I2P dev meeting, June 4, 2019 @ 20:00 UTC

Quick recap

  • Present:

echelon, eyedeekay, zlatinb, zzz

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20:00:14 <zzz> 0) Hi
20:00:16 <zzz> hi
20:00:43 <zzz> 1) 0.9.40 release status remaining items (meeh, mhatta, nextloop, str4d)
20:00:43 <zzz> 2) Fixed i2pbote-android release status (meeh)
20:00:43 <zzz> 3) 0.9.41 dev status (zzz)
20:00:43 <zzz> 4) LS2 status (zzz)
20:00:43 <zzz> 5) I2P Browser "labs" project status (meeh)
20:00:43 <zzz> 6) Status scrum (zlatinb)
20:01:03 <zzz> 1) 0.9.40 release status remaining items (meeh, mhatta, nextloop, str4d)
20:01:28 <zzz> I believe that Debian/Ubuntu and official f-droid remain?
20:01:41 <zzz> I did hear back from mhatta, but he didn't make any promises
20:02:04 <zzz> I have reached out to other Debian people to see if anybody else could do it, nothing yet
20:02:10 <zzz> nextloop you have an update for us?
20:02:53 <eche|on> i build test build for debian buster and stretch on echelon.i2p/update/
20:02:57 <zzz> anything else on 1) ?
20:03:29 <zzz> 2) Fixed i2pbote-android release status (meeh)
20:03:40 <zzz> mikalv, you have an update for us on bote?
20:04:52 <zzz> I believe we got the bote release out and it's working for people
20:04:58 <zzz> anything else on 2) ?
20:05:16 <eyedeekay> Nothing from me
20:05:30 <zzz> 3) 0.9.41 dev status (zzz)
20:05:45 <zzz> ok, we're a little bit more than halfway through the .41 dev cycle and it's going well
20:06:06 <zzz> big feature is the per-client authentication stuff for encrypted LS2
20:06:19 <zzz> we've also fixed a bug in large message handling that I think will help bote work better
20:06:55 <eche|on> we will see, test build available
20:06:56 <zzz> idk and I are working on splitting up the clients.config and i2ptunnel.config files, but it's looking like it will have to wait until .42
20:07:38 <zzz> for bote to see a difference it will probably have to get out to most of the network, as the bug could be hit by any router along the way
20:08:03 <eche|on> yeah
20:08:12 <zzz> the release is scheduled for the first week of July
20:08:33 <zzz> anything else on 3) ?
20:09:28 <zzz> 4) LS2 status (zzz)
20:09:58 <zzz> still going strong. We've had 42 weekly meetings so far and no end in sight, although we're spending more time on the new encryption (proposal 144) lately
20:10:19 <zzz> I already mentioned the per-client auth code that will be in 41.
20:10:54 <zzz> Garlic farm development for meta ls2 has been on hold for maybe 3 weeks, in favor of the client auth code, but we will be returning to it shortly
20:11:27 <zzz> I'm continuing to migrate specs from the proposals to the main specs part of our website
20:11:38 <zzz> as we get things implemented and tested
20:11:52 <zzz> our meetings are still 6:30 PM UTC on mondays in #ls2
20:12:11 <zzz> anything else on 4) ?
20:13:04 <zzz> 5) I2P Browser "labs" project status (mikalv)
20:13:15 <zzz> mikalv, how is the i2p browser going?
20:14:08 <zzz> I know a new beta release went out and it's getting some testing, but it doesn't work at all for some people?
20:15:04 <zzz> there's also a request for more documentation on our lab download page, and he said he would be getting to that soon, so keep an eye out
20:15:17 <zzz> ok, I guess mikalv isn't around, anything else on 5) ?
20:16:08 <zzz> 6) Status scrum (zlatinb)
20:16:13 <zzz> take it away zlatinb 
20:16:42 <zlatinb> Hi let’s do the usual - say 1) what you’ve been doing since last scrum 2) what you plan to do next month 3) if you have any blockers or need help
20:16:46 <zlatinb> end with EOT when done
20:17:08 <zlatinb> me: 1) some garlic farm, not much else 2) hopefully more garlic farm 3) no blockers
20:17:09 <zlatinb> EOT
20:17:17 <eche|on> doing the same as always, keepeing server alive, going on the same, no blocker, eot
20:17:30 <zzz> 1) garlic farm, ls2, and per-client auth; bug fixes
20:18:10 <zzz> 2) garlic farm, bug fixes, GMP 6.1.2, config file splitting, getting ready for 0.9.41 release
20:18:18 <eyedeekay> Split i2ptunnel configs and writing documentation/blogs, 2) more of that 3) no blockers eot
20:18:32 <zzz> 3) no blockers, EOT
20:18:44 <zlatinb> ok I think this is everyone, thanks
20:19:04 <zzz> ok, that was pretty quick, we're getting more efficient!
20:19:18 <zzz> anything else for the meeting today?
20:20:15 <zzz> oh, and congrats to eyedeekay who has signed a dev agreement and been granted mtn checkin privileges! while he's done quite a lot for us in the last few months, now he can do damage a lot faster!
20:20:37 <eyedeekay> :-D
20:20:38 <zzz> looking forward to having eyedeekay directly on the code base
20:21:07 * zzz looks for the baffer to swing at you
20:22:01 * zzz *bafs* the meeting closed