• Publicado: 2011-11-08
  • Autor: I2P devs
  • Publicado em release

As you all have noticed, the unprecedented network growth starting October 5th has dramatically increased network congestion, especially on evenings (UTC) and weekends. The last two releases contained a few changes that we hoped would relieve the pressure, but unfortunately these measures have been only modest successes. The primary issue is to limit the number of direct router to-router connections in the network. This isn't a new problem; we've been working on it for several years, with good results. However, the recent growth pushed us over the edge once again.

Release 0.8.11 includes several more changes to reduce the number of router-to-router connections and increase connection and tunnel build capacity. The goal, of course, is to improve tunnel build success rates and general reliability. As always, there's a few bug fixes and translation updates.

We welcome all our new users. Please be patient as we work to improve network performance. Debugging congestion problems in a distributed anonymous network is a continuing challenge. Please help improve the network by restarting your router once the upgrade is downloaded.

Files are available on the download page.


Alterações Principais

  • Improve peer profile capacity metric to include factors for connection, reachability, country, and router hash, to reduce connection churn
  • Adjust connection limits and timeouts to increase capacity
  • Adjust router info and peer profile expirations to reduce memory usage
  • Rebuild existing tunnels some of the time to reduce connection churn and improve build success
  • Build Executor / Handler thread separation to increase build handling capacity for high-speed routers
  • Bloom Filter optimizations to reduce lock contention for high-speed routers
  • SSU introducer changes

Correções de Erros

  • Fix expiration of peer profiles


  • Ukrainian translation updates

SHA256 checksums:

fa3d566874f196e32e1d5987d3dedb956cfa0b2a93a0735e53d6dd9fa2b1769a  i2pinstall_0.8.11.exe
f7113da64bacea9a560e0f3c31c9fb663fc646d16bb621a9b8f1e97477d0a2d1  i2psource_0.8.11.tar.bz2
835fe7dadd4b8155a83774ea025dc76332660fed2c20799fa21f54b5627bff3d  i2pupdate_0.8.11.zip
d932c54d275eef0a31418970e0ecae8ea46d25e1110db4b9eab4ba685830e445  i2pupdate.su2
ca3e17c3cd29159e8a2a91ccc51bdfbf794ad9ca481f620b29bdd51251c3ab97  i2pupdate.sud

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