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Attending: Sadie, Colin, lazygravy, zzz, hottuna, kytv, cacapo, and eche|on.


The project has had another successful year at CCC. We would like to thank the volunteers at 32C3 for all of their help in organizing this event and for being accommodating hosts for us. Many I2P contributors were able to attend this year's Congress due to many of the generous donations from supporters like you to the project. If you would like to fund I2P, please see our donation page for more information.

Just like previous years we were located in Noisy Square, located near the EFF's table. This proved to be an ideal spot for us as our table was almost always busy with current and new users who were interested in I2P, many of whom we wouldn't have otherwise had the ability to talk to.

Reseed Status

Let's get more reseeds!

If you don't know what a reseed server is, it is first the connection new routers use to find peers. There was a lot of discussion around the current status of the reseed network right now. As always, more reseed operators are needed! If you would like to strengthen the reseed infrastructure, (or if you're talented with Go) email backup -at- i2pmail.org.

Sybil Detection (beta)

Due to the decentralized nature of I2P detecting Sybil attacks is not as straight forward as on other networks (i.e. Tor). To mitigate this zzz has been working on a new router-based Sybil detection tool. To be brief, the tool runs in the router, and collects information on floodfills your router is currently aware of. Currently the tool is mainly collecting a baseline and does not act on any of the information it is collecting. Expect to see a writeup on this more as 0.9.25 or 0.9.26 approaches, as it is still in active development

Development Meeting

On the 30th we held an in person meeting at our table. The meeting focused on organizationally preparing for more project management, and public relations (both from Sadie).

We discussed how much of the work done on I2P is lost in the commits and there is not much to see for our users. To remedy this lazygravy plans on preparing a series of posts explaining some technical topics in I2P. The initial ideas that we discussed writing posts on are what encrypted lease sets are, why different tunnel types are needed, and some observations seen in I2Spy. But these are just the start and we would like to hear feedback on topics we should write about!

Meeting (Future)

There will be a another meeting on 2 Feburary 2016 to discuss:

  • Review of assigned tasks from 30 December meeting
  • Project meeting plan for 2016
  • GMP 6 readiness
  • A proposal for a code of conduct

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