I2P dev meeting, January 7, 2003

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chscrtr, mids, mrflibble, nemesis, Neo, nop, Nostradumbass,

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<nemesis> nop, no meeting today?
<nop> yes
<nop> sorry
<nop> ok
<nop> welcome
<nemesis> hi nop ;)
<nop> hi
<nop> agenda
<nop> 1) welcome
<nemesis> whats going on? everybody sleeps?
<nop> 2) Happy New Year
<nop> 3) Happy Holidays
<chscrtr> hi, happy new year
<nop> 4) IIP
<nemesis> hehe, happy new year too
<mrflibble> happy new year! :)
<nop> 5) IIP logo contest
<nop> 6) CryptoCon
<nop> 4) IIP
<nop> ok IIP
<nop> it's kind of stagnant because of the holidays
<nop> but I believe we're picking it back up
<nop> any bug reports please send to iip@invisiblenet.net
<nop> ok
<nop> 5) IIP logo contest
<nop> we'll being putting up something on our site about the rules etc
<nop> and display the drawings we have so far
<nop> please help out if you can
<nop> get a free t-shirt and your logo on it
<nop> 6) CryptoCon
<mrflibble> cool
<nop> we're trying to get a program committee and some organizational
planning for Jan 2004 to have cryptocon happen
<nop> join #cryptocon for any assistance etc
<nop> anyway, that's about it
<nop> questions?
<nop> questions?
<nop> ;)
<mrflibble> nope
<nop> ok
<nop> meeting ajourned
<Neo> nope
<Neo> thanks. :)
<mrflibble> np
<mrflibble> oo, 1 thing
<mrflibble> about cryptocon
<mrflibble> is there a particular reason for organising your/your own?
<mrflibble> there are general crypto confs out there that cyou could submit
stuff 2
<nop> well
<nop> we want to attract businesses to meet cipherpunks
<nop> and push cryptography more than it is
<nop> this will be different
<mids> fsck
<mrflibble> gotcha
<nop> missed it
<nop> ;)
<mids> sorry folks :)
<mrflibble> it will just be a lot of work 4 u all
<mids> is there still a point in bringing the logger here?
<mrflibble> lol
<nemesis> hehe
<nop> well mrflibble I don't think it will be
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00:15 < nop> we have a year to plan
00:15 < mrflibble> true
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00:16 < nop> plus we need to raise money
00:16 < nop> and this might help
00:16 < nop> since no one likes to donate
00:16 < nop> ;)
00:16 < chscrtr> error - less than a year
00:16 < nemesis> hm... nop, you are using knoppix right now, or?
00:17 < mrflibble> ic
00:17 < nop> suse right now
00:17 < mrflibble> u might need to advertise a lot to get the sponsers
00:17 < mrflibble> which will cost
00:18 < nemesis> are you think that iip is important/stable enough to show it the world?
00:18 < chscrtr> not that much, PR can be cheap
00:18 < nop> nemesis I don't think I'm showing it to the world
00:19 < mrflibble> hmm, i hope so
00:19 < nop> It's a conference, separate concept
00:19 < mids> ok, lizzy__ raised the point that the idleing time might give away too much information
00:19 < nemesis> hehe
00:19 < nop> yes it does
00:19 < mids> so (s)he suggested to disable it server side
00:19 < nop> we can take that out
00:19 < nop> I've been wanting to do that
00:19 < nop> ok
00:19 < nemesis> cause, it would be nice when future releases are packed for trustix ;)
00:19 < nop> will work on it
00:19 < mids> also that registering your nickname pinpoints you and makes you more traceble
00:19 < mids> so there should be a warning against that
00:19 < mids> .
00:20 < mids> I suggest that we metion the possible risks and issues more clear in the documentation
00:20 < mids> mention
00:20 < mrflibble> why is registering mae u more traceable?
00:20 < mrflibble> make
00:20 < mids> mrflibble: because once you identify, then you are guaranteed the same person as before
00:21 < mids> while if you just use the same nick, you might not be the same person
00:21 < mids> registering and identifying makes you pseudonymous
00:21 < mids> instead of anonymous
00:21 < mrflibble> oh
00:21 < mrflibble> but that's good tho
00:21 < mrflibble> trust is important
00:24 < mids> yes, but you build a public record of information
00:24 < mids> each time that you connect and say something, you add more info 
00:24 < mids> there are tools which can identify the identity of people based on language patterns.
00:25 < mids> the ones that I tried are not that good, but it is often quite easy to spot errors and make conclusions.
00:25 < mids> I believe that it wouldn't harm to add a chapter about the risks even in an 'anonymous' environment to our manual
00:25 < mids> and I invite lizzy__ to start with that chapter.
00:25 < mids> .
00:25 < Nostradumbass> That's why passing your text through multiple language translators can be useful
00:27  * mids passes the microphone back to the audience
00:28 < mids> oh, excuse for joining that late, if someone can send me the logs of the first 15 minutes then I would much appreciate it.
00:28 < mids> .
00:29 < mrflibble> ooh
00:29 < mrflibble> gotcha
00:29 < mrflibble> mids, make that about 5 minutes :)
00:29 < mids> heh.
00:30 < mids> did nop already say something about 1.1-final?
00:30 < mids> like when we claim that it will be released ;)
00:31 < mrflibble> nope
00:31 < mrflibble> ill send u a capture
00:31 < mids> gracias
00:31 < mrflibble> shit, i cant
00:31  * mrflibble slaps mrflibble around a bit with a large trout
00:31 < mrflibble> ill cut and paste
00:32 < mrflibble> hope i dont flood myself off
00:32 < mids> in private please
00:32 < mids> okay, now this unofficial meeting is officially closed
00:32 < mids> :)
00:32 < nemesis> looool
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