• Pubblicato: 2012-12-17
  • Autore: I2P devs
  • Pubblicato in release

0.9.4 includes a fix for a network capacity bug, introduced in 0.9.2, that was reducing network performance and reliability. It also includes major changes in the in-network update system, and adds the capability to update via in-network torrents.

We fixed several bugs in the i2psnark DHT implementation that was introduced last release. For those of you using console or http proxy passwords, we converted to the more-secure digest method and improved the security for console forms.

For those of you already running development builds, your router should automatically update to 0.9.4-0 using the new in-network torrent facility. For those running 0.9.3-0, you will update normally using in-network HTTP, and we will have more information for you when we release 0.9.5.

Files are available on the download page.


Cambiamenti Maggiori

  • Big rework of the update system; Preliminary support for updates via i2psnark
  • Add per-destination outbound priorities

Bug Fixes

  • Fix major bug that reduced SSU connection limits which reduced tunnel build success rates
  • Fix bug with external I2CP that prevented some external apps from working
  • Corretti diversi bug nella DHT di i2psnark
  • Fixed bug in i2psnark PEX that inflated peer counts
  • Handle dropped I2CP messages better
  • Rodotto l'overhead dei messaggi I2CP
  • Enforce max size in transport outbound message queues
  • Fixes for Windows eepget.bat (new installs and PPA only)
  • Fix a bug that would drop messages of exactly 512 bytes in SSU


  • More performance improvements, memory reduction, and object churn reduction
  • Rilevamento migliore delle disconnessioni dalla rete
  • Further improvements in the SSU transport
  • Add console password form
  • Convert http proxy and console from basic to digest authentication for added security
  • Improved verification of console form submissions, using jsp sessions. Cookies may now be required on forms, except when the console password is enabled
  • Initial work on new interfaces to manage applications started via clients.config
  • Increase minimum peer port to 1024
  • Increase granularity of bandwidth limiter for smoother transmissions
  • Aggiornamento traduzioni in cinese, francese, tedesco, italiano, polacco, portoghese, svedese ed ucraino
  • Aggiornamento dati GeoIP (solo nuove installazioni e PPA)
  • Aggiornamento wrapper a 3.5.16 (solo nuove installazioni e PPA)
  • Nuovo wrapper ARMv6 per Raspeberry Pi

SHA256 Checksum:

c76bea15a6b7d98227466cc8025b1eb9069997e40e9d71ff49e55b2c8ac0b995  i2pinstall_0.9.4_windows.exe
8e670ba26c04176ace9246d91a09951975e2965b89628f620f5a3dff917298e4  i2pinstall_0.9.4.jar
1b7d9695555ed42142b04ad6bcda083cd1a064f6354b639ad2aef4d9cd474e06  i2psource_0.9.4.tar.bz2
0f369d9b85793f157ec67c4d59723a2ad0c1de2a0902d35e11c26a2c74add824  i2pupdate_0.9.4.zip
6e55d3c44d79b0727f5cd4075df4248e4d78f1736911e3504f6a8af45d973cfc  i2pupdate.su2
561e521a707fab457c9dfe166d41b446affbff5bc58ddf770d192235f51f4e90  i2pupdate.sud

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