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Reseed Policy Information


Requirements for running a public reseed server:

  • Well integrated running I2P router @ 24/7
  • Server with static IPv4 (2 cpu/ 2GB ram is fine)
  • Unix to run the golang solution
  • Own domain, sub-domain or an anonymous third-level domain
  • A self-signed SSL certificate, or an SSL certificate from Let's Encrypt
  • Enough bandwidth and traffic volume - Around 15 GB/month as of December 2016
  • Up-to-date web server (Apache/nginx), HTTPS ONLY with TLS 1.2 and good ciphers
  • fail2ban to protect you from botnets
  • GnuPG/PGP for signed/encrypted emails
  • IPv6

Information Required

When your setup is complete and ready for testing, we will need the HTTPS URL, the SSL public key certificate (only if selfsigned), and the su3 public key certificate. After testing is complete, these will be added to the hardcoded entries in the Java and C++ routers in the next release, and you will start seeing traffic. We also will need your email address so we may continue to contact you about reseed administration issues. The email will not be made public but will be known to the other reseed operators. You should expect that your nick or name and its association with that URL or IP will become public.

Privacy Policy

A reseed operator is a trusted role in the network. While we do not yet have a formal privacy policy, you must ensure the privacy of our users by not publicizing logs or IPs found in those logs, except as necessary to discuss administration issues with the I2P reseed team.

Financial Support

Modest financial support may be available to those running reseed servers. This support would be in partial reimbursement for your server costs. Support will not be paid in advance and will probably not cover all your expenses. Support is only available to those who have been running reseed servers in good standing for several months, and is based on actual need.

If you would like to discuss support, please contact echelon and CC: zzz