I2P dev meeting, July 1, 2014 @ 20:00 UTC

Quick recap

  • Present:

bgwcb, eche|on, kytv, Meeh, psi, str4d, zzz,

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20:00:32  <zzz> 0. Hi
20:00:32  <zzz> 1. I2P on Google Play (meeh / str4d)
20:00:32  <zzz> 2. Tablet testing (zzz)
20:00:37  <zzz> 0. Hi
20:00:39  <zzz> Hello
20:00:51  <zzz> 1. I2P on Google Play (meeh / str4d)
20:01:12  <eche|on> hi
20:01:13  <zzz> Meeh, str4d, please tell us about your plans for Google Play
20:03:31  <zzz> ok, I'll give you what I know
20:03:56  <zzz> Meeh has an existing but unused account; he's going to give str4d access too;
20:04:35  <zzz> he;s got a dev build up on it now that's invite-only; they plan to make it available to all with the 0.9.14 build;
20:04:55  <eche|on> a dev account should not be the big problem at all
20:05:06  <zzz> they plan to have two versions, one free and one "donate" for a cost of ~$2.50
20:05:18  <eche|on> yeah
20:05:30  <bgwcb> why?
20:05:49  <zzz> Meeh would relay the funds to echelon monthly (assuming it was enough to make it worth it, and meeh didn't have any expenses)
20:05:50  <eche|on> It will have some issues with registration as I2P, but he/she will do it fine
20:05:52  <bgwcb> and for what you need google play?
20:06:14  <zzz> apparently lots of apps have donate versions, take rate is maybe 1% of the free version
20:06:47  <eche|on> it is a fine idea
20:06:50  <zzz> everybody has google play; only the few have f-droid or amazon or load directly from a website
20:07:03  <eche|on> I do not think much money will come in, but better than nothing
20:07:05  <zzz> that's what i know, more or less. Comments?
20:07:22  <eche|on> comment: registration as I2P will be a mess, but else, go ahead
20:08:08  <zzz> somebody unknown has reserved, but not published, net.i2p.android.router. Meeh is attempting to get it back.
20:08:11  <bgwcb> what differenses are in free between donate?
20:08:21  <eche|on> bgwcb: none ;-)
20:08:33  <zzz> it's not a big deal but it would prevent dup detection with existing installs from website or f-droid
20:08:33  <bgwcb> wow
20:08:33  <eche|on> except the donation of the buy-field.
20:08:44  <bgwcb> good idea, in you sleeped genius
20:08:49  <psi> hi
20:08:57  <eche|on> zzz: so the registration works via the java classes and not the project name?
20:09:34  <zzz> the class is essentially the name, or unique identifier. meeh and str4d are investigating
20:09:48  <psi> re: donate version, will it have "more features" ?
20:09:54  <zzz> we're also trying to find nextloop, our f-droid guy, for assistance
20:10:02  <psi> or is it just another package?
20:10:11  <eche|on> psi: no, just a function for "you got the donation version" ;-
20:10:18  <eche|on> in about screen IMHO
20:10:37  <eche|on> balm for the soul "you are something better than anyone else, you did pay us some!"
20:10:38  <psi> neat
20:10:41  <kytv> (belated 'hi')
20:10:53  <zzz> any comments on a donate version?
20:10:56  <psi> epeen
20:11:21  <zzz> any objections to a donate version? or to google play at all?
20:11:28  <eche|on> zzz: go ahead, I would add a different about text in the app itself
20:11:47  <eche|on> I once have had the idea to sell every android version, but no need to
20:12:29  <zzz> if you're interested in what Meeh has so far or want to test his version of the app, contact him
20:12:50  <eche|on> which is a nice guide to TOP2 ;-)
20:13:01  <zzz> last call for comments on google play
20:13:28  <kytv> +1 for google play, more users is good
20:13:50  <psi> +1 for google play as well, since more users means more feedback
20:14:14  <kytv> (not sure about +1 for 'requiring payment' but donations are A-OK)
20:14:36  <Meeh> *reading backlog*
20:14:39  <zzz> 2 versions, free and not. prediction is 99% will choose free
20:15:12  <kytv> yeah, I got that. That's perfectly fine.
20:15:25  <zzz> Meeh inb4 last call, let's give him a couple minutes to read backlog and elaborate
20:17:56  <Meeh> hm, yea.
20:18:13  <Meeh> well, I would like to add a topic actually, which in a way is connected with this
20:18:24  <Meeh> but in a way not in anyway either
20:18:55  <zzz> Meeh, last call for comments on 1)
20:19:04  <zzz> anything I got wrong?
20:20:04  <Meeh> I would gladly do it, and the two-app with donations seems like a good idea still :)
20:20:05  <Meeh> no, it was right about the namespace etc
20:20:05  <Meeh> you got it right
20:20:06  <zzz> ok then. end of 1).
20:20:07  <zzz> 2. Tablet testing (zzz)
20:20:42  <zzz> We don't have enough android testers and devs now. We're about to get a lot more users. So we definitely need more testers and devs.
20:20:49  <Meeh> HL me when I can add 3), it's a big topic. and it would probably interest many
20:21:03  <Meeh> need to work more on the topic while 2)
20:21:05  <zzz> ok 3) meeh on the list
20:21:08  <zzz> back to 2)
20:21:41  <zzz> I'd like to propose reimbursing people who would like to buy an Android device that promise to do testing or development.
20:22:13  <zzz> Say, up to $200 each for up to 8 people, Enough to buy a 7" tablet, or to partially fund a phone or 10" tablet
20:22:31  <zzz> I'd also like to fully fund a 10" tablet for str4d, up to $400 or so
20:22:44  <zzz> comments? volunteers?
20:23:24  <eche|on> my comment is already on record, go ahead.
20:23:25  <str4d> hai
20:23:27  <str4d> ary for l8ness
20:23:36  <eche|on> but do not buy chinese spyware devices^^
20:24:07  <zzz> we've already bought some devices for devs but we really really need testers
20:24:47  <str4d> sry*
20:24:55  <zzz> this would be for people already part of the dev community, e.g. psi, orion, dg, kytv, echelon, etc
20:25:23  <zzz> who wants one? i think this would be a great use of project funds
20:26:00  <kytv> I'm always open for testing, but I have no tablet and don't know how useful any feedback I could give would be. That said, I can test and supply (hopefully) valid reports.
20:26:21  <zzz> ok, there's one. great.
20:26:48  <zzz> as usual, ask echelon, our treasurer, for reimbursement
20:26:52  <Meeh> I could test too, but my pad is starting to get simewhat old
20:26:56  <Meeh> somewhat*
20:27:18  <zzz> I really like the 7" android tablets. Great for testing and general use. And you don't risk horking your phone.
20:27:50  <zzz> last call for comments on 2) android tablets for testing
20:28:23  <str4d> Choice of device is important
20:28:30  <eche|on> (I do NOT pay apple products, lol)
20:28:37  <Meeh> I can help test, but for guaranteen the testing it would probably need a buyin of a new tablet
20:28:53  <str4d> The opportunity we have here is to provide a range of device *sizes* as well as screen *densities*
20:29:21  <zzz> if we let each person pick their own phone or tablet, that should provide the assortment needed
20:29:55  <zzz> ok, moving on to 3) Meeh's unknown topic. 15 minutes max.
20:29:57  <zzz> go Meeh
20:29:59  <str4d> (e.g. my 7" tablet is 600x1024 pixels, and falls into the -sw600dp category)
20:32:03  <Meeh> ok, I decidedto come back (since I've been away a whhile) with a supprise, some have might heard of it, and some seen some of it.. but simple saying I've made a "I2P browser bundle" which is probably ready for win32 and osx within 24hours
20:32:29  <Meeh> turn on your tor plugins and see https://hideme.today/dev/
20:32:35  <iRelay> Title: The Abscond bundle (at hideme.today)
20:32:39  <Meeh> that's the featureset and "face" of it
20:32:57  <psi> wait wut
20:33:01  <psi> a browser bundle?
20:33:05  <Meeh> I'm trying to get i2p more eaiser to get into.. because that's always the complaint I get
20:33:08  <Meeh> yes
20:33:17  <Meeh> more too, since it's 100% portable
20:33:26  <Meeh> you can put it on a usb stick
20:33:39  <Meeh> launch it on any machine.. do a mod, and you can cross boot it too
20:33:42  <psi> neat
20:33:43  <str4d> psi: Tor Browser with I2PButton
20:33:46  <Meeh> as in same install on win,linux,osx
20:33:58  <Meeh> more or less as str4d said yes :)
20:34:38  <Meeh> so, do any of you have comments etc on this, ideas, ++, ?
20:34:49  <psi> where can i get it?
20:34:56  <Meeh> thinking it was good with some feedback before release
20:34:57  <psi> looks like the gitlab instance is locked
20:35:11  <Meeh> I will push the final code and make it available some hours now after the meeting
20:35:21  <psi> okay
20:35:23  <Meeh> 've not finished with a complete build set
20:35:38  <Meeh> so I need to tell you how to compile and set all parts together
20:35:44  <eche|on> comment: lots of work.
20:35:47  <eche|on> but great.
20:36:13  <Meeh> I've focused most on a prototype/proof of consept rather than a build system
20:36:54  <Meeh> so I took the torbrowser itself and rebranded it, torbutton is almost rewritten to work 100% with i2p instead of tor,
20:37:17  <Meeh> the launcher is written from scratch by me, much because of the jre part
20:37:34  <Meeh> therefore all old build scripts from tor fails
20:37:43  <Meeh> and isn't easily mod.able
20:38:36  <psi> orchid included?
20:38:59  <Meeh> yes, it's some i2p plugins as well as browser plugins included
20:39:06  <psi> neat
20:39:16  <Meeh> i2p plugins mostly for getting people interested, like i2p-bote
20:39:23  <Meeh> and browser plugins for privacy
20:40:20  <Meeh> the idea is to have a build script that easily build a new bundle for osx,linux,win32 on each i2p release
20:40:37  <Meeh> and ofc. browser update etc, but that will require manually work
20:40:53  <Meeh> but I've included in my future plan to maintain that
20:42:25  <zzz> ok, anything else on 3) ?
20:43:02  <zzz> anybody have any other topics?
20:43:14  <Meeh> no it was mainly all. if anyone on win32 wants to test please yell out, because after anoncoin experience that needs most testing
20:43:55  <Meeh> and I see I go emtpy for coffeine if I don't run out and buy, back in 10. takes 5min each way :)
20:44:24  <zzz> ok great. A reminder that anybody can call a meeting on any topic at any time.
20:44:35  * zzz *bafs* the meeting closed