I2P dev meeting, August 6, 2019 @ 20:00 UTC

Quick recap

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mikalv, zlatinb, zzz

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20:00:00 <zzz> 0) Hi
20:00:00 <zzz> 1) 0.9.41 release status remaining items (mhatta, nextloop)
20:00:00 <zzz> 2) 0.9.42 development status (zzz)
20:00:00 <zzz> 3) LS2 status (zzz)
20:00:00 <zzz> 4) I2P Browser "labs" project status (meeh)
20:00:00 <zzz> 5) Status scrum (zlatinb)
20:00:04 <zzz> 0) Hi
20:00:07 <zzz> hi!
20:00:19 <zzz> 1) 0.9.41 release status remaining items (mhatta, nextloop)
20:00:46 <zzz> within the last couple weeks, I see that mhatta did get 41 into sid, which is great
20:01:04 <zzz> I talked to nextloop also, he didn't get 41 into fdroid, but somebody else did.
20:01:27 <zzz> and nextloop promised to get back to doing f-droid going forward. super!
20:01:31 <zzz> anything else on 1) ?
20:01:50 <zzz> anybody else here? please say hi
20:01:58 <zlatinb> hi
20:02:37 <zzz> ok, one other. Hopefully everybody else shows up soon
20:02:50 <zzz> 2) .42 dev status
20:03:02 <zzz> we're 5 weeks in, 3 weeks to go, 1 week to tag freeze
20:03:20 <zzz> we landed the configuration splitting code I worked on with idk
20:03:58 <zzz> lots of bug fixes; GMP 6.1.2; updated the debian files to work for buster
20:04:17 <zzz> some ls2 fixes also
20:04:39 <zzz> zlatinb, you want to mention what you're doing with your test net, and what it's yielded so far?
20:05:11 <zlatinb> yes, so basically I set up a testnet with LXC containers
20:05:32 <zlatinb> so far it has discovered one major bug around bloom filter usage and one minor ssu bug
20:05:58 <zlatinb> been doing fine-tuning of different constants lately, but will put it to work to verify jogger’s patches/ideas
20:06:06 <zlatinb> eot
20:06:23 <zzz> that's really great, thanks
20:07:04 <zzz> if we can get some minimal latency added in that would be even better, but it's been fun to find and fix some bottlenecks
20:07:15 <zzz> anything else on 1) ?
20:07:30 <zzz> woops, anything else on 2) ?
20:08:27 <zzz> 3) ls2 status
20:08:38 <zzz> lots of progress in the last month
20:09:05 <zzz> we've agreed to a small proposal, 147, to prevent test networks from cross-contaminating with the main network
20:09:12 <zzz> that code will be in .42
20:09:45 <zzz> chisana has two proposals out, 152 and 153, to make tunnel building and tunnel encryption (respectively) more secure by using more modern encryption
20:10:14 <zzz> we've talked about them a little, but haven't formally reviewed them yet
20:10:47 <zzz> proposal 123 (LS2) continues to get some minor tweaks as we finish implementation and testing in the live network, but everything seems to be working well
20:11:26 <zzz> the big one is proposal 144, new encryption. We're making slow but steady progress. We've been at it for maybe 9 months now?
20:11:58 <zzz> there are still some major techincal issues to resolve before we can start test implementations
20:12:20 <zzz> the biggest problem right now is finding enough of people's time to work things through
20:12:46 <zzz> any questions on 3) ls2 and other proposals ?
20:13:47 <zzz> ok, on to 4) I2P Browser labs project status
20:13:54 <zzz> mikalv, what's the latest?
20:14:16 <mikalv> we're moving towards a integration with the i2p router itself, jlinked
20:14:38 <mikalv> on the i2pbutton side of this, we're more or less done, a few things left to fix
20:15:15 <mikalv> on the build scripts, we have to write it, since the devs has used a mocked extract of i2p jlinked where the browser starts it, for testing
20:15:48 <zzz> what's the current beta version, and when will we see the next beta version?
20:15:52 <mikalv> beyond that we try to have at least two meetings a week to make it a real product and with clear goals
20:16:24 <mikalv> the current is still beta4, and I'm hoping to get beta5 out by the end of this week - if so, with the router embedded
20:17:27 <zzz> I understand you've started a mailing list for it? would you like to announce it here or is it not ready yet?
20:18:09 <zzz> sadie, zlatinb, anything you want to add about the browser
20:18:20 <zzz> ?
20:19:36 <zzz> anybody have any questions on 4) the browser?
20:20:21 <zzz> anything else on 4) ?
20:21:10 <zzz> 5) scrum - take it away zlatinb 
20:22:02 <zlatinb> let’s do the scrum in parallel; in a few words - 1) what have you been working since last scrum 2) what you plan to work on next month 3) do you have any blockers or do you need help.  Say “EOT” when done
20:22:34 <zlatinb> me: 1) building a testnet, chasing bottlenecks 2) more testnet, will also take a look at jogger’s tickets 3) none really EOT
20:23:34 <zzz> 1) 41 release, config splitting code, bug fixes, proposals, planning for new encryption types, ls2 fixes
20:24:10 <zzz> 2) 42 release, bug fixes, proposals (especially research on new encryption issues), DEFCON
20:24:16 <zzz> 3) no blockers; EOT
20:25:18 <mikalv> I've been working mainly on the browser (including i2pbutton which now launches a router if found), I've also done huge improvements in my end for the outproxy, I've also started prototyping a solution for private outproxies which has so good speed I can actually use it for clearnet browsing on daily basis
20:25:53 <mikalv> and I've also put up mailinglists yes, which over I2P is found at https://lists.i2p/postorius/lists/ but also available from clearnet at https://lists.i2p.email/postorius/lists/
20:26:20 <mikalv> anyone with constructive ideas, contribution, discussions and such are of course welcome
20:26:57 <mikalv> beyond that I've done some research into how we can accept creditcard donations, and how we also can sell shirs and such at the same time
20:27:10 <mikalv> EOT
20:27:12 <mikalv> noblock
20:28:14 <zzz> guess that's it? zlatinb we'll leave it to you to flog the no-shows?
20:28:17 <zlatinb> anyone else?  if not scrum ends in 1 minute :)
20:28:27 <zlatinb> ok
20:28:33 <zlatinb> ScrumTimeoutException
20:28:41 <mikalv> lol
20:28:42 <zzz> while we're in the 'grace period' - DEFCON! idk and I will be there this weekend!
20:29:04 <zzz> Monero Village Friday afternoon, and Crypto/Privacy Village Saturday afternoon
20:29:22 <zzz> workshop, q&a, and stickers both days. come say hello
20:29:57 <zzz> re: outproxies, I'm going to put that on the agenda for next month, for sadie to give us a readout on what we're trying to do
20:30:06 <zzz> anything else for the meeting?
20:30:52 <zzz> oh, and Sadie will be presenting a paper at FOCI in San Jose next week! be sure to find her if you're there
20:30:59 <mikalv> nah, but I expect we got more for the browser/outproxy cases by next meeting
20:31:39 <zzz> yeah, we don't have a good plan yet for either browser or outproxy. We have ideas and proofs of concept, but no plan
20:31:53 <zzz> so will be good to see that come together
20:32:02 * zzz warms up the baffer
20:32:44 <zzz> last baf of the summer, see you in september...
20:32:55 * zzz ****bafs**** the meeting closed