• Postat: 2015-07-31
  • Autor: zzz
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0.9.21 conține mai multe modificări pentru a adăuga capacitate la rețea, crește eficiența impotriva inundațiilor in retea și utilizarea lățimii de bandă mai eficient. Am migrat clienții partajați a tunelurilor pentru semnături ECDSA și am adăugat ca soluție de rezervă semnături DSA folosind noua capacitate "multi-sesiune" pentru acele site-uri care nu acceptă ECDSA.

The speakers and the schedule of the I2PCon in Toronto 2015 have been announced. Have a look on the I2PCon page for details. Reserve your seat on Eventbrite.

Ca de obicei, vă recomandăm ca toți utilizatorii să actualizeze la această versiune. Cel mai bun mod de a ajuta rețeua și a rămâne securizat este de a rula ultima versiune.



  • Add multisession support for dual-signature crypto on the same tunnels
  • Use multisession for shared clients
  • Increase default outbound bandwidth limit to 60 KBps
  • Increase default maximum participating tunnels
  • Floodfills will send database store acks directly if connected, for efficiency
  • Set TCP keepalive on I2CP and SAM sockets
  • More efficient decompression in HTTP proxy, use less threads
  • Add support for fast extensions in i2psnark
  • i2psnark only autostarts torrents that were running previously
  • Add support for translated console news

Bug Fixes

  • SSU fixes to compete better with NTCP for bandwidth when limited
  • Fixes to prevent SSU stalls
  • Wait for outbound tunnels before sending first leaseset to client, to prevent dropping first message
  • Clean up resources correctly when SAM stops
  • Better error handling and notification when HTTP proxy is not running
  • More i2ptunnel fixes at startup and shutdown of tunnels
  • Fix total_size in i2psnark metadata message
  • Restore dates in console news headers
  • Several I2CP fixes


  • Use same session for naming lookups in I2PSocketEepGet
  • Increase max bandwidth to 16 MBps, add larger Bloom filter
  • New floodfills will send their info to nearby floodfills to speed integration
  • Apache Tomcat 6.0.44
  • Translation updates
  • Update GeoIP data (new installs and PPA only)

SHA256 Checksums:

3b5798de77a9055ef72452e4e4aeaad446b0ce98a98e235d2a6dbe6115f64e0b  i2pinstall_0.9.21_windows.exe
0238ffc6ea44099ef4fe6c20913cb4eec675c2760aea07dfe7d499addcc89cf2  i2pinstall_0.9.21.jar
d6f8148b2a51afa236e1284152db140b9288c1e1365652c1f14c68ac0cedf1e3  i2psource_0.9.21.tar.bz2
2ee2757ec357e6951919b9066fb65cc5c2c0eba17fa1e31c000ccdd34994b918  i2pupdate_0.9.21.zip
3914dd0065b734fc04c54a43808eaf1e7ceeb5bef90ef9abfb1be084e5bc170e  i2pupdate.su2
fea3497b9e71133c878b7f821a38667de18473571c91c01609e4d5f2685729c7  i2pupdate.su3
6247c4f9eb97c9951599941fb065cb4fb5426d19efe8c4cd598a6571707506da  i2pupdate.sud

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