I2P dev meeting, January 29, 2013 @ 20:00 UTC

Quick recap

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    dg, hottuna, str4d, zzz

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    The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, February 5 @ 20:00 UTC (8:00PM)

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20:08:14  <dg> so hi all
20:08:33  <dg> we didn't really talk much about the agenda but we have some big stuff to discuss anyhow so no big deal
20:08:55  <dg> first topic is the new website design and the blockers for getting it live
20:08:58  <dg> so i'll hand over to str4d
20:09:09  * dg passes metaphorical spotlight to str4d 
20:09:20  <str4d> Hi!
20:09:27  <str4d> </ocd>
20:10:07  <str4d> Right, well I haven't had as much time over the last week to work on it, but the site *can* go live if desired.
20:10:26  <str4d> The blockers (that I see) are tagging the documentation for translations.
20:10:37  <str4d> Oh, and fixing URLs - that actually is a blocker.
20:10:48  <str4d> (I've been doing them at the same time).
20:11:45  <str4d> I've done the rest of the site - we just need to go through every page of the documentation and repeat what I've been doing: add translation tags to each paragraph/heading/list item/whatever, and check/correct the site-internal URLs.
20:12:29  <str4d> The other bit that I consider a blocker is getting the old translations migrated to the new format, i.e. going through the old faq_lang.html etc. pages and copying their text into the .po files as appropriate.
20:12:55  <dg> Translation tagging IMHO isn't a true blocker but something we need to finish soon, I don't know how you guys feel about going live without translations fully done
20:13:14  <str4d> (I've done 1.2 pages for de and 1 page for es as an example, but it really needs to be someone who understands the language, so that the copy-paste can be verified)
20:14:00  <str4d> (since there is no guarantee that the two individual pages have the same content)
20:15:52  <str4d> Design-wise, I'm starting to be more inclined to just leave the modified duck's theme there; it's had praise from quite a few people, including a designer. I'm personally still not happy with it (e.g. I find it a bit hard to read the long text passages in the documentation), but I wouldn't call it a blocker.
20:16:09  <dg> I like it more or less
20:16:40  <str4d> Oh - one bad thing currently is that the mobile CSS I added seems to not work on mobiles *derp*
20:16:52  <str4d> (Though it works quite nicely on a narrowed desktop browser)
20:19:26  <str4d> That's really about it for the site, as far as I can think of - it's functioning nicely, and most of the groundwork is in place.
20:19:41  <dg> I'll go check out for any broken links later
20:19:52  <dg> I found some previously
20:20:17  <str4d> dg: my test site is running the latest version, so you can check there.
20:20:32  <str4d> The only broken links should be in /lang/doc/*
20:20:35  <dg> let me dig up the ticket
20:20:38  <str4d> Every other page should be fine.
20:20:45  <str4d> It's ticket #807
20:20:52  <dg> saved me some time :)
20:20:59  <iRelay> http://trac.i2p2.i2p/ticket/807 - (accepted enhancement) - Revamp of website
20:20:59  <dg> want to revisit this next week then?
20:23:38  <dg> Found one.
20:23:46  <dg> http://vekw35szhzysfq7cwsly37coegsnb4rrsggy5k4wtasa6c34gy5a.b32.i2p/en/docs/how/networkcomparisons from http://vekw35szhzysfq7cwsly37coegsnb4rrsggy5k4wtasa6c34gy5a.b32.i2p/en/docs/how/garlic-routing
20:23:49  <str4d> Oh, and /lang/misc/* hasn't been looked at either.
20:23:56  <iRelay> Title: Garlic Routing - I2P (at vekw35szhzysfq7cwsly37coegsnb4rrsggy5k4wtasa6c34gy5a.b32.i2p)
20:24:06  <dg> Should be /en/comparison
20:24:12  <dg> sorry for pasting whole thing, won't do it again
20:24:15  <dg> eyerape
20:24:22  <str4d> dg: yep, that is a side-effect of my hypenating all the double-worded pages.
20:24:30  <str4d> Oh, that too.
20:25:09  <dg> /en/docs/how/garlic-routing has /en/docs/how/elgamalaes, should be /en/docs/how/elgamal-aes
20:25:16  <dg> i'll put them all into the ticket later
20:25:23  <dg> <+dg> want to revisit this next week then?
20:26:01  <str4d> I'm happy to. Anyone else want to comment? ^_^
20:27:18  <Meeh> http://meeh.i2p/viewmtn/viewmtn.py/
20:27:49  <dg> internal server error on http://meeh.i2p/viewmtn/viewmtn.py/branch/changes/i2p.i2p
20:28:45  <Meeh> yepp
20:28:48  <Meeh> working on it
20:28:55  <dg> I'll take it as a no, anyway
20:28:58  <dg> so onto .. crypto?
20:29:18  <str4d> One last question then: given the apparent level of apathy from people in here regarding copying over the old translations, would it be a better idea to just abandon them and upload the blank .po to Transifex?
20:29:44  <dg> Isn't Transifex reasonably active?
20:29:51  <str4d> The .po file will end up on Transifex anyway; I had just planned on it containing the old translations as a bit of a head start.
20:30:05  <dg> I'd say yes
20:30:48  <str4d> Any other votes?
20:32:38  <str4d> If we go with that, then I'll try and tag as many more pages as I have time for, and then I'll create .po files for the current website languages. Then someone with Transifex access can create an i2p.www subprojcet and upload them (KillYourTV?)
20:32:50  * psi reads scrollback
20:33:34  <psi> votes on a hackfest?
20:35:05  * psi reads more scrollback
20:39:01  <str4d> ...
20:39:04  * str4d doesn't like assuming, but assumes that no one has objections to that line of action.
20:39:04  <dg> too quiet >.>
20:39:04  <str4d> In that case, the old translations will be discarded from i2p.www.revamp (or maybe just left in the branch for now - if a translator really wants to they can find them for reference).
20:39:04  <psi> no formed opinion
20:39:14  <SkinSystem> hi, i heard k0e touches himself whilst watching granny pr0n
20:39:21  <dg> uh?
20:39:32  <psi> >.> #i2p-chat
20:40:45  <str4d> Right, that's it from me on the website.
20:49:59  <dg> well..
20:50:11  <dg> IDK if wait(str4d)
20:51:33  <dg> AFK, back soon
21:03:55  <hottuna> zzz, did you see the update of http://trac.i2p2.de/wiki/Crypto/CurrentSpecs ?
21:03:58  <iRelay> Title: Crypto/CurrentSpecs – I2P (at trac.i2p2.de)
21:07:36  <zzz> yeah you guys are doing a great job
21:08:13  <hottuna> do you think we are using asymmetric ciphers where they aren't needed?
21:08:23  <hottuna> and could be replaced by symmetric alternatives?
21:08:38  <zzz> I doubt we're using anything where it isn't needed
21:09:04  <hottuna> good
21:09:15  <zzz> the web page crypto section needs the symm/asymm crypto added ofc, right now it's only sigs
21:09:46  <hottuna> yeah. But one issue at a time
21:09:53  <hottuna> I think the signs are the most vulnerable anyway
21:10:07  <zzz> right. just as a one-liner placeholder is all I meant
21:20:19  <hottuna> zzz, sud signing should be fairly do-able as far as implementation and not having a flag day goes?
21:20:41  <hottuna> do-able as in possibly to change cipher for.
21:23:58  <dg> back
21:26:53  <zzz> i guess. we did su2 w/o incident, so why not su3, su4, ...
21:28:38  <hottuna> but before we should decide what cipher is the most viable
21:36:25  <dg> okay
21:36:33  <dg> since str4d_afk is gone.. uh
21:36:51  <dg> zzz, hottuna, do you want to discuss anything further or should we close the meeting? It seems like nobody else is around
21:40:29  <dg> a'ight
21:40:35  * dg bafs the meeting closed
21:41:11  <hottuna> thanks dg :)
21:41:55  <dg> str4d went MIA
21:45:03  <dg> anyway, np
23:00:32  <str4d> Sorry, connection went down and then I was AFK