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The I2P team is proud to announce that we are going to host a meetup in Toronto on August 15-16. A number of members of our community will be attending and are going to host talks, workshops and discussions about and relating to I2P. This event is not just for I2P people though, it's meant for everyone.

If you're curious about I2P, interested in privacy/cryptography/anonymity or just want to come by and talk to us, please do. This is an event for everyone. If you're not familiar with any of these topics, come by anyway and we'll show you how I2P works and what you can do with it.

The event is entirely free, you don't need to sign up or register.

The meetup couldn't have been arranged without our friends at Toronto Crypto which have been helping us organize the event, and our friends at Hacklab which are providing us with a very nice space.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us on @geti2p.



Hacklab at 1266 Queen Street West, Toronto.

Day 1, August 15 - 3PM

The focus will be on an introduction to topics surrounding I2P, privacy and anonymity online. People of all backgrounds and knowledge levels are welcome to attend.

  • I2P Presentation
  • Crypto party introduction
  • Crypto party

The crypto party will contain a number of stations where privacy/anonymity software will be demoed. The goal is to provide people with the tools they need to communicate securely.

  • Vuze/I2P - Downloading torrents anonymously
  • Veracrypt - Encrypt your data
  • I2PBote - Anonymous decentralized email
  • Your station idea here

We're currently looking for help staffing the stations. If you want to help out, you can! Bring a monitor/laptop and run a station. The station could be any of the ones listed above, or any other privacy/anonymity related one you would like to run. Please contact us at @geti2p if you're interested.

Day 2, August 16 - 1PM

The focus will be on in-depth topics surrounding I2P, the roadmap and development. Anyone is welcome to attend, but the content will be somewhat technical.

  • I2P Technical presentation
  • Technical discussion
  • I2P App Dev Into
  • I2PD presentation
  • I2P on Android