I2P dev meeting, November 6, 2018 @ 20:00 UTC

Quick recap

  • Present:

echelon, str4d, meeh, zlatinb

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<eche|on> 0) Hi
<eche|on> 1) 0.9.38 dev status (echelon)
<eche|on> 2) LS2 status (echelon)
<eche|on> 3) Status scrum (zlatinb)
<eche|on> no other topic was added on thread in i2p before.
<eche|on> 0)
<eche|on> hi!
<eche|on> welcome!
<zlatinb> hi
<eche|on> any addition to agenda?
<eche|on> seems not to be
<eche|on> 1) 0.9.38 dev status
<eche|on> 0.9.38 will be a console update mostly, sadie and the UX, UI team is working hard on it, as seen on friday live steam made by alex
<eche|on> the specs are hard to find but are making good progress
<eche|on> we do figure out whats possible to change in console and we will include first parts in 0.9.38
<eche|on> plans are a few month until all changes are in, not all will be in 0.9.38
<str4d> hi
<eche|on> currently plan for release of 0.9.38 is december, shortly ahead of 35c3
<eche|on> any more on 1) ?
<zlatinb> I thought 0,9.38 was going to be January, but fine
<eche|on> yeah, if it is to much work, we postpone to jan, after 35c3
<zlatinb> nothing more from me on 1)
<eche|on> ok
<eche|on> 2) LS2 status update
<eche|on> nothing important to update here, dev meetings goind on, topics are discussed, but no code has been released yet
<eche|on> hard, tough work, lots of topics, takes more time, guessed are not before .40
<eche|on> any more on 2)
<eche|on> ?
<str4d> Anyone interested in giving feedback should look at https://geti2p.net/spec/proposals/123-new-netdb-entries (which is where most changes are currently centered on)
<eche|on> yeah, please interact and give feedback
<eche|on> so handing over to zlatinb for 3) scrum status
<zlatinb> hi.  Only eche|on and meeh are in the channel right now, so why don’t you guys go ahead and give us the 1-2-3 (in parallel)
<eche|on> 1) working on fundings, server, preparing 35c3, bought tickets
<eche|on> 2) going with this work
<eche|on> 3) no blockers
<meeh> 1) OSX Launcher cleanup & firefox profile
<meeh> 2) Server migration
<meeh> 3) Testnet development
<meeh> 4) No blockers
<zlatinb> Here are mine: 1) last month I worked on UX with Sadie and Alex, Testnet definition (post is on zzz.i2p forum) and custom Firefox I2P profile (post is on i2pforum) 2) more UX, code signing certificate 3) no blockers
<zlatinb> lol
<eche|on> right, please test the Firefox I2P profile, zlatinb please hand out the link
<zlatinb> https://github.com/eyedeekay/firefox.profile.i2p/releases
<eche|on> thank you
<meeh> nice, thanks
<eche|on> about 35c3: the core team will meet in Leipzig
<eche|on> if anyone else want to come, we are happy to meet you and spend some time to discuss I2P topics, or just have a coffee/beer/sweets
<eche|on> Ok, thats all from the agenda, any add ons?
<str4d> Have fun! I won't be at 35c3 this year, but I will be at RWC in January.
<eche|on> *me warms up the sidekick baffer*
<eche|on> great, alex plans to attend, beside sadie, to
<eche|on> *baffer swings*
<str4d> Aesome
<str4d> s/Ae/Awe/
<eche|on> *baff* the meeting is closed. Thank you for your attending. Lets see again for next meeting in december, 4th 8pm UTC