I2P dev meeting, March 21, 2006

Quick recap

  • Present:

ashter, Complication, jrandom, mihi, postman, tethra,

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15:09 <@jrandom> 0) hi
15:09 <@jrandom> 1) Net status
15:09 <@jrandom> 2) jrobin
15:09 <@jrandom> 3) biff and toopie
15:09 <@jrandom> 4) new key
15:09 <@jrandom> 5) ???
15:09 <@jrandom> 0) hi
15:09  * jrandom waves
15:09 <@jrandom> weekly status notes posted up at http://dev.i2p.net/pipermail/i2p/2006-March/001271.html
15:11 <@jrandom> lets jump briefly on in to 1) Net status
15:12 <@jrandom> we've been a while since a release, but things still seem fairly stable.  there are some improvements coming down the pipe though, and I hope to get us a new this week
15:13 <@jrandom> anyone have any questions/comments/concerns regarding the status of the network?
15:13 <+Complication> About the periodism I noticed yesterday on a freshly started node: it desynchronized itself in a few hours
15:14 <@jrandom> ah cool
15:14 <+Complication> Meaning, the highs and lows became a lot more random
15:14 <@jrandom> I think it still may be worthwhile to jumpstart that at the beginning though
15:14 <@jrandom> (for those playing at home, we're talking about the implications of the 10m rebuild period)
15:15 <+Complication> Probably helps prevent tunnel failures
15:15 <+Complication> I'm still observing a healthy amount of those, but haven't counted
15:15 <+tethra> (thanks for the translation :)
15:15 <+Complication> Aside from that, working decently here
15:16 <+Complication> I think I get "as there are no inbound/outbound tunnels available" about once per 2 hours
15:17 <@jrandom> hmm, on an i2phex / i2psnark / eepproxy / ircproxy / eepsite destination?
15:17 <@jrandom> (its possible for clients to overload their own tunnels, which is why I ask which)
15:18 <+Complication> Checking if there's a trend
15:19 <+Complication> Bit of shared clients and Pycache, more of I2Phex
15:20 <@jrandom> hmm ok cool, thanks
15:20 <+Complication> Significantly more of I2Phex
15:20 <+Complication> Might have to limit its bandwidth
15:21 <+Complication> (was at default 16K)
15:23 <@jrandom> ok cool, anyone have anything else for 1) Net status?
15:25 <@jrandom> if not, lets shimmy on over to 2) JRobin
15:26 <@jrandom> jrobin is neat.  I like it.  it was dirt easy to integrate, fairly small (177KB), fast, has a low memory overhead, and provides visualizations that are easy to understand
15:27 <+Complication> Quite agreed :)
15:29 <+Complication> Convenient graphs, with high enough resolution, help find oddities and help ask about them :)
15:29 <@jrandom> if there are any rrdtool gurus out there, if you want to give the latest cvs a glance and see what we're doing and/or see if there are easier ways to accomplish these tasks, I'd love some advice
15:30 <@jrandom> (rrdtool <-->jrobin info @ http://www.jrobin.org/api/jrobinandrrdtoolcompared.html)
15:31 <@jrandom> (and, if someone wants, they could write a fairly small app to read netDb/routerInfo-*.dat, feed them into jrobin databases, and essentially run your own stats.i2p)
15:32 <@jrandom> the in-console jrobin integration is different from the stats.i2p functionality though, as it summarizes *your* router, not all routers.  both are useful
15:34 <@jrandom> ok, if there's nothing else on 2) JRobin, lets swing on over to 3) biff and toopie
15:34 <@jrandom> postman: wanna give us the rundown?
15:34 < postman> aah yes
15:35 < postman> years ago the mailservice had an irc bot called biff could notify you about new mails
15:35 <+Complication> Postman's AI foundry ;P
15:35 < postman> with the migration to a new platform biff became unusauble and i had no time to revamp it
15:35 < postman> now it's back online again
15:35 <@jrandom> (yay!)
15:36 < postman> if you wish to monitor your mailbox over irc just /msg biff .help for a list of commands
15:36 < postman> usage is straightforward
15:36 < postman> question/errors/rants/flames -> postman@mail.i2p
15:36 < postman> 2.
15:37 < postman> in order to cope with the (hopefully) increasing stream of newbies jr, cervantes and me thougt of a Q&A bot that can be asked for helkp on the usual daily topics and problems
15:38 < postman> first draft is named toopie and will soon reside on #i2p (i2p-chat maybe too)
15:38 < postman> it will hold a list of topics, and Q&A sorted by topics and indexed by keywords
15:38 < postman> toopie can speak to the channel as well as privmsg with a user
15:38 <+Complication> Sounds neat, though I've never seen one before :)
15:39 < postman> we hope to fill its brain asap
15:39 < postman> Complication: you can play with it in #irc2p (in private if you wish :))
15:39 <@jrandom> and one of the good parts about it is that we can fill it up with messages on irc :)
15:39 < postman> yes
15:40 < postman> admins can add some lines straight from irc and make it a new q&a
15:40  * tethra suggests an entry purely for the sake of TheJudge/closedshop to the effect of "No, predecessor attacks don't work."
15:40 <+tethra> ;)
15:40 < postman> hee
15:41 < postman> there is still room for the way of structuring the informationm
15:41 <@jrandom> (but they do.  though they're not a particular program you "run" to attack someone)
15:41 < postman> more to come soon
15:41  * postman hand back the mike
15:41 <@jrandom> word, thanks postman
15:42 < ashter> postman; will toopie speak in other langages too ?
15:42 < postman> ashter: not (yet)
15:42 <+fox> <mihi> igpay atinlay? *g*
15:42 < ashter> ok
15:42 < postman> ashter: the infrastructure is there ( /me planned this )
15:42 <@jrandom> word
15:42 < postman> ashter: it will be a version 2 feature 
15:42 < ashter> great, really nice thank you
15:44 < postman> (thejudge makes alone 50% of alle irc disconnects today)
15:45 < postman> jrandom: ok next topic
15:46 <@jrandom> ok cool, anyone have anything else on 3) biff and toopie?
15:46 <@jrandom> if not, lets swing on by to 4) new key
15:47 <@jrandom> well, there's not really anything to add to what I posted.  new key, yadda yadda
15:47 <@jrandom> ok, lets jump on over to 5) ???
15:47 <+tethra> erm
15:47 <@jrandom> anyone have anything else to bring up?
15:48 <+tethra> how does biff know you are you? :/
15:48 <+fox> <mihi> tethra: you have to register
15:48 <+fox> <mihi> just read what is referenced in the weekly notes :)
15:48 < postman> tethra: 1.) you know your mailboxes credentials, 2. you register with an identified nick@biff
15:48 <+fox> <mihi> yes :)
15:48 <+fox> <mihi> what is the point to have expiring keys when you could have expiring subkeys instead?
15:48 <+tethra> postman: ah, ok. thanks.
15:49 <@jrandom> mihi: to compartmentalize compromise.
15:50 <+fox> <mihi> you can delete expired secret subkeys from your keyring if you wish
15:51 <+fox> <mihi> but I guess it is much nicer to have ppl lsign your key every year :)
15:51 <+fox> <mihi> nicer in some sadistic point of view :->
15:51 < postman> jrandom: now, riddle mihi this :)
15:52 <@jrandom> (assuming only the subkey could be compromised)
15:54 <@jrandom> in any case, anyone have anything else to bring up for the meeting?
15:54 <+fox> <mihi> assume someone compromised your key yesterday. now he can have played a mitm and replaced the new key.
15:54 <+fox> <mihi> i.e. compromise one key -> compromise all future keys, isn't it
15:55 <+Complication> Unless the owner uses a revocation certificate
15:55 <+Complication> invalidate compromised key -> invalidate future ones
15:55 <@jrandom> mihi: and I could revoke the compromised key and tell you not to trust new keys
15:55 <@jrandom> you now have the choice whether to trust the key change or not
15:56 <+fox> <mihi> whom to believe then? :)
15:56 <@jrandom> good question.  if you hear a signed revocation in the next day or two, you should discard the new key
15:57 <+fox> <mihi> and if it was a subkey, you'd revoked the amin key and the subkey is automatically discarded :)
15:57 <+fox> <mihi> s/amin/main/
15:58 <+fox> <mihi> agree to disagree?
15:58 <@jrandom> aye, that we can agree to ;)
15:58 <@jrandom> ok, if there's nothing else for the meeting...
15:58 <+fox> * mihi hands jrandom the *baf*er (after years, just like in good old times...)
16:00 <@jrandom> hehe
16:00  * jrandom winds up
16:00  * jrandom *baf*s the meeting closed