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  • Publié : 2016-07-02
  • Auteur : str4d
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Le Summer Dev est en plein boum : nous avons étés occupés à graisser des roues, des bordures de sables et à nettoyer l’endroit. Maintenant c’est le temps pour notre premier rassemblement, où nous vous réunirons afin d’accélérer les progrès que nous faisons !

But first, a big thank you to Elio Qoshi and ura for designing us the fantastic logo you see above. It adds a cheerful personality to our development program (and is going to look great on t-shirts).

Mois des APIs

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Mois des APIs

Notre but pendant ce mois était de nous "harmoniser" - pour pouvoir faire fonctionner nos API et les diverses bibliothèques avec l’infrastructure existante de communautés diverses, afin que les développeurs d’applications puissent travailler avec I2P de façon efficace, et que les utilisateurs n’aient pas à s’inquiéter des détails.

Java / Android

The I2P client libraries are now available on Maven Central ! See our previous blog post for full details.

This should make it much simpler for Java developers to use I2P in their applications. Instead of needing to obtain the libraries from a current install, they can simply add I2P to their dependencies. Upgrading to new versions will similarly be much easier.

The I2P Android client library has also been updated to use the new I2P libraries. This means that cross-platform applications can work natively with either I2P Android or desktop I2P.



The Twisted plugin txi2p now supports in-I2P ports, and will work seamlessly over local, remote, and port-forwarded SAM APIs. See its documentation for usage instructions, and report any issues on GitHub.


The first (beta) version of i2psocket has been released! This is a direct replacement for the standard Python socket library that extends it with I2P support over the SAM API. See its GitHub page for usage instructions, and to report any issues.

D’autres progrès

  • zzz has been hard at work on Syndie, getting a headstart on Plugins month. You can follow his progress on the development forum thread.
  • psi a créé un réseau I2P de test en utilisant i2pd et durant le processus il a trouvé et il a réparé plusieurs bogues d’i2pd, ce qui améliorera sa compatibilité avec I2P Java.

À venir : le mois des applis !

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À venir : le mois des applis !

We are excited to be working with Tahoe-LAFS in July! I2P has for a long time been home to one of the largest public grids, using a patched version of Tahoe-LAFS. During Apps month we will be helping them with their ongoing work to add native support for I2P and Tor, so that I2P users can benefit from all of the improvements upstream.

There are several other projects that we will be talking with about their plans for I2P integration, and helping with design. Stay tuned!

Prenez part au Summer Dev !

We have many more ideas for things we'd like to get done in these areas. If you're interested in hacking on privacy and anonymity software, designing usable websites or interfaces, or writing guides for users: come and chat with us on IRC or Twitter! We are always happy to "see" new "faces" in our community, both inside and outside I2P. We'll be sending I2P stickers out to all new contributors taking part (or possibly other pending I2P goodies)!

Likewise, if you are an application developer who wants a hand with integrating I2P, or even just to chat about the concepts or details: get in touch! If you want to get involved in our July Apps month, contact @GetI2P, @i2p or @str4d on Twitter. You can also find us in #i2p-dev on OFTC or FreeNode.

We'll be posting here as we go, but you can also follow our progress, and share your own ideas and work, with the hashtag #I2PSummer on Twitter. Bring on the summer!

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