I2P dev meeting, September 1, 2020 @ 20:00 UTC

Quick recap

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eyedeekay, zlatinb, zzz

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(04:00:08 PM) eyedeekay: Hello everyone, welcome to the September 1 community meeting:
(04:00:08 PM) eyedeekay: 1) Hi
(04:00:08 PM) eyedeekay: 2) 0.9.48 release
(04:00:08 PM) eyedeekay: 3) Git Progress Update
(04:00:08 PM) eyedeekay: 4) Android/Maven Progress Update
(04:00:08 PM) eyedeekay: 1) Hi
(04:00:08 PM) eyedeekay: Hi everyone, thanks for coming :)
(04:00:24 PM) zlatinb: hi
(04:00:31 PM) eyedeekay: hi zlatinb
(04:00:40 PM) zzz: yo
(04:00:45 PM) eyedeekay: hi zzz
(04:01:00 PM) eyedeekay: Anybody else here?
(04:01:23 PM) eyedeekay: echelon is out of town for the day and won't be available
(04:01:53 PM) eyedeekay: 2) 0.9.48 release
(04:02:33 PM) eyedeekay: 0.9.47 was released last week, new cycle just started
(04:03:15 PM) eyedeekay: zzz posted the propsal for ECIES router identities earlier today, please everyone who can take the time to read it and comment
(04:04:45 PM) eyedeekay: Does anyone have anything they want to say for topic 2)?
(04:04:57 PM) zlatinb: I will try to get some SSU work in 
(04:05:05 PM) zlatinb: pending Git migration ofc
(04:05:06 PM) zzz: we're just getting started...
(04:05:32 PM) zzz: #ls2 team plans to start work on both ECIES routers and SSU2 proposals during this time
(04:05:57 PM) zzz: I anticipate about a 3 month cycle, with a release in November
(04:06:06 PM) zzz: EOT
(04:06:14 PM) zlatinb: also, I'd like to see some movement on the RED front, although I'm not sure exactly what I want to change yet.  I'll have to do some testnet-ing before I make my mind. EOT
(04:06:50 PM) eyedeekay: Thanks zzz and zlatinb.
(04:07:00 PM) zzz: eyedeekay, please give us yours (and UI team if you know) plans for 48
(04:08:12 PM) eyedeekay: My big plans are to finish thread safety for i2cp.rekeyOnIdle
(04:08:41 PM) eyedeekay: and to add UI for I2P alternate destinations to i2ptunnel and to the webextension
(04:09:13 PM) eyedeekay: But right now, my priorities are git and Android
(04:09:14 PM) eyedeekay: EOT
(04:09:36 PM) zzz: any big UI changes planned? any website changes planned? any update on the OTF/Ura contract?
(04:10:16 PM) eyedeekay: Ura is no longer being paid by the OTF, but some of them are still very generously donating their time and we are still in touch
(04:11:26 PM) eyedeekay: There are no big icon-set-wide changes planned, but I do plan to add collapsible menus and a re-start button to the main page of i2ptunnel
(04:12:26 PM) zzz: ok. with no update in months, I'm totally in the dark about what the output is of the OTF contract and when it might land if ever, so at this point we can assume it's going to die? or what?
(04:13:18 PM) eyedeekay: Bumble is very invested in getting the changes in and has continued to work with us, for now, consider it alive
(04:13:36 PM) zzz: what's "Bumble"?
(04:13:46 PM) eyedeekay: Bumble is one of the Ura/SimSec team
(04:16:48 PM) eyedeekay: Yes she has plans.
(04:17:41 PM) zlatinb: Whatever they are, I don't see them materializing without active and healthy communication with us here.
(04:19:22 PM) eyedeekay: All I can do is ask.
(04:19:35 PM) zlatinb: Thank you. EOT
(04:19:45 PM) eyedeekay: 3) Git Migration
(04:20:05 PM) eyedeekay: My roadmap for this week includes completely deprecating i2p.www mtn
(04:20:59 PM) eyedeekay: To that end I'm testing the migrated deploy script, which checks for modifications to the translated files using mtn diff
(04:21:33 PM) eyedeekay: That's pretty much ready, I just want to be sure before I push it too early and break the site, also I need echelon's help for the other side
(04:21:57 PM) eyedeekay: After that, pretty much immediately, I'll be starting the remaining scripts and plugins. EOT.
(04:22:03 PM) eyedeekay: Any questions?
(04:22:32 PM) zzz: as requested in the thread on my forum, please provide 24 hour advance notice before stopping the mtn sync for each active branch
(04:22:44 PM) eyedeekay: Absolutely, will do.
(04:22:54 PM) zzz: and another announcement when git is alive
(04:23:18 PM) eyedeekay: Sure thing
(04:23:50 PM) eyedeekay: Anything else?
(04:24:49 PM) eyedeekay: 4) Maven/Android updates
(04:26:25 PM) eyedeekay: Not too much to say here except that I am working on getting them out, my first set of submissions were not distributed correctly
(04:26:58 PM) zlatinb: what's the specific issue with mavenCentral?
(04:28:11 PM) eyedeekay: I don't know, I have a ticket open with them for help but everything looks fine until I try to move them out of the staging area
(04:28:56 PM) zlatinb: k, weird
(04:29:02 PM) zzz: ok, so no ETA then
(04:29:07 PM) eyedeekay: Yeah and all but one of them works
(04:30:20 PM) eyedeekay: No ETA. Will be working on it until it's fixed.
(04:31:00 PM) eyedeekay: It is my current priority, since everyone needs it.
(04:31:08 PM) eyedeekay: EOT.
(04:32:24 PM) eyedeekay: Anything else from anyone else for 4
(04:33:09 PM) eyedeekay: OK we had a last minute suggestion from orignal that meetings be moved to another channel, going to call it 5) i2p-meetings
(04:33:45 PM) eyedeekay: I don't feel strongly that it is needed
(04:34:15 PM) eyedeekay: But am open to hearing the opinions of others on the matter?
(04:34:48 PM) zlatinb: This is due to drama between him and echelon, and so far both sides refuse to budge.  I'm against moving the meeting and instead encourage the dramatic personae to seek resolution.
(04:35:31 PM) zzz: I think everything I was supposed to do for 47 release is up
(04:35:31 PM) zzz: re: 5), the problem is that echelon keeps banning orignal here; without assigning blame, the same issue could happen in any other channel as well
(04:36:56 PM) zzz: it would be valuable if the lead dev of the leading C++ router impl were allowed to participate here, both for meetings and at other times; whether that's possible, I have no idea
(04:37:06 PM) eyedeekay: Oh I see. This gives me a better picture of the situation.
(04:37:40 PM) eyedeekay: In light of that I think we all agree, keep them on i2p-dev and seek a social resolution?
(04:38:14 PM) zlatinb: +1
(04:38:28 PM) eyedeekay: OK. Will do.
(04:38:29 PM) zzz: I've already refused to mediate multiple times. Perhaps somebody else may try, or else it's up to the two of them.
(04:39:21 PM) eyedeekay: I understand.
(04:39:56 PM) zlatinb: ok I'll try
(04:40:01 PM) zlatinb: but I'll need help
(04:40:15 PM) zlatinb: and neither side is going to get everything they want
(04:40:48 PM) eyedeekay: zlatinb I'll do what I can to support you in this.
(04:41:12 PM) zlatinb: thank you
(04:41:32 PM) eyedeekay: zzz I believe you are correct that all of your packages are up for 0.9.47
(04:41:51 PM) zzz: :)
(04:42:40 PM) eyedeekay: Does anyone else have anything they want covered at this meeting?
(04:43:05 PM) eyedeekay: Otherwise, I'll hit the baffer timeout:2m
(04:43:12 PM) anonymousmaybe: can you make the i2pconsole ui javascripless? if not why?
(04:43:23 PM) zzz: a very brief 6) - please put the logs for today and last month (and the month before if you consider it a real meeting, I was never sure) on the website
(04:43:36 PM) zzz: EOT for 6)
(04:43:36 PM) eyedeekay: Will do zzz
(04:44:04 PM) eyedeekay: anonymousmaybe It already can be run without Javascript, NoScript or uMatrix should do the trick
(04:44:29 PM) anonymousmaybe: yeah but i mean on code level still there
(04:45:03 PM) anonymousmaybe: wonder if you can add todo for later release to exclude js from the console 
(04:46:17 PM) eyedeekay: I suppose it's probably possible to add an option that would like, not add the script src elements to the page, but I'm not sure I see that much point and it's at odds with at least a handful of UI goals.
(04:46:43 PM) eyedeekay: Do you have a trac ticket for it?
(04:47:44 PM) eyedeekay: anonymousmaybe?
(04:50:05 PM) anonymousmaybe: eyedeekay nope
(04:50:16 PM) anonymousmaybe: i have a thread on i2pforum 
(04:50:21 PM) anonymousmaybe: but not i2p tickets
(04:51:36 PM) eyedeekay: I'll head over to forum and discuss it with you there for now then.
(04:52:25 PM) eyedeekay: I'm not saying no, but I do want to hear your case before I take action
(04:52:32 PM) anonymousmaybe: https://i2pforum.net/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=537
(04:52:51 PM) eyedeekay: Thanks very much :)
(04:53:29 PM) anonymousmaybe: u 2 :)
(04:54:28 PM) eyedeekay: If there's nothing else, then I'm going to close the meeting. Going once
(04:54:37 PM) eyedeekay: timeout:1m
(04:55:50 PM) eyedeekay: All right everybody thanks for coming to the meeting, see you around IRC