• Publicado: 2015-02-22
  • Autor: zzz
  • Publicado em release

0.9.18 contains several bug fixes and performance improvements. We have shortened the startup time, and reduced latency throughout our network protocols. We've increased the default connection limits for the fastest routers, and reduced the thread usage in i2ptunnel. UPnP fixes should improve handling of external device changes. CPU usage in high-bandwidth routers may be reduced thanks to some NTCP fixes.

Como de costume, recomendamos que você atualize para esse lançamento. A melhor maneira de manter a segurança e ajudar a rede é rodar a última versão lançada.


Correções de Erros

  • Fix parsing of ECDSA address helper in HTTP client proxy
  • Fix news last-modified processing which prevented notification of update
  • Improve handling of UPnP device changes
  • Don't hang at startup forever waiting for entropy
  • Possible fixes for high CPU usage in NTCP


  • Publish router info faster when address costs change
  • Start i2ptunnel 90s sooner
  • Accept tunnels 10m sooner
  • Increase exploratory tunnel quantity during initial exploration
  • Latency reductions in several places
  • Add startup browser configuration with advanced config routerconsole.browser
  • Persistent leaseset keys to eliminate correlation with restart
  • Faster unchoking of new peers in i2psnark
  • More aggressive throttling of lookups at floodfills
  • Tunnel build request record refactoring
  • Reduce thread usage in i2ptunnel
  • Add i2ptunnel server option for multihomed sites
  • Disallow some common I2P application ports as router ports
  • Increase connection limits for fast routers
  • Add Save-As button for SusiMail messages
  • Use 'hidden service' terminology in the console
  • Encrypted netdb lookups for 32-bit x86
  • Atualizações de tradução
  • Dados do GeoIP atualizados (novas instalações e apenas PPA)

SHA256 checksums:

be114797fc0ea7ab83bd8c85286fe4e5c60109f7dbdeef45f4b8d5e2f8e6a189  i2pinstall_0.9.18_windows.exe
b9882faaa89adb87f4e91cd00de416989c5e420aca3204bce4cf5b6f5d2771dc  i2pinstall_0.9.18.jar
6f02f38c933662874c485cb52ca800a9e07c36e74a26fdfeece65e25979beb4b  i2psource_0.9.18.tar.bz2
67b5020136079c9793111f681cd3279e5717b7cfddbbeb0bdd56c21a7a420035  i2pupdate_0.9.18.zip
ef77a7b2c38c7c2866994b9ff29aefcb499bf8e08b4afdb26fe0fe01d6e00687  i2pupdate.su2
34ff540582d71d47cd2032712175392f2ad049e9625ae5ad2b29de9dbe592561  i2pupdate.su3
805c67157cfea8cae1278d254ebea17a0ce5b80c5d5c93ea0a2baf0ee2de0d00  i2pupdate.sud