anonimal> CoC's not only protect victims but also protect offenders from making stupid decisions that have longterm consequences such as career or personal.
20:50:43 <anonimal> I can comment more in the thread. EOT.
20:50:56 <zzz> ok, 6d) let's throw it open for  other comments, even if you have already commented in the zzz.i2p thread
20:51:18 <zzz> anybody feel that they weren't clear in the thread or wish to add more thoughts?
20:52:03 <sadie_i21> I was looking for feedback on the idea of having comminity standards 
20:52:04 <EinMByte> anonimal: Yeah, but let's consider the fact that most offenders will be anonymous.
20:53:00 <allyourbase> What is it going to be used for? Sending to reporters? Expell project members?
20:53:02 <sadie_i21> to zzz's point, in line with the maturity of the project
20:53:08 <lazygravy> I feel similar to EinMByte. It is either useless, or good. Not some end of the world event as some have made it seem
20:53:08 <anonimal> EinMByte: So far, I've seen 50/50 on that (one anonymous, one not anonymous) but I see your point.
20:53:08 <lazygravy> Useless meaning a net zero, not negative
20:53:08 <C0B4> anonimal, it is a priori a criminal. Why defend him&
20:53:09 <zzz> sadie, you simply wanted general feedback on the idea of any standard or CoC at all? You haven't (yet) offered a specific example to consider
20:53:26 <comraden1> EinMByte: ideally we can start with ways to address this. I will link this again https://github.com/NationalSecurityAgency/SIMP/blob/master/Community_Code_of_Conduct.md as I think the guideline violations part is something we can enforce
20:53:31 <psi> A CoC is useless and a shot in the foot IMO
20:53:37 <EinMByte> anonimal: Well if you plan on offending people, it's probably wise to remain anonymous ;).
20:53:39 <psi> PR wise
20:53:39 <Yankee> zzz: I wrote that the Russian written on the client C++. It's true?
20:53:57 <zzz> Yankee, we're in the middle of a meeting, sorry
20:54:00 <sadie_i21> also, would having one help us if we were to apply for grants, etc
20:54:21 <EinMByte> sadie_i21: That might be true, good point.
20:54:33 <zab__> orly? grants are important
20:54:34 <psi> also i have been accused of spreading FUD 
20:54:38 <lazygravy> Debian and thousands of other projects use one and their PR is fine. How do you contest this?
20:54:39 <sadie_i21> thanks to everyone who took the time to share ideas on the forum btw about this
20:54:50 <anonimal> Yankee: Pashol na xyi :)
20:54:53 * orignal agress with zab__
20:55:22 * orignal is for CoC after last anonimal's phrse
20:55:30 <psi> lazygravy: saddie just proposed community standards which you said never would happen
20:55:33 <comraden1> zab__: this is what sadie_i21is referring to, new stance by the NSF in America https://www.nsf.gov/news/news_summ.jsp?cntn_id=137466
20:55:41 <anonimal> sadie_i21: Thanks for bringing it to our attention.
20:55:59 <str4d> sadie_i21, did you mean the community as a whole, or just the dev community?
20:56:00 <lazygravy> psi: the FUD needs to stop. Its the dev community
20:56:01 <zzz> ok, sadie_i21 would you like to come back at the next meeting with a specific proposal? or not proceed? what's the next step?
20:56:09 <Yankee> anonimal: what?
20:56:11 <psi> lazygravy: it's not fud...
20:56:24 <orignal> guys, I'm sorry do you believe swearing is aloowed here?
20:56:32 <sadie_i21> not the community as a whole - no.
20:56:44 <nda> CoC. what you will do with 'bad people' technically? (sorry for my en)
20:56:44 <IrcI2Pd743> sadie_i21, r u not a HR for a living?
20:57:06 <lazygravy> psi: it is. But this is a offline discussion.
20:57:09 * zab__ smiles
20:57:25 <zab__> Yankee: подожди, сейчас встреча
20:57:25 <nda> wrote letters to government or what?
20:57:34 <C0B4> an
20:57:45 <psi> a CoC is the wrong thing for i2p
20:57:52 <zzz> do we have any volunteers to work on a specific proposal for next month, in light of the comments here and on the zzz.i2p thread?
20:57:52 <C0B4> anonimal, ты не хотел бы извиниться за мат?
20:58:07 <orignal> zab__, один мудак позоволил себе вольность послать нах при женщинах
20:58:15 <eche|on> nda: in last line of work, exclude from our java main fork dev work for some time?
20:58:17 <IrcI2Pd743> anonimal, вот да. Мы, вообще-то, не ругаемся, сдерживаемся. А ты?
20:58:21 <zzz> guys, please stay on topic and in english, thanks
20:58:23 <sadie_i21> lets come up with a proposal for the next meeting
20:58:40 <zzz> ok, anybody volunteer to work with sadie?
20:58:44 <orignal> zzz, anonimal was firsr
20:58:53 <IrcI2Pd743> zzz, sorry, but and you developer first
20:58:56 <comraden1> zzz: I can assist whoever with links to ideas, etc. I can't commit myself to doing all the work because of my life falling apart at the moment :)
20:58:58 <orignal> he sais something very offensive for everybody
20:59:02 <IrcI2Pd743> *your
20:59:04 <nda> eche|on oh thanks for your answer
20:59:10 <zab__> I promise to read the CoC thoroughly and have an opinion
20:59:19 <anonimal> zzz sadie_i21: I would like to help.
20:59:35 <lazygravy> I do not think we have agreed on a specific text
20:59:48 <anonimal> I need to spend a little more java i2p time than a VRP and rewriting/reorganzing docs.
20:59:49 <lazygravy> (Which is super important, IMO. One could be worded horribly)
21:00:04 <zzz> ok. In summary it appears that more "team members" (either checkin privs or on our team page) are in favor than opposed, while among non-team-members, more are opposed
21:00:21 <str4d> lazygravy, yep. And I wouldn't think that specific text would even be agreed on at next meting
21:00:21 <str4d> meeting*
21:00:25 <zzz> I think both groups are important to consider, as non-team-members may become team members
21:00:39 <zab__> we would ideally come up with more than one candidate coc
21:00:41 <str4d> I think that we have a bunch of proposals, as well as several reasons for and against.
21:01:13 <zzz> As I suspect I will be the final arbiter of any code or process, I'm not at all eager to adopt anything that doesn't have broad or near-unanimous consensus
21:01:21 <str4d> A good starting point would be for some people to review the proposed options, looking at pros and cons
21:01:38 <zzz> ok, sadie sounds like your name is on the assignment to bring something back next month
21:01:44 <zzz> anything else on 6) ?
21:02:02 <sadie_i21> noted
21:02:10 <str4d> Additional research around the positive and negative impressions of "CoC"s or similar would be useful (e.g. the grants issue above, or the negative impressions that appear to be main objections)
21:02:16 <EinMByte> I can't make up my mind until I actually get to see a proposal, I think
21:02:17 <str4d> But that would be more involved
21:02:34 <nda> and with CoC you will nothing to do with 'bad people' who not from your i2p-team?
21:02:44 <zzz> last call for 6)
21:02:57 <lazygravy> str4d++
21:03:09 <str4d> nda, the CoC or whatever would only be for the I2P dev team, yes
21:03:25 * lazygravy afks, irl came up
21:03:27 <eche|on> nda: why should we? it is for our i2p-dev-team
21:03:29 <str4d> Basically, we need more data.
21:03:40 <nda> str4d ok thank you
21:03:44 <psi> (for now)
21:03:45 <comraden1> zab__: not a bad idea. It makes sense to look at what's available that we can copy from rather than roll our own
21:03:49 <zzz> ok, I declare an end to 6), thanks everybody
21:03:59 <zzz> 7) VRP anonimal go
21:04:03 <str4d> In essence, it would be an extension to the developer agreements we already have to sign.
21:04:40 <anonimal> Re: VRP: I'm awaiting respones from zzz and str4d and community.
21:04:57 <anonimal> Then I can re-write and wrap-up the ticket.
21:04:59 <nda> i thinked that this something like "Call Police this is bad man in I2P!" really sorry )
21:05:01 <comraden1> And to add to str4d's point, it would also ensure a baseline for those who didn't sign a dev agreement (like myself)
21:05:08 <str4d> anonimal, oh, have there been further updates? Sorry I missed them.
21:05:09 <zzz> i don't have the ticket number in front of me. what do you need? I know str4d met with Kate recently. str4d what's the latest?
21:05:26 <eche|on> what is VRP`
21:05:26 <eche|on> ?
21:05:36 <str4d> eche|on, Vulnerability Response Process
21:05:37 <anonimal> http://trac.i2p2.i2p/ticket/1119
21:05:37 <zzz> anonimal, you have that ticket?
21:05:39 <eche|on> ah, ok
21:05:52 <eche|on> a complicated topic
21:06:04 <zzz> i don't think we've even decided to use H1 yet, have we? But clearly they've made a big splash recently
21:06:15 <str4d> zzz, I haven't followed up with Katie yet regarding the OSS bug bounty program (thesis), but will do so this week.
21:06:38 <str4d> I certainly got a good impression from her, as well as from their response on our ticket
21:06:38 <zzz> would this be a good thing to decide on once and for all during our roadmap meetings next month?
21:06:40 <anonimal> I think that was the biggest hurdle: the H1 decision.
21:06:40 <anonimal> They commented in the ticket, made their case, 
21:06:41 <anonimal> I've made my case,
21:06:43 <anonimal> kay made their case,
21:06:52 <str4d> Katie also had good comments about the process we are going through
21:07:33 <zzz> I'm not sure we'll be able to focus enough to make decisions before march. I'm a little overwhelmed though with the detail in the ticket. It may be too much. but maybe not.
21:08:02 <zzz> str4d, how and when should we tackle this?
21:08:37 <str4d> Katie liked the detail and lengths we were going to making sure we got this right, FWIW
21:08:52 <zzz> fine, but I care what you think, not katie so much :)
21:09:05 <str4d> zzz, if we did manage to get into the same bug bounty program Tor is on, I think that would probably decide it for us
21:09:09 <zzz> how and when do we get to an answer
21:09:37 <str4d> because I think we'd have a larger influx of researchers than if we just had a free page
21:09:47 <anonimal> Since this was postponed from December's meeting, I'm not exciting for another postponement
21:09:47 <anonimal> But I really am in no place to argue or make requests.
21:09:47 <anonimal> So, whatever works for everyone else.
21:09:47 <anonimal> s/exciting/excited/
21:09:55 <zzz> yeah but independent of H1, we need a process
21:10:04 <str4d> Yep
21:10:24 <zzz> so I propse we work on it during the roadmap meetings in march. OK?
21:10:31 <str4d> I will review anonimal's latest changes next week.
21:10:41 <zzz> ok, I'll do that too
21:10:49 <zzz> anything else on 7) ?
21:10:54 <str4d> By Feb 12
21:11:02 <IrcI2Pd743> anonimal, It was frustrating when you allowed yourself to swear around me.
21:11:18 <anonimal> Did my last 4 lines get through?
21:11:18 * comraden1 has to run afk
21:11:29 <zzz> anything else for the meeting?
21:11:32 <str4d> anonimal, I saw up to s/
21:11:40 <IrcI2Pd743> anonimal, I demand an apology.
21:11:42 * zzz warms up the *baffer
21:11:52 <anonimal> I'll review the meeting log, I think I missed a bunch of text.
21:11:57 <orignal> 8) anonimal's phrase
21:12:09 * zzz *bafffs* the meeting closed