Informacje zawarte na tej stronie dotyczą wersji węzła 0.9.50.

Instalacja w kontenerze Docker

Very quick start

If you just want to give I2P a quick try, follow these steps:

  1. Create two directories "i2pconfig" and "i2ptorrents"
  2. Copy the following text and save it in a file "docker-compose.yml".
    version: "3.5"
            image: geti2p/i2p
            network_mode: host
                - ./i2pconfig:/i2p/.i2p
                - ./i2ptorrents:/i2psnark
  4. Execute "docker-compose up"
  5. Start a browser and go to to complete the setup wizard.

Note that this quick-start approach is not suitable for production use. If you want to use I2P in production please read all the instructions on this page.

Building an image

There is an i2P image available over at DockerHub. If you do not want to use that one, you can build one yourself:

docker build -t i2p .

Running a container


The container requires a volume for the configuration data to be mounted. Optionally, you can mount a separate volume for torrent (“i2psnark”) downloads. See the example below.

Memory usage

By the default the image limits the memory available to the Java heap to 512MB. You can override that with the JVM_XMX environment variable.


There are several ports which are exposed by the image. You can choose which ones to publish depending on your specific needs.

Port Opis TCP/UDP
4444 HTTP Proxy TCP
4445 HTTPS Proxy TCP
6668 IRC Proxy TCP
7654 I2CP Protocol TCP
7656 SAM Bridge TCP TCP
7657 Router console TCP
7658 Strona I2P TCP
7659 SMTP Proxy TCP
7660 POP Proxy TCP
12345 I2NP Protocol TCP and UDP

You probably want at least the Router Console (7657) and the HTTP Proxy (4444). If you want I2P to be able to receive incoming connections from the internet, and hence not think it’s firewalled, publish the I2NP Protocol port (12345) - but make sure you publish to a different random port, otherwise others may be able to guess you’re running I2P in a Docker image.


Here is an example container that mounts i2phome as home directory, i2ptorrents for torrents, and opens HTTP Proxy, IRC, Router Console and I2NP Protocols. It also limits the memory available to the JVM to 256MB.

docker run \
    -e JVM_XMX=256m \
    -v i2phome:/i2p/.i2p \
    -v i2ptorrents:/i2psnark \
    -p 4444:4444 \
    -p 6668:6668 \
    -p 7657:7657 \
    -p 54321:12345 \
    -p 54321:12345/udp \  # I2NP port needs TCP and UDP.  Change the 54321 to something random, greater than 1024.