I2P dev meeting, January 13, 2004 @ 22:00 CET

Quick recap

  • Present:

duck, jrand0m, kaji, lucky, mihi, MrEcho, mrflibble, wiht, wilde,

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[22:01] <jrand0m> 0) hi
[22:01] <jrand0m> 1)
[22:01] <jrand0m> 2) 0.3
[22:01] <jrand0m> 3) streaming library, I2COCP, CI2CP
[22:01] <jrand0m> 4) apps
[22:01] <jrand0m> 5) ???
[22:01] <jrand0m> 0) hi
[22:01] <jrand0m> hi everyone
[22:01] <jrand0m> y'all seen http://i2p.dnsalias.net/pipermail/i2p/2004-January/000082.html?
[22:01] <jrand0m> if not, now's your chance :)
[22:02] <jrand0m> iip has been acting up a bit, so if someone could say something every once in a while, that'd be swell 
[22:02] <MrEcho> .
[22:02] <jrand0m> w3rd
[22:02] <jrand0m> ok, moving on, 1)
[22:03] <jrand0m> there'll be a new release in the next day or so with the current state of the code, which includes a lot of bugfixes and more features
[22:03] <jrand0m> e.g. tunnelmanager isn't in yet
[22:03] <MrEcho> col
[22:03] <jrand0m> it'll be backwards incompatible, because i'm mean
[22:04] <jrand0m> jumping onto 2) 0.3
[22:04] <MrEcho> :P
[22:04] <jrand0m> that'll be out fairly soon, but obviously not on thursday
[22:04] <jrand0m> it won't be out until is performing reliably so that everyone can reach all sites they should be able to
[22:05] <MrEcho> cool
[22:05] <jrand0m> well, moving right along to 3) streaming lib / etc
[22:05] <jrand0m> well, thats all spelled out in the email :)
[22:05] * eco has joined #i2p
[22:05] * mihi_away is now known as mihi
[22:05] <jrand0m> if anyone wants to get involved in it, please let me know
[22:06] * ion has joined #i2p
[22:06] <jrand0m> 'lo eco, mihi, ion
[22:06] <jrand0m> ok, moving on to 4) apps 
[22:06] <jrand0m> anyone working on an app that will run over i2p that has anything to add?
[22:07] * wiht has joined #i2p
[22:07] <MrEcho> re ask the quest j
[22:07] <jrand0m> well, we're at the last agenda item, so might as well :)
[22:08] <MrEcho> wiht .. get my email?
[22:08] <jrand0m> anyone have anything to bring up outside the http://i2p.dnsalias.net/pipermail/i2p/2004-January/000082.html post?
[22:08] <wiht> Yes, let me read it.
[22:08] <jrand0m> MrEcho> have you read zooko's naming page yet?
[22:08] * jar has joined #i2p
[22:08] <MrEcho> no .. lost the link
[22:09] <jrand0m> (from the logs last week, http://zooko.com/distnames.html)
[22:10] <jrand0m> anyone have anything to add, or are we at a record breaking 10 minute meeting?
[22:10] <MrEcho> still working on my dns idea
[22:10] <jrand0m> coo'
[22:10] <wiht> MrEcho: Yes, I would like to work together on naming service.
[22:10] <MrEcho> sweet
[22:11] <wiht> But I will not have time until next Wednesday.
[22:11] <MrEcho> ok
[22:11] <MrEcho> will give me some time to finish up on a few things
[22:11] <mrflibble> how long till the meet?
[22:11] <jrand0m> -11 minutes
[22:11] <mrflibble> oops
[22:11] * mrflibble is v late
[22:11] <mrflibble> :)
[22:12] <jrand0m> (we've gone through the 5 agenda items very very quicky :)
[22:12] * mrflibble goes back to lurking and the backscroll
[22:12] <jrand0m> heh
[22:12] <wiht> jrand0m: Have you measured how much CPU is used per tunnel by the server?
[22:14] <wiht> Let me restate that: if you have five connections to other routers, and they are using 20% of CPU, how much will be used after 6th connection? Have you measured this?
[22:15] <jrand0m> they shouldn't consume 20% of the cpu, or even 1%
[22:15] <jrand0m> (for client tunnels - server tunnels may consume more)
[22:15] <wiht> Server tunnels.
[22:16] * eco has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[22:16] <wiht> But that will probably be dependent on your CPU speed, so that was a badly stated question.
[22:16] <jrand0m> server tunnels before the streaming lib will require cpu load whenever a new peer connects 
[22:18] <wiht> All right.
[22:19] <duck> are we at #5 already?
[22:19] * ion has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[22:19] <jrand0m> yup
[22:20] * duck mentions the hosting options that home.duck.i2p provides
[22:20] <jrand0m> ooOOoo
[22:20] <duck> it hasnt been tested by anybody besides me though
[22:20] <duck> waiting for betatester Ardvark to show up
[22:20] <jrand0m> so the hosting lets someone run apache / etc?
[22:21] <jrand0m> (or do they have to run the i2p router?
[22:21] <duck> neither
[22:21] <duck> they can put their html files on /home/username/public_html/
[22:21] <duck> and it will show up on http://home.duck.i2p/~username/
[22:21] <jrand0m> ah nice
[22:21] <jrand0m> php support?  cgi / .pl / etc?  or just html?
[22:22] <jrand0m> (thats kick fucking ass, in any case)
[22:22] <duck> php and html
[22:22] <jrand0m> wwwwwwwwwicked
[22:22] <mihi> duck: won't that compromize your anonymity?
[22:22] <duck> how?
[22:22] <mihi> phpshell?
[22:22] <mihi> or is the full apache in a vmware/UML box?
[22:22] <duck> system, exec, etc are disabled
[22:23] <duck> plus the host cant connect to the outsite
[22:23] * wilde has joined #i2p
[22:23] <duck> (it is inside an UML box)
[22:23] <duck> (pl and other cgis are too difficult to debug without shell access, plus they often break)
[22:23] * mihi_backup has joined #i2p
[22:23] <jrand0m> jsp access?  :)
[22:23] * madman2003 has quit IRC (12( www.nnscript.de 12:: NoNameScript 3.8 12:: www.XLhost.de 12))
[22:23] <duck> ofcourse not
[22:24] <mihi> and why not ssh access as well, when it's an UML box?
[22:24] <duck> because the average IIP user will start running forkbombs
[22:24] <jrand0m> with ssh access, they could traceroute i2p.dnsalias.net
[22:24] <mihi> man ulimit
[22:24] <jrand0m> ah true
[22:24] <mihi> man limiting cpu time on uml boxes.
[22:25] <mihi> (okay, it will crash apache, shit...)
[22:25] <duck> man run your own host :)
[22:25] <jrand0m> hehe
[22:25] <lucky> hi
[22:25] <duck> I'll add it on the todo
[22:25] <jrand0m> a reliable hosting service provider will RULE
[22:25] <kaji> now all we need is a wiki
[22:25] * wiht has left #i2p (wiht)
[22:26] * lucky has a reliable net connection...
[22:26] <duck> you already have a wiki
[22:26] <jrand0m> kaji> duck.i2p has one
[22:26] <duck> wiki.invisiblenet.net
[22:26] <jrand0m> that too
[22:26] <kaji> oh sweet then
[22:26] <jrand0m> (yeah, the main i2p wiki is http://wiki.invisiblenet.net/iip-wiki?I2P )
[22:26] * dm has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
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[22:29] <jrand0m> 'k, anything else before we close out the meeting?
[22:29] <kaji> doh, i missed the meeting?
[22:29] <jrand0m> we're not quite done yet, but about it
[22:29] <lucky> meeting?
[22:29] <lucky> Oh, thats so not fair
[22:29] <lucky> i just got home.
[22:29] <wilde> are there logs anywhere?
[22:29] <wilde> meeting log
[22:30] * lucky has a log...
[22:30] <kaji> can some one write a howto for using wget over i2p in windows?
[22:30] <jrand0m> meeting logs at http://wiki.invisiblenet.net/iip-wiki?Meetings
[22:30] <jrand0m> kaji you'll probably need to add the http_proxy to the environment
[22:32] <jrand0m> ok, lets wrap this one up, and I'll post up the logs momentarily.  anyone who has anything else can post to the mailing list or just chat on here :)
[22:32] <kaji> also im now sharing /books/ and /audio/ at kaji.i2p and i think i will make a short howto about the bugs in apache alias for windows
[22:32] <jrand0m> word kaji!
[22:32] * jrand0m *baf*s the meeting closed on that note