I2P dev meeting, November 14, 2006

Quick recap

  • Present:

badger, green, jrandom, strike1, striker,

Volledige IRC Log

15:07 < jrandom> 0) hi
15:07 < jrandom> 1) Net status
15:07 < jrandom> 2) Syndie dev status
15:07 < jrandom> 3) I2Phex mods
15:07 < jrandom> 4) ???
15:07 < jrandom> 0) hi
15:07  * jrandom waves
15:07 < jrandom> weekly status notes posted up at http://dev.i2p.net/pipermail/i2p/2006-November/001318.html
15:07 < jrandom> (i'm late, so i'll let y'all catch up on those)
15:09 < jrandom> ok, lets jump on in to 1) net status
15:10 < jrandom> [eom] :)
15:10  * jrandom has had a good irc connection now (4+ days), so things are in pretty good shape.
15:11 < jrandom> we've also got those new peer capacity graphs on stats.i2p, detailing some interesting ratios 
15:13 < jrandom> ok, anyone have anything else for 1) net status?
15:14 < striker> just that it looks nice.
15:14 < jrandom> w00t :)
15:15 < jrandom> ok, lets hop on over to 2) syndie dev status then
15:15 < green> I dunno U can have 4+ days conection on IRC,, I'm disconnected somewhat every 24h even with a router not so overloaded
15:15 < jrandom> green: unfortunately, its pretty arbitrary.
15:16 < jrandom> (or, more precicely, the cause is dependent upon many factors without a good control over them)
15:17 < green> any chance to really know why ?
15:17 < green> I've plenty of tunnels even where IRC goes down
15:18 < green> s/when
15:18 < jrandom> yes, there's lots we can do, but i'm focusing my time on getting syndie out first
15:18 < green> I know, so I've just to way more ;)
15:19 < green> s/wait
15:20 < green> gr f..ing keyboard
15:20 < green> ok, no more on 1 let's got to 2
15:20 < jrandom> w3rd
15:21 < jrandom> ok, not much more to add beyond whats in the notes (well, that can reasonably be brought up)
15:21 < jrandom> the webcaching discussion thread is http://forum.i2p.net/viewtopic.php?t=1958
15:22 < green> is there any plan on phpbb to syndie converter ?
15:22 < jrandom> and the latest mockup image referred to is http://dev.i2p.net/~jrandom/mockup/forum.png
15:23 < jrandom> green: hmm, i thought we discussed that in one of the meetings, but looking back at the logs, it occurred outside of a meeting
15:24 < jrandom> short answer: doable, and maybe it'll get done, but its not on the immediate roadmap
15:24 < jrandom> at least, not bidirectional phpbb<-->syndie operation
15:24 < jrandom> phpbb-->syndie is easy (just suck in the posts, or use server side generation)
15:25 < jrandom> syndie-->phpbb is easy too
15:25 < jrandom> i'm not sure if the phpbb model of operation is what people will end up using syndie for though
15:25 < jrandom> but we'll see
15:28 < green> even just an phpbb -> syndie would be enough
15:30 < jrandom> cool, that'll be trivial (pulling phpbb's rendered html into a page & posting it).  a bit more complex would be pulling from phpb's database itself, though that'd give more control (but then only the phpbb admin could do it - the former method can be done by anyone)
15:31 < badger> phpbb's admin is fairly flat.... not a challenge to get a hook of
15:32 < badger> and there are various rss plugins available for it
15:33 < jrandom> ah cool.  actually, if someone wanted to start looking into that, it'd rule - just generate an HTML page (and if you need to reference other resources, do so with the syndie URIs [syndie.i2p.net/spec.html#uri] 
15:34 < jrandom> (and if you need images/etc, just reference them as img src="attachment1" etc)
15:34 < jrandom> (and then we can shove 'em into a syndie post with no problem)
15:35 < jrandom> currently the message editor has "add text page" and "add html page" features... eventually we can toss in an "add page from the web..." that prompts you for a URL to fetch
15:37 < badger> http://forum.i2p/rss_news.php
15:38 < badger> translating that to syndie markup would probably be straightforward
15:39 < jrandom> aye (though remember, syndie markup /is html/.  the uris are just... long and hard to read :)
15:41 < jrandom> ok, anyone have anything else on 2) syndie dev?
15:42 < jrandom> if not, lets jump to 3) i2phex mods
15:43 < jrandom> strike1 / Complication: wanna give us an update?
15:43 < strike1> I did a quick sanity check in regards to solving the connect to self problem
15:43 < strike1> http://forum.i2p.net/viewtopic.php?t=1965
15:44 < strike1> It seems to be working okay, but is merely preventing the local dest from being added to i2phex.hosts
15:44 < strike1> I am also looking into the hashing problems, and the downloading issues
15:45 < jrandom> kickass!
15:45 < strike1> The new mods in cvs seem to make for a slightly better i2phex so far too, I must say.
15:48 < strike1> Hopefully between Complication, I, and anyone else who wants to help we can solve them all soon. :)
15:49 < jrandom> wikked, thanks strike1 (& complication et al!)
15:50 < jrandom> ok, anyone have anything else for 3) i2phex mods?
15:51 < jrandom> if not, lets jump to 4) ???
15:51 < jrandom> anyone have anything else they'd like to bring up for the meeting?
15:54 < green> any chance to have a dijjer port on I2P ?
15:55 < green> wow, don't worry, just a simple question ;)
15:55 < jrandom> probably not (dijjer port being a large number of public squid outproxies that cache)
15:56 < jrandom> but the ability to have content hosted when you're not online will be there with syndie
15:56 < jrandom> (and syndie can run over i2p)
15:56 < green> sure but how syndie can handle large content ?
15:57 < jrandom> technically, yes, but practically, no
15:58 < green> so using cache is not a so bad idea ?
15:58 < jrandom> otoh, we can have syndie distributed .torrent files for torrents that are encrypted with session keys that only those authorized on syndie know
15:59 < jrandom> there's a use case for caching large files, though i'm not sure if the freenet/dijjer caching method is the best route
15:59 < jrandom> (no pun intended)
15:59 < green> humm .torrent files so we have to rely on a cetral server / tracker
15:59 < green> s/central
16:00 < jrandom> (for instance, see http://freehaven.net/anonbib/#redblue )
16:01 < jrandom> green: torrents can be distributed, and you can put the same data on lots of swarms
16:01 < jrandom> but functionally, we know that torrents work for transfering truckloads of data
16:03 < green> There isn't so much goo tracker on I2P, so currently we rely on a central server even if it's doable to distribute torrent over a lot of tracker
16:05 < jrandom> hmm, the trackers we have are good, there just isn't that much content :)
16:06 < strike1> I agree though looking at postman's tracker I was impressed with what I found there as opposed to last year.
16:07 < jrandom> aye, quite
16:07 < strike1> Lots of nice stuff :)
16:09 < jrandom> ok, anything else for the meeting?
16:10 < green> (baf) :)
16:10  * jrandom winds up
16:10  * jrandom *baf*s the meeting closed