I2P dev meeting, June 6, 2017 @ 20:00 UTC

Quick recap

  • Present:

backup, lazygravy, manas, psi, str4d, zzz

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20:00:18 <zzz> 0) Hi
20:00:18 <zzz> 1) 0.9.31 update (zzz)
20:00:18 <zzz> 2) UI branch status - (str4d)
20:00:18 <zzz> 3) I2P Summer Dev plans - (str4d)
20:00:18 <zzz> 4) EdDSA update - (str4d)
20:00:18 <zzz> 5) 34C3 planning (zzz/echelon)
20:00:18 <zzz> 6) Regular Reseed Operator Meetings (manas)
20:00:24 <zzz> 0) Hi
20:00:26 <manas> Hello :)
20:00:26 <zzz> hi
20:00:34 <psi> ohay
20:00:40 <i2pr> [Slack/str4d] Hi
20:00:58 <zzz> 1) 0.9.31 update (zzz)
20:01:00 <backup> Hi
20:01:37 <zzz> ok, checkin deadline in 3 1/2 weeks, we are on schedule, however most of the roadmap for 31 (which was pushed from 29 and 30) will be pushed again
20:01:54 <zzz> tag freeze was yesterday
20:02:03 <zzz> anything else on 1) ?
20:02:23 <backup> I sent out some reseed updates today
20:02:26 <psi> any noteworth changes for i2pd in .31?
20:03:01 <zzz> dont know whats going on in i2pd, but no i2np changes
20:03:15 <zzz> most of 31 will be the UI stuff (see item 2)
20:03:21 <zzz> anything else on 1) ?
20:03:51 <psi> kk
20:03:51 <i2pr> [Slack/str4d] The new website front-page CSS will also be landing at the same time
20:04:07 <manas> str4d: cool
20:04:28 <zzz> 2) UI branch status - (str4d)
20:04:31 <zzz> str4d go
20:04:33 <i2pr> [Slack/str4d] (and hopefully some inner CSS too, but depends on Elio's schedule)
20:04:55 <i2pr> [Slack/str4d] UI branch is merged!
20:05:36 <i2pr> [Slack/str4d] A few people have been reviewing and giving feedback; thanks for that
20:05:39 <zzz> I encourage everyone to test, and add their issues or non-issues to ticket #1996
20:05:59 <zzz> str4d, be sure to bump rev when you make changes so the comments make sense
20:06:26 <i2pr> [Slack/str4d] K
20:06:32 <zzz> anything else on 2) ?
20:06:59 <i2pr> [Slack/str4d] Most of the bugs have been addressed; if I get time I will try to respond to the subjective points
20:07:42 <zzz> 3) I2P Summer Dev plans - (str4d)
20:07:46 <zzz> str4d go
20:08:14 <i2pr> [Slack/str4d] Summer Dev launched a day late due to a website merge issue, but it's up!
20:08:46 <i2pr> [Slack/str4d] Now comes the fun part: working on related tasks
20:09:32 <i2pr> [Slack/str4d] I'll post the list of ideas to the Dev forum so people can see what is suggested
20:09:39 <zzz> I believe you had two meetings about it already...
20:09:57 <manas> I've got a script for parallel rsync transfers over Tor, I was going to rework it to run transfers over I2P :)
20:09:58 <i2pr> [Slack/str4d] One, no one showed up to the one last week
20:10:02 <zzz> what are you looking for people to do to help out?
20:10:35 <zzz> also, what's the PR plan?
20:11:32 <i2pr> [Slack/str4d] PR plan is to have a new blog post about an aspect of summer dev every couple of weeks
20:11:44 <i2pr> [Slack/str4d] But that heavily depends on things being worked on
20:12:07 <i2pr> [Slack/str4d] Metrics collection is the big one
20:12:36 <manas> I read the transcript from the first meeting, seems to be technical stuff that I don't really know at this point :P
20:12:45 <zzz> great. anything else on 3) ?
20:13:12 <i2pr> [Slack/str4d] Main thing is making progress
20:13:24 <manas> Metrics collection would be good, maybe a Java plugin where I can enter in a destination and it collects metrics and/or runs speedtests?
20:13:39 <manas> Not sure what was the planned direction for that
20:13:41 <i2pr> [Slack/str4d] Potentially, yeah
20:13:50 <manas> that would be cool
20:14:02 <i2pr> [Slack/str4d] My planned direction is metrics.torproject.org
20:14:21 <i2pr> [Slack/str4d] Obviously not those specific metrics
20:14:30 <manas> Right
20:14:41 <i2pr> [Slack/str4d] But a similar setup for us
20:14:59 <i2pr> [Slack/str4d] The key metric is tunnel / network performance
20:15:39 <zzz> nice goal, but everything that's easy in tor is hard for us, they have centralized control
20:15:40 <i2pr> [Slack/str4d] So it would be really helpful for someone to have a look at the tests that Tor runs with their bwauth code
20:15:55 <i2pr> [Slack/str4d] Agreed
20:16:02 <manas> Yeah. I think you mentioned somewhere about Tor's privacy-respecting practices for metrics collection. If there's some documentation/papers about that, it would be good to read up on
20:16:06 <i2pr> [Slack/str4d] But metrics is inherently going to be centralised
20:16:34 <i2pr> [Slack/str4d] There are some papers on freehaven.net/anonbib
20:16:45 <zzz> anything else on 3) ?
20:16:54 <manas> Thanks, I will take a look
20:16:55 <i2pr> [Slack/str4d] But not sure how much about their specific setup
20:17:12 <i2pr> [Slack/str4d] The other thing for this month is proposal work
20:17:36 <zzz> 4) EdDSA update - (str4d)
20:17:39 <zzz> str4d go
20:17:40 <i2pr> [Slack/str4d] I listed a bunch of proposals in the launch blog post that I thought were relevant
20:17:48 <i2pr> [Slack/str4d] zzz, not so fast
20:17:57 <i2pr> [Slack/str4d] I'm on my phone, not fast typing
20:18:20 <i2pr> [Slack/str4d] 3) cont.
20:18:53 <i2pr> [Slack/str4d] I'll be reviewing and working on proposals the rest of this month
20:19:09 <i2pr> [Slack/str4d] But I'd really like to see a blog post or two about some of them
20:19:18 <zzz> how are proposals related to summer dev which is item 3) ?
20:19:43 <i2pr> [Slack/str4d] Summer Dev is about speed
20:20:07 <i2pr> [Slack/str4d] We have several open proposals that are performance related
20:20:42 <i2pr> [Slack/str4d] And I'd like to see some of them communicated to the wider community
20:20:48 <zzz> ok
20:20:55 <zzz> anything else on 3) ?
20:20:56 <i2pr> [Slack/str4d] This would be a great task for someone newer, in fact
20:21:12 <i2pr> [Slack/str4d] Taking the time to read the proposal
20:21:18 <i2pr> [Slack/str4d] Read surrounding docs
20:21:28 <i2pr> [Slack/str4d] And then digest it into a blog post
20:21:37 <manas> str4d: task would mean reading proposals, understanding and simplifying/explaining them in a blog post?
20:21:44 <manas> oops your messages just came in, lag
20:21:46 <manas> :)
20:21:49 <i2pr> [Slack/str4d] Yep!
20:21:54 <manas> I will take a look at those proposals, str4d 
20:22:02 <manas> I would find that interesting
20:22:13 <i2pr> [Slack/str4d] Conveying what the proposal is, and why it is important for both performance and privacy
20:22:27 <manas> Yeah, that would be a good set of blog posts :)
20:22:37 <manas> and hopefully fruitful discussions would follow
20:22:45 <i2pr> [Slack/str4d] Exactly ;)
20:23:09 <zzz> anything else on 3) ?
20:23:16 <i2pr> [Slack/str4d] Okay, *now* I'm done with 3)
20:23:31 <zzz> 4) EdDSA update - (str4d)
20:23:34 <zzz> str4d go
20:23:43 <i2pr> [Slack/str4d] No movement here
20:24:04 <i2pr> [Slack/str4d] The branch was updated a while back with the latest code from my library
20:24:19 <i2pr> [Slack/str4d] But with the UI stuff, I haven't had time to review it
20:24:27 <zzz> carry over to next meeting, or is this item done or irrelevant?
20:25:07 <i2pr> [Slack/str4d] Main issue is making sure the semantic changes to the sigtypes don't break anything unexpected
20:26:07 <i2pr> [Slack/str4d] If someone did want to help, that would be nice, but I'd put Summer Dev higher on the priorities
20:26:32 <i2pr> [Slack/str4d] So I'd table for now
20:26:51 <zzz> carry over to next meeting, or is this item done or irrelevant?
20:27:05 <i2pr> [Slack/str4d] I just said
20:27:21 <i2pr> [Slack/str4d] Table for now, so not done nor irrelevant, but take off the agenda
20:27:27 <zzz> dunno what I should do with "table". Put it on agenda or not?
20:27:53 <zzz> ok, so test2 branch is burned, if I do any branch work I'll make a new one
20:28:02 <zzz> ok anything else on 4) ?
20:29:01 <zzz> 5) 34C3 planning (zzz/echelon)
20:29:25 <zzz> I don't believe ech is around. Just an early warning that we'll have budget meeting next month or august
20:29:33 <manas> alright
20:29:56 <i2pr> [Slack/str4d] ACK
20:29:57 <zzz> we have plenty of money to hand out, but as always we reward the contributors
20:30:16 <zzz> so help the project and it will help you
20:30:18 <manas> I was looking at flights & a hotel. Got it mostly figured out
20:30:21 <zzz> now is the time
20:30:26 <lazygravy> (especially with the crazy price of btc)
20:30:36 <zzz> more in the next meetings
20:30:45 <manas> Hotels seem to be filling up quick so if people are planning on going it's good to start looking into it ASAP
20:30:52 <zzz> yup
20:30:57 <zzz> anything else on 5) ?
20:31:03 <i2pr> [Slack/str4d] +1
20:32:01 <zzz> 6) Regular Reseed Operator Meetings (manas)
20:32:03 <zzz> manas go
20:32:26 <manas> http://zzz.i2p/topics/2341-meeting-reseed-operators-13-june-8-pm-utc-in-i2p-reseed - planning our first reseed meeting in #i2p-reseed next week, 13 June at 8PM UTC
20:32:46 <manas> Those are the general points of discussion, I'll be summarizing the threads referred to
20:32:59 <manas> See you next week, thanks :)
20:33:12 <zzz> great, thanks for setting that up, I encourage everyone to attend
20:33:18 <zzz> anything else on 6) ?
20:33:26 <manas> That's all
20:34:21 <lazygravy> Would it be out of line to circle back to (3)?
20:34:35 <manas> sup gravy
20:34:45 <lazygravy> I'm interested in the collection side str4d, could we schedule some time to talk about it? Preferably on a weekend
20:34:47 <zzz> 3) gravy go
20:35:00 <manas> Could hold a discussion in #i2p-science?
20:35:45 <lazygravy> manas: as long as we have a scheduled time :)
20:36:01 <lazygravy> don't need to decide a time now. I just wanted to get it out there
20:36:06 <manas> Yeah
20:36:48 <manas> I'd find that interesting
20:37:01 <zzz> anything else on 3) ?
20:37:43 <lazygravy> nothing more from me
20:37:48 <zzz> anything else for the meeting?
20:37:56 * zzz hunts for the baffer
20:39:02 * zzz *b*a*f*s* the meeting closed