I2P dev meeting, June 7, 2016 @ 20:00 UTC

Quick recap

  • Present:

eche|on, plzcdv, psi, str4d, zzz

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20:00:31 <zzz> 0) Hi
20:00:31 <zzz> 1) 0.9.26 release plan (zzz)
20:00:31 <zzz> 2) HOPE planning update (zzz) http://zzz.i2p/topics/1968
20:00:31 <zzz> 3) 0.9.27 plan (zzz)
20:00:31 <zzz> 4) Summer of X (sadie)
20:00:35 <zzz> 0) Hi
20:00:37 <zzz> Hi
20:01:16 <zzz> 1) 0.9.26 release plan (zzz)
20:01:46 <zzz> ok, got the .26 release built yesterday, got the launchpad stuff done, and we flipped the switch for in-net updates an hour ago
20:01:56 <zzz> only thing left is debian which I plan to do tomorrow
20:02:27 <zzz> remember that in-net updates will not get the new jbigi files, as we were concerned about the lack of testing
20:02:40 <zzz> so keep an eye out for bug reports from deb users and new installs
20:02:45 <zzz> anything else on 1) ?
20:03:14 <zzz> 2) HOPE planning update (zzz) http://zzz.i2p/topics/1968
20:03:39 <str4d> Hi!
20:03:45 <zzz> HOPE is 6 weeks from friday. We are paying for the $150 conference tickets in arrears (after the event)
20:04:11 <zzz> we aren't paying for travel, but if anybody really really couldn't make it without some help, speak up
20:04:32 <zzz> there will not be a dev meeting before or after as I was unable to get a commitment from lance
20:04:53 <zzz> really looking forward to seeing the gang in new york
20:05:02 <zzz> anything else on 2) ?
20:05:25 <zzz> 3) 0.9.27 plan (zzz)
20:06:00 <zzz> lets wait for the netsplit
20:06:06 <plzcdv> Hi.
20:07:47 <zzz> ok, did you all on that side see all of 2) re: hope?
20:08:35 <str4d> Hi again!
20:08:35 <eche|on> jo
20:08:39 <str4d> Nope
20:08:43 <str4d> Last I saw was your Hi
20:08:53 <zzz> good grief. I'm on 3)
20:08:57 <str4d> (and the 1) )
20:09:02 <zzz> let me copy/paste 1 and 2
20:09:16 <zzz> <zzz> 1) 0.9.26 release plan (zzz)
20:09:16 <zzz> <zzz> ok, got the .26 release built yesterday, got the launchpad stuff done, and we flipped the switch for in-net updates an hour ago
20:09:16 <zzz> <zzz> only thing left is debian which I plan to do tomorrow
20:09:16 <zzz> <zzz> remember that in-net updates will not get the new jbigi files, as we were concerned about the lack of testing
20:09:16 <zzz> <zzz> so keep an eye out for bug reports from deb users and new installs
20:09:31 <zzz> <zzz> 2) HOPE planning update (zzz) http://zzz.i2p/topics/1968
20:09:44 <zzz> <zzz> HOPE is 6 weeks from friday. We are paying for the $150 conference tickets in arrears (after the event)
20:09:44 <zzz> <zzz> we aren't paying for travel, but if anybody really really couldn't make it without some help, speak up
20:09:44 <zzz> <zzz> there will not be a dev meeting before or after as I was unable to get a commitment from lance
20:09:44 <zzz> <zzz> really looking forward to seeing the gang in new york
20:09:44 <zzz> <zzz> anything else on 2) ?
20:10:03 <zzz> or on 1) ?
20:10:43 <str4d> Nothing I can think of on 1)
20:11:09 <str4d> On 2), I still hope to attend, but still don't have a ticket because I still don't have a defence data and thus don't know if I will even be in the US by then.
20:11:27 <str4d> date*
20:11:43 <zzz> ok, if anybody is on the fence, please get a ticket, it's a fun time
20:11:51 <zzz> 3) 0.9.27 plan (zzz)
20:12:34 <zzz> lots of tough stuff on the roadmap here - crypto migration for servers, mac stuff, and work on ipv6 and ntcp2
20:13:07 <zzz> nobody's looked at ntcp2 in a year or so and I've gotten zero comments on the ipv6 peer testing. so need some help
20:13:39 <zzz> also, how fast we go on .27 depends on how much time I spend on summer of x. I have it penciled in for late august.
20:13:46 <zzz> anything else on 3) ?
20:13:46 <eche|on> I could test it, but...
20:14:01 <str4d> I'll push those further up my I2P todo list
20:15:09 <zzz> 4) Summer of X (sadie)
20:15:24 <zzz> what's the plan for our northern hemisphere summer?
20:15:31 <str4d> I might also have intermediate UI stuff to prop
20:15:49 <str4d> sadie is running late because work (nightmare client)
20:15:55 <str4d> So I'll cover :)
20:16:10 <str4d> I hope everyone here has seen the launch blog post :D
20:16:43 <str4d> That basically is just laying out what had already been discussed.
20:17:09 <str4d> So:
20:17:16 <str4d> 4a) APIs
20:17:17 <str4d> 4b) Apps
20:17:22 <str4d> 4c) Plugins
20:17:29 <str4d> 4d) Branding
20:17:33 <str4d> 4a)
20:18:13 <str4d> This month is the push to improve our APIs. We have already made good progress for this in the 0.9.26 release
20:18:39 <str4d> The next thing that will happen is I will upload our JARs to Maven Central, so that Java devs can more easily use them
20:18:53 <str4d> (and update the I2P Android client library appropriately)
20:19:15 <str4d> For the remainder of this month, I have a laundry list of suggestions:
20:19:33 <zzz> you mention "our C++ and python libraries" but do we even have any that we maintain? who will be doing this work and on what specific libs?
20:19:41 <str4d> - Update SAM libraries to v3.3
20:19:50 <str4d> zzz, this ^
20:19:56 <zzz> I just told a guy here an hour ago that those aren't ours, they are 3rd parties
20:20:10 <str4d>   - txi2p (Python Twisted, I will be doing this)
20:20:32 <zzz> where are the sam libs?
20:20:41 <zzz> or, rather, which
20:21:25 <str4d>   - libsam3 (C, both sync and async, on git.repo.i2p)
20:21:49 <zzz> ok. psi also has one in go
20:21:53 <str4d>   -   - i2psam (C++, https://github.com/VirtualDestructor/bitcoin-qt-i2p/tree/master/i2psam)
20:22:16 <str4d> See http://i2p-projekt.i2p/en/docs/api/samv3 for others
20:22:33 <zzz> I think I'll mostly just get a head start on apps, other than standing by to answer questions
20:22:35 <zzz> sounds good
20:22:45 <str4d> I'd like to see at least the Python Twisted and C++ libraries updated
20:22:56 <str4d> (for my own ends next month >:D )
20:23:06 <str4d> Other suggestions for this month:
20:23:11 <str4d> - get libtorrent working properly
20:23:34 <zzz> ooh yeah libtorrent++\
20:23:36 <str4d> - Enable SAM API by default in Java I2P (for .27 now)
20:23:54 <str4d> - Get my lighttpd I2P patch upstream (requires updating libsam3 at least)
20:24:21 <zzz> i entered ticket #1804 to split up /configclients
20:24:25 <zzz> i can do that
20:24:28 <str4d> Okay, do we have volunteers for any of these suggestions?
20:25:34 <plzcdv> I am shy, but I am here.
20:25:48 <str4d> zzz, Mmm, that would be a good step forward both on my ui stuff and for the Plugins month
20:26:17 <zzz> ok. might give you merge conficts though, beware
20:26:29 <str4d> zzz, It would be good for that to happen either in my ui branch or based off it to reduce merge conflicts
20:26:29 <str4d> plzcdv, hi!
20:27:14 <str4d> dg, hottuna3, psi, any thoughts on above?
20:27:34 <zzz> hearing no volunteers, lets move on to 4b
20:28:29 <plzcdv> I did not knew there was a libtorrent. 
20:28:29 <str4d> plzcdv, it's used in a number of applications, but none of them (that I know of) expose the I2P functionality (probably because it is broken)
20:28:54 <plzcdv> Libtorrent (or something similar) looks like a fundamental thing.
20:29:04 <plzcdv> Communication is all about sharing information.
20:29:17 <str4d> I have three weekends left this month to work on I2P. One of those will be on txi2p, and I'll put myself down for working on i2psam in another.
20:30:13 <str4d> everyone else, if you have any ideas, or desire to work on any of the others, feel free to do so
20:30:33 <zzz> what's sadie's PR plan for all this?
20:30:38 <str4d> I'll be getting some publicity up some point this week that we can use for PR to maybe get additional help
20:30:38 <str4d> 4b) Apps
20:30:40 <plzcdv> I would like to work on libtorrent or something similar to it.
20:30:54 <str4d> zzz, will cover in 4d)
20:31:02 <zzz> ok
20:31:09 <str4d> plzcdv, by all means!
20:32:20 <str4d> If you were able to update libtorrent so its I2P support worked, that would be very much appreciated :D
20:32:45 <zzz> for apps, I plan to do snark standalone (building off of the good work by psi), syndie, and i2phex. Maybe orchid too.
20:33:00 <str4d> plzcdv, we can discuss after the meeting :)
20:33:13 <zzz> oops, orchid is plugins.
20:33:24 <str4d> zzz, I was thinking of that all under plugins
20:33:28 <zzz> anyway, the first 3 before hope.
20:33:45 <str4d> But fine to get a head start
20:34:01 <zzz> ok, then I'm working ahead, unless there's some app to work on. I guess snark counts.
20:34:23 <str4d> What I see the Apps month about is outreach to other developers who want to integrate I2P into their applications
20:34:25 <str4d> So:
20:34:26 <str4d> - Tahoe-LAFS
20:34:29 <str4d> - Zeronet
20:34:41 <str4d> - OpenBazaar (via IPFS, which they are shifting to)
20:34:51 <zzz> ok so that's mainly pr and outreach, until somebody bites
20:35:06 <str4d> - Whonix (someone just emailed me today)
20:35:11 <str4d> zzz, not just PR
20:35:23 <str4d> I will be going and contributing code
20:35:53 <str4d> Tahoe in particular, I already know the relevant bits of their codebase (having worked with them on this earlier on)
20:36:07 <str4d> That's why I want to get txi2p up-to-date this month
20:36:16 <str4d> Another one: Zcash
20:36:22 <zzz> ok
20:38:52 <str4d> Another place I know the codebase, I'm thinking of looking at the bitcoin-qt-i2p patches above and seeing how applicable they would be.
20:39:09 <str4d> The concrete deliverables I want for the Apps month is to have either written code or contributed to design discussions that helps other devs with their I2P integration, ideally leveraging the work we are doing now
20:39:09 <str4d> Other ideas for Apps month:
20:39:09 <str4d> - Vuze
20:39:09 <str4d> - Lightning Browser (on Android, I'll update their use of the I2P client library)
20:39:09 <str4d> - Projects using libtorrent!
20:39:39 <str4d> I'll be starting to approach some of these this month, and I encourage others to do the same If anyone has any other ideas for projects, let me know.
20:40:10 <str4d> (some of these projects)
20:41:51 <str4d> 4c) Plugins
20:41:51 <str4d> This is where I saw us giving some love to existing apps and plugins that we develop and maintain :)
20:41:51 <str4d> So:
20:41:51 <str4d> - Bote
20:41:51 <str4d> - Snark
20:41:51 <str4d> - Orchid
20:41:51 <str4d> - Et. al
20:41:51 <str4d> Having said that, there is no reason why they can't be worked on sooner if someone doesn't have something else they can work on
20:42:12 <str4d> Or worked on later if e.g. contributing to one of the apps next month is going well
20:44:51 <str4d> The three months are mainly for PR, not for project management :)
20:44:51 <str4d> (although it will certainly help me keep my own time planned out!)
20:44:51 <str4d> We can discuss 4c) more at next month's meeting. For now, I encourage more people here to think about 4b), and start working on 4a) :D
20:44:51 <str4d> 4d) Branding (and PR)
20:44:51 <str4d> Currently the PR strategy for I2P Summer Dev focuses around blog posts and Twitter
20:44:51 <str4d> I'll be writing regular updates for the blog about what we are doing.
20:44:51 <str4d> Rough plan:
20:44:51 <str4d> - Launch post (done)
20:45:30 <str4d> - APIs (will write in next few days, to publicise the Maven Central work and the list of other suggestions for this month)
20:46:02 <str4d> - Apps (publicise list of projects we will be working with, as well as other suggestions, and a summary of how we did in APIs month)
20:46:11 <str4d> - Plugins (similar layout as Apps post)
20:46:19 <str4d> - Closing post
20:46:54 <str4d> So the remaining posts should be about a month apart, maybe with smaller updates in between as we see fit
20:47:19 <str4d> Meanwhile on Twitter, anything we post related to this work should have the hashtag #I2PSummer
20:47:38 <str4d> (these blog posts, comments about what API or app you're working on, etc...)
20:47:50 <psi> re: go i implement net.* for i2p in go
20:48:10 <str4d> psi, woo!
20:48:28 <psi> net.Dial net.Listener net.PacketConn net.Conn net.Addr etc
20:48:36 * psi scrolls up
20:48:56 <str4d> With respect to branding, I had an idea three days before launch that it would be great to have some kind of logo for I2P Summer Dev (preferably one we can reuse in future years)
20:48:58 <psi> ++ sam default plz
20:49:12 <str4d> And then I saw Elio Qoshi launch a startup for open source design a day later
20:50:00 <zzz> anything else on 4) ?
20:50:09 <str4d> So: I've approached him about designing us a logo for I2P Summer Dev (on its own, and with text for use on banners, t-shirts etc), targeting end of this month for delivery
20:50:47 <str4d> I've stated a budget of $200, because that was what I was comfortable paying for myself if the project didn't think this was a good use of funds.
20:50:55 <str4d> So: is this a good use of funds?
20:51:25 <psi> are we staffed for summer of $i2pthing ?
20:51:41 <zzz> it's not a good use of funds unless we plan to do something with it
20:51:47 <str4d> (sadie is also approaching a designer she knows, and Elio's startup promises 100% money-back guarantee if we don't like the designs, so it's overall low-risk IMHO)
20:52:26 <str4d> zzz, the plan is for the branding to be used on the GetI2P Twitter account (avatar + banner), used on relevant blog posts on the website (and on the homepage in some way), etc.
20:52:29 <zzz> so unless we have concrete plans to use it _fast_, it's going to be money down the drain
20:52:36 <str4d> Possibly t-shirts (sadie is looking into cost)
20:52:54 <str4d> zzz, that's why I want end of this month deliverable, so we get two months to use it
20:53:09 <str4d> And then we have it for future use
20:53:16 * psi lag
20:53:41 <str4d> As I said in the launch post, I'm keen to give swag to new contributors. Currently that is stickers, it might be t-shirts
20:54:04 <str4d> psi, we aren't currently fully-staffed for I2P Summer Dev, there are a bunch of ideas that are looking for devs :)
20:54:14 <zzz> please get approval from echelon before spending any money
20:55:03 <psi> okay
20:55:09 <str4d> I contacted eche|on when I first had the idea, but I wanted to get confirmation in a meeting :)
20:56:02 <psi> re: summer of $i2pthing i think my i2p net.* could fit into ipfs's libp2p relatively easily but bootstrapping into ipfs's dev process is intimidating
20:56:04 <zzz> so you already have approval from him, or you just told him you're thinking about it?
20:56:22 <psi> rather my go library for i2p
20:56:41 <str4d> zzz, I told him what I was thinking and my proposed budget, and said I'd be bringing it up in the meeting
20:56:50 <zzz> I want to avoid the problem we had with the stickers, where hottuna only vaguely discussed it with eche, then presented a $600 bill
20:56:57 <str4d> If all I need is eche's approval, then I'll go get it and be on my way :D
20:57:22 <psi> depending on if i land this next job interview i may or may not have loads of free time
20:57:43 <str4d> zzz, will be
20:57:51 <str4d> (avoiding that problem)
20:58:06 <str4d> psi, is libpnp in Go?
20:58:07 <zzz> $200 isn't much, but that doesn't get us much either. T-shirts is more and a lot more work if you're going to get them to NYC for HOPE
20:58:16 <psi> libp2p is in go and js
20:58:26 <str4d> mmk
20:58:32 <zzz> anything else on 4) ?
20:58:33 <str4d> Is OpenBazaar in Go too then?
20:58:35 <psi> rather, it's ipfs's network abstraction layer
20:58:38 <psi> it's an api
20:58:49 <psi> openbazaar is py2
20:58:49 <str4d> zzz, that's just for the logo. T-shirts would be a separate budget
20:58:53 <psi> using twisted
20:59:02 <str4d> And yes, sadie is looking at t-shirts in time for HOPE
20:59:02 <psi> (iirc)
20:59:17 <str4d> psi, but they've said they are shifting to IPFS... odd
20:59:34 <zzz> last call for 4)
20:59:37 <str4d> Either way, if you have time this month to update your SAM libraries to 3.3, that would be fantastic :)
20:59:48 <str4d> Okay okay, that's me done :P
20:59:55 <psi> yes sam 3.3 will be implemented for sure
20:59:57 <str4d> (on 4))
21:00:08 <zzz> would be nice to get i2pd side updated to 3.3 also
21:00:16 <zzz> anything else for the meeting?
21:00:25 * zzz finds the baffer
21:00:28 <str4d> Oh, I'm thinking of moving the SAM libs under the i2p project on GitHub
21:00:38 <str4d> And yes, I have 5) reschedule next meeting
21:00:50 <zzz> ok 5) go str4d
21:01:09 <str4d> I figure it would be nice to have some of the obscure ones (looking at libsam3 and i2psam here) more visible
21:01:11 <psi> which sam libs specifically?
21:01:22 <psi> remember mixing licenses is bad
21:01:22 <str4d> txi2p is probably fine left where it is though, since it already has a lot of linkage
21:01:32 <str4d> psi, it won't be in i2p.i2p repo
21:01:37 <zzz> let's defer the rest of libs stuff to after the meeting
21:01:39 <psi> oh 
21:01:42 <zzz> ok 5) go str4d
21:01:54 <psi> kk
21:01:54 <str4d> I'd just be hosting the existing git repos
21:01:57 <str4d> 5) reschedule
21:02:13 <str4d> I have difficulty making this meeting time at the moment because it is early
21:02:21 <str4d> sadie has difficulty making it because it's in work hours
21:02:46 <str4d> I'd like to propose we shift the meeting time an hour later, which solves both problems.
21:03:16 <str4d> (for the rest of the summer at least, we can shift it back when we get to daylight savings changes again if we want)
21:03:18 <zzz> would you please clear it with the europeans, as they're the ones that would be most affected
21:03:58 <str4d> That's eche|on, and...?
21:03:59 <zzz> whatever you can work out with them is fine with me. That's what I said in the last meeting, or maybe the one before.
21:04:10 <zzz> primarily ech
21:04:24 <str4d> mmk
21:04:33 <str4d> I'll ask him same time as sorting out budgets
21:04:53 <str4d> If he's okay with it, then probably easiest just to summarily change the time and wait for complaints :P
21:05:02 <zzz> let's try it for next month and see how it goes, but yes, nice to ask him first
21:05:07 <zzz> anything else on 5) ?
21:05:14 <str4d> That's it for me!
21:05:17 <zzz> anything else for the meeting?
21:05:45 <str4d> Happy Summer Dev everyone! Let's Make I2P inteGrate Again!
21:05:49 * zzz ***bafs*** the meeting closed