• Publicado: 2018-02-12
  • Autor: sadie, str4d
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Sadie and str4d attended BSidesNYC on Saturday January 20th. Thank you to the BSides Team for setting such a great conference!

Aside from a few talks, we mostly worked on several goals that we had set for the day during the afternoon in the common area at John Jay College.

Our most pressing task was writing the high-level roadmap for 2018, following the discussions at 34C3. This has now been posted - go check it out! We also picked up some communication threads that were put aside over the holiday period around our nascent Vulnerability Response Process, and getting it into "production use".

The biggest and most tedious task was working on the information architecture for the new I2P website. We have a new logo and front page which was designed for us by the team at Ura Design, but have been blocked on figuring out how to organise content navigation to create a more user-friendly onboarding experience. We finished an initial draft of this, and are now working with Ura to finalize it, before beginning work on the remaining design work.

Finally, we discussed ideas for engagement and outreach this year. We agreed it would be a good idea to create specific donation tiers, with our existing stickers at the lower level, and other rewards for larger donations. Potential reward ideas include:

  • More sticker variants (e.g. tesselating sticker)
  • T-shirts printed with our new logo
  • Other kinds of merch (hoodies, scarves)
  • Extension idea: Raspberry Pis in custom 3D-printed cases, pre-loaded with I2P! This would require ironing out things like:
    • Having sufficient randomness at boot for generating key material.
    • Ensuring the hardware can handle sufficient network traffic to be a useful network participant (older Pis had restricted network interface speeds).
    • Actually making them!

This meetup was a trial run for an idea that we discussed at 34C3: having more informal I2P-focused meetups throughout the year. And it worked out well! If you are interested in helping to organise a future meetup, please get in touch with us. This year I2P developers and community members are attending FOSDEM, HOPE, Citizen Lab, and BSidesTO, and likely other events - so we will need lots of new stickers!

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