This page was last updated in 2021-01 and is accurate for router version 0.9.49.

Далі наведено покажчик до технічної документації по I2P.

This index is ordered from the highest to lowest layers. The higher layers are for "clients" or applications; the lower layers are inside the router itself. The interface between applications and the router is the I2CP (I2P Control Protocol) API.

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Покажчик до Технічної Документації


Application-Layer Topics

Application Layer API and Protocols

High-level, easy-to-use APIs for applications written in any language to send and receive data.

End-to-End Transport API and Protocols

The end-to-end protocols used by clients for reliable and unreliable communication.

API та протокол інтерфейсу клієнта до роутера

The lowest-level API used for clients (applications) to send and receive traffic to a router. Traditionally used only by Java applications and higher-level APIs.

Шифрування end-to-end

How client messages are end-to-end encrypted by the router.

Мережева база даних

Distributed storage and retrieval of information about routers and clients.

Протокол повідомлення роутера

I2P is a message-oriented router. The messages sent between routers are defined by the I2NP protocol.


Selecting peers, requesting tunnels through those peers, and encrypting and routing messages through these tunnels.

Transport Layer

The protocols for direct (point-to-point) router to router communication.

Інші теми роутера

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