I2P dev meeting, February 4, 2003 @ 23:00 UTC

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FillaMent, hezekiah, jrandom, lonelynerd, mids, MrEcho,

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23:51 < mids> nop wont be on
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23:59 <@hezekiah> Oops!
23:59 <@hezekiah> I was just about to try that, mids! :)
23:59 <@hezekiah> I think I figured it out!
23:59 <@mids> you did
23:59  * hezekiah feals very happy with himself for learning more about IRC. :)
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00:00 < MrEcho> lol
00:00 <@mids> Tue Feb  4 23:00:10 UTC 2003
00:00 <@mids> Welcome to the 29th iip meeting
00:00 <@mids> nop emailed me that he wont be there
00:00 <@mids> so you got to do it without him
00:00 <@mids> I dont have a specific agenda
00:00 <@mids> except for this
00:01 <@mids> 1) welcome :)
00:01 <@mids> 2) highlights of the week
00:01 <@mids> 3) questions
00:01 <@mids> .
00:01 <@mids> any highlights to report?
00:02 <@hezekiah> Uh, not on my side. I'm still waiting for UserX or nop to look at the GnuMP BigNum impl. to see if it's OK.
00:02 <@mids> userx added some code to the isproxy so that an empty node.ref file wont do harm if you upload
00:02 <@hezekiah> The configure options for it got uploaded though.
00:02 <@hezekiah> Is IIP 1.1 out yet?
00:03 <@mids> havent seen it
00:03 <@hezekiah> I guess not.
00:03 <@mids> only thing is that we need to look at the location where the files are saved
00:04 <@hezekiah> Hmmm ...
00:04 <@mids> and if that gives bugs on different operating systems
00:04 <@hezekiah> What exactly is the problem?
00:05  * mids loads the sourceforge bugtracker
00:05 <@mids> http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=651711&group_id=50945&atid=461514
00:05  * hezekiah is doing the same.
00:05 <@hezekiah> Thanks. :)
00:06 <@hezekiah> I remeber looking at that briefly once.
00:07 <@hezekiah> The tricky part is what you are supposed to do in Windows.
00:07 <@hezekiah> The *nix/*BSD part shouldn't be that difficult. (I hope.)
00:07 <@mids> in windows it does just look at the current working directory
00:08 <@hezekiah> I'll leave the Windows part to UserX. :)
00:08 <@mids> the windows behavious shouldnt change imho
00:09 <@hezekiah> Whatever. I run linux, and avoid Windows whenever I can. ;-)
00:09 <@mids> same
00:09 <@mids> but what behaviour do we want for unix?
00:09 <@hezekiah> The behavior is defined in the code using #ifdef's based on platform.
00:09 <@mids> you need to have access to the root/iip account to be able to access ~iip/.iip
00:10 <@mids> so it should also look in other dirs
00:10 <@mids> like ~/.iip
00:10 <@mids> or the current dir
00:10 <@hezekiah> Well, if isproxy is installed the default thing for a program to do would be look in /home/<user's homedir name>/.iip
00:10 <@hezekiah> So in my case: /home/hezekiah/.iip
00:10 <@hezekiah> node.ref would be /home/hezekiah/.iip/node.ref
00:11 <@hezekiah> Then each user can have their own settings, etc.
00:11 < MrEcho> you can kind of do the same thing in NT
00:11 < MrEcho> my doc's folder is protected
00:11 <@hezekiah> But under Win9[58] there really aren
00:11 < MrEcho> ya
00:11 <@hezekiah> aren't user specific home dirs.
00:12 < MrEcho> anyone using 9x needs help anyways ....
00:12  * hezekiah laughs
00:12 <@hezekiah> Well, I'll email nop and ask him how he wants it done for *nix. Then, I'll see what I can do.
00:12 <@mids> mail the list please
00:13 <@mids> the we can all discuss
00:13 < MrEcho> for the 9x ppl just put the files in ./.iip/
00:13 <@hezekiah> OK.
00:13 <@hezekiah> Or when IIP is installed it could be installed in Program Files/IIP.
00:14 < MrEcho> for 9x ppl
00:14 <@hezekiah> node.ref, isproxy.ini, seed.rnd, etc. could be placed there.
00:14 <@mids> if you start IIP with a windows start thingie, then you can set the workingdirectory
00:15 <@hezekiah> Well, anyway, I don't intend to touch the Windows implementation with a ten-foot poll. UserX can figure this one out. ;-)
00:15 < MrEcho> :P
00:15 <@mids> ok
00:15 < FillaMent> You could look into a nasty WSH script. Then you can store in info in the registry
00:15 <@hezekiah> (My compiler might not even _compile_ IIP under Windows!)
00:15 <@mids> :)
00:15 < MrEcho> fuck the registry
00:15 <@hezekiah> FillaMent: if we used the registry in a program that needs to work under *nix, it would be an #ifdef NIGHTMARE!!
00:16 < FillaMent> Not what I"m saying
00:16 <@hezekiah> (But I will admit I tought of it to for a few seconds ... only a few, mind you.)
00:16 <@hezekiah> Oh?
00:16 <@hezekiah> Explain? :)
00:17 < FillaMent> Have the location of the data file stored in the registry, then launch IIP with a WSH script that pulls the path out of the registry and pass it to the program as a cmnd line option
00:17 < MrEcho> http://bofh.st/bofh/images/traffic.gif
00:18 <@hezekiah> That might be doable.
00:19 <@mids> I only had someone asking for windows NOT to change the current system there
00:19 <@mids> maybe it would be nice to let it work without registry
00:19 < FillaMent> A while back I wrote a script that would replace the name of the last logged in user with an arbitrary string. NT Ninja Vanish =) Had to do it because Generals and Colonels would freak because there was another login nam
00:19 <@mids> from a security / anonymity pov
00:20 <@hezekiah> I have to admit that I hate the Windoze registry with a pasion, just my personal opinion, though. :)
00:20 < MrEcho> same here hezekiah
00:20 < MrEcho> but ive learned to work with it
00:20 <@hezekiah> So have I, ... but I still hate it. :)
00:20 <@mids> so
00:20 <@mids> lets investigate this week how the system currently works
00:21 <@mids> and discuss on the list about how it should
00:21 <@hezekiah> Right.
00:21 <@mids> after that, make it work like it should :)
00:21 <@hezekiah> I'll post an email to start up the conversation.
00:21 <@mids> yay
00:21 <@mids>  so
00:21 <@mids> next item?
00:22 <@hezekiah> 3.) questions
00:22 < MrEcho> where the hell is 1.1  
00:22 <@mids> *nod*
00:22 < MrEcho> hehe
00:22 <@hezekiah> I don't know.
00:22 <@hezekiah> But I think the reason it's not out is because of the aforementioned bug.
00:22 <@hezekiah> (The one we are going to talk about on the mailing list.)
00:23 < MrEcho> i just hope it connects faster and more stable connections
00:24 <@hezekiah> (I have to admit I haven't had a problem with unstable connections, and I usually connect to the 1st or 2nd node I try.)
00:24 <@mids> but that is just because you have a clean node.ref, I assume?
00:24 <@hezekiah> No.
00:24 <@hezekiah> I have a normal node.ref
00:24 <@mids> oh
00:25 <@mids> but you never stay online for 24 h
00:25 <@hezekiah> It's the one the server gives me each time I conect.
00:25 < FillaMent> I can stay connected for a couple days, usually.
00:25 <@hezekiah> No. I have a life. ;-)
00:25 <@mids> one can stay online without irc-ing ofcourse
00:25 <@mids> *geeh*
00:25 <@hezekiah> And my family's phone line is the same on the internet connection is on. :)
00:25 < jrandom> eww
00:26 <@mids> then get offline now!
00:26 <@mids> :)
00:26 <@hezekiah> Other questions?
00:26 <@mids> I dont have those
00:28 < FillaMent> HaZaa...
00:28 <@hezekiah> HaZaa?
00:28 <@mids> gesundheit
00:28 <@hezekiah> *lol*
00:28 <@hezekiah> Was that a question, FillaMent?
00:28 < FillaMent> My FServe
00:29 <@hezekiah> OK. I'm lost. :)
00:29 <@mids> tell us about it hezekiah 
00:29 <@mids> s/hezekiah/FillaMent/
00:30 < FillaMent> I was just wondering if there'd be any expected problems using IIP as a comm backbone for a lot of file browsing.
00:30 < FillaMent> And eventually a text-based protocol like HTTP
00:30 <@mids> you will be bound to the slowness of IIP
00:30 <@mids> the 50B/s limit 
00:31 <@hezekiah> IIP might not always be slow, mids. ;-)
00:31 <@hezekiah> We shall optimize and improve. :)
00:31 <@mids> hurray
00:31 < FillaMent> That's not a big deal since we're not doing actual file transfer of IIP. Just comm. I'm concerned with whether or not it would be a strain.
00:32 < lonelynerd> 50B/s might be ok for telnet
00:32 <@hezekiah> (Mids? You want to answer all this? I'm reeaaallllyyy lost.)
00:32 <@mids> ok
00:32 <@mids> FillaMent is working on something caled HaZaa
00:32 <@mids> it is some fserve on IIP
00:33 <@mids> which uses Freenet for the actual file sharing
00:33 <@mids> right?
00:33 < FillaMent> Yeah... IIP for the browsing.
00:33 <@mids> so you have some telnet/ftp like interface locally
00:33 < FillaMent> firing it up now.
00:34 < FillaMent> haz: /msg hazaaclone shell
00:36 < FillaMent> haz: /msg hazaaclone cd /stuff/mp3s
00:38 <@hezekiah> Not bad!!
00:38 <@hezekiah> Uh ... how do you leave the shell?
00:38 < FillaMent> It just times out.
00:38 <@hezekiah> Oh ...
00:39 < FillaMent> Think traffic like that would be a problem... I expect /lots/ of people will run them. Especially since DALnet just put a ban on FServes
00:40 < HazaaClone> I might clog your chat network =) 
00:40 <@hezekiah> Hmmm ...
00:40 <@hezekiah> That would be a problem. :)
00:41 < FillaMent> Dunno how much traffic it would be or what effect it will have on IIP.
00:41 <@mids> during the slashdot attack we did do pretty well
00:41 < FillaMent> Sounds solid then.
00:41 <@mids> the total amount of people wasnt too high
00:41 <@mids> but it was constant joining and parting
00:42 < FillaMent> I /think/ I got the flooding issue fixed.
00:43 <@hezekiah> Well, if you threw in an "exit/quit" command, maybe the connections would be lower. Just a suggestion. :)
00:44 <@hezekiah> Well, I had better go. See you all around. :)
00:44 < FillaMent> THe eventual version will use IIP to pass search queries and query results.
00:45 <@hezekiah> mids: I'm looking into the code on the file placement bug. I should have an email up on the mailing list shortly. :)
00:45 <@hezekiah> Bye, all! :)
00:45 <@mids> bye
00:46 < MrEcho> hey mids .. have you checked out iip-im latly
00:46 <@mids> nope
00:46 <@mids> but I didnt get many CVS updates
00:46 < MrEcho> got a bunch of stuff done
00:46 <@mids> lets end the official part of the meeting
00:46 < MrEcho> im working on xml themes right  now
00:46 <@mids> and move over to friendly chit chat
00:46 < MrEcho> ...
00:47 < FillaMent> ooooo! That just gave me an idea.
00:48 < FillaMent> Oooo.... this is going to ROCK!
00:48 <@mids> ?
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