I2P dev meeting, May 5, 2020 @ 20:00 UTC

Quick recap

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echelon, eyedeekay, zlatinb, zzz

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22:00:09 <eyedeekay> Hi everybody, welcome to the meeting for the first Tuesday of the month, and the final meeting before the 0.9.46 release. Who else is in attendance?
22:00:27 <zzz> hi
22:00:28 <zlatinb> hi
22:01:02 <eyedeekay> 0) Hi 
22:01:02 <eyedeekay> 1) 0.9.46 status/release 
22:01:03 <eyedeekay> 2) git migration status 
22:01:03 <eyedeekay> 3) reseeds
22:01:03 <eyedeekay> 4) misc
22:03:07 <eyedeekay> This is the last IRC meeting before the release of 0.9.46, tag freeze is in about a week so translated strings must be finished by then. Any remaining changes must be submitted by the final deadline on the 22nd of this month.
22:03:58 <eyedeekay> We are on track to do this release on time as far as I know.
22:04:15 <eyedeekay> For my part, In the 0.9.46 cycle, I've continued on organizational, cosmetic, and UI changes to the applications, focusing on i2ptunnel mostly. I have also been working on a tunnel rotation setting for i2ptunnel, which I will be ready to check in soon. I doubt that I will finish dynamic tunnel allocation for i2ptunnel in time for 0.9.46.
22:04:21 <eyedeekay> Anyone have anything to add?
22:04:38 <zzz> yes
22:04:52 <zzz> the two headline items, streaming improvements and finishing ratchet, are done
22:05:01 <eyedeekay> Excellent!
22:05:03 <zzz> testing of ratchet with i2pd is going well
22:05:08 <zzz> good early reports on streaming
22:05:17 <zzz> tweaks will continue right up to the release
22:05:28 <zzz> I'm now focusing mostly on bug fixes, all over
22:05:55 <zzz> should be on track for a release early the week of the 25th
22:05:57 <zzz> eot
22:06:05 <eyedeekay> Very good. For people following along on #ls2, this has been very exciting to watch.
22:06:22 <eyedeekay> zlatinb, anything on your end?
22:07:29 <zlatinb> just lots of streaming work, to either continue or be applied to ssu in 47
22:07:52 <eyedeekay> Cool then. Moving on to 2)
22:08:14 <eyedeekay> 2) git migration status
22:08:14 <eyedeekay> Git has been prepared for general use, it has been moved into a datacenter, faster hardware, and a faster connection. Settings for a new git i2ptunnel have largely been decided upon, but not checked in. New gitlab signups will be presented with a basic terms-of-service. If they cannot comply with those TOS, the option of self-hosting git services is clearly outlined. It has backups, and it has both HTTPS and .oni
22:08:14 <eyedeekay> o support gittorrent is still ongoing, as is the trac ticket migration. As long as we continue to use trac for issues for the time being, I believe Git is ready for full-time use if we transition after this release.
22:10:16 <eyedeekay> mtn history remains a sticking point for some interesting repositories
22:15:23 <eyedeekay> So sorry, pidgin crashed on me.
22:15:23 <eyedeekay> Where were we?
22:15:38 <zzz> "mtn history remains..."
22:20:14 <eyedeekay> Thank you zzz.
22:21:03 <eyedeekay> I don't think I have much else to say about git from my end. If no one else has any comments, we can move on to reseeds
22:21:03 <eyedeekay> timeout 1min
22:21:03 <eyedeekay> Oh right I didn't mention the HTTPS url. Our git is visible at i2pgit.org
22:21:05 <eyedeekay> Moving on, topic 3) reseeds
22:21:05 <eyedeekay> zzz you have the floor
22:21:18 <zzz> wait
22:21:25 <eyedeekay> OK
22:21:31 <zzz> may I have an opportunity to add some thoughts on 2) ?
22:21:37 <eyedeekay> Sure
22:21:51 <zzz> thank you
22:22:11 <zzz> first of all, I'm getting better at git and gitlab, and I submitted 3 MRs to muwire this weekend
22:22:21 <zzz> two went well, one not as much, but we're learning
22:22:30 <zzz> feeling much more comfortable
22:22:52 <zzz> second: as mentioned I think last meeting, we would greatly benefit from a plan and a schedule on the migration
22:23:00 <zzz> I don't think one is posted anywhere
22:23:23 <zzz> in particular what branches when, and so on
22:23:23 <zzz> eot
22:27:42 <eyedeekay> Oh shoot that did not make it to the thread. We did discuss a schedule which included shifting things that were not i2p.i2p to git before i2p.i2p itself. That needs to be made available before we finish the transition. I will post it tonight. Thank you zzz for the reminder and for giving git a chance.
22:27:42 <eyedeekay> Anything else on 2) from anybody?
22:28:58 <eyedeekay> OK then 3) reseeds
22:29:04 <zzz> thank you
22:29:16 <zzz> I want to put out an urgent call for more reseeds
22:29:33 <zzz> meeh runs 3 of our 10, and all 3 were down for about two weeks. One came back.
22:29:43 <zzz> and the other two are still down, for different reasons
22:29:52 <zzz> he is unresponsive
22:30:12 <zzz> it's not a good situation. If they're still down in 2 weeks I'll remove them before the release
22:30:16 <zzz> and we'll be down to 7 or 8
22:30:39 <zzz> reseeds that are down result in a terrible new-user experience, it's unacceptable
22:31:12 <zzz> anybody that wants to run one please contact me
22:31:24 <fug> make running reseeds easier, then people will run them
22:31:26 <zzz> it would be nice to have one from biglybt or other i2p-adjacent organizations
22:31:45 <zzz> sure, could always be better
22:32:08 <zzz> unfortunately the person managing our reseeds and the software vanished last year, so that's unstaffed also
22:32:11 <eyedeekay> fug what qualifies as easier? That would be a job for me, I'm the Go guy, I'd be happy to dockerize it or make it checkinstallable or go get-able or whatever.
22:32:16 <zzz> EOT
22:32:44 <zzz> reseed plugin he also left half-done
22:32:47 <fug> eyedeekay: docker image would be good
22:33:03 <eyedeekay> Cool, I'll post it here in a day or two.
22:33:29 <fug> but something like a simple, single application that would do the reseeding with little to no required setup would be even better
22:35:50 <eyedeekay> That's pretty close to what the Go reseed is, although I'll admit there are some rough edges. I'll start with Docker.
22:36:01 <eyedeekay> Anything else on 3)?
22:36:23 <zzz> no. thanks for adding it to the agenda
22:36:48 <eyedeekay> You're welcome, no problem. 4) misc
22:39:29 <eyedeekay> I want to thank dr|zed for contributing the improved CSS for my personal web sites, I really appreciate the thought that was put into it. I also managed to get a little design advice on my WebExtension. Anybody doing something cool or exciting?
22:40:53 <eyedeekay> (That hasn't been mentioned elsewhere?)
22:42:04 <eyedeekay> timeout 1m
22:43:47 <eyedeekay> If no one else has anything to add, I'm going to go ahead and close the meeting.
22:44:49 <eyedeekay> All right *bafs*. Thanks everybody for coming and contributing to the meeting, see you around IRC