I2P Easy Install Bundle (Beta) for Windows

The I2P Firefox Browser Profile has been expanded into the new I2P Easy Install Bundle, which is in Beta. If you already have an I2P Router installed, it is still safe to use this installer to configure your I2P Browser. Your existing I2P Settings will be left untouched. If you do not have an I2P router installed, then you do not need to install I2P. This package will install I2P at the same time it installs the browser profile. This page has been kept to document the motivations and design of the included Firefox profile. To learn more about the new bundle, visit The Easy Install Bundle Page.

The latest I2P Easy-Install bundle for Windows has been released unsigned. Please verify that the hashes match the downloads when installing the bundle.

I2P Firefox Browser Profile

Now that you have joined the I2P network, you will want to see I2P Sites and and other content that is hosted on the network. The Firefox browser profile is pre-configured to allow you to access the content available on the network.

Why should I use it?

Browsers are highly complex and powerful engines for executing code and displaying information obtained mainly from strangers on the internet. By default, they tend to leak a great deal of information about the person using them to the servers they retrieve information from. Using this browser profile allows you to become part of a "common" set of very similar browser users, instead of appearing unique or revealing details of your hardware or software. Because this involves disabling some browser features, this also reduces the attack surface available to outsiders. This keeps you safer while browsing the Invisible Web.

How do I use it?

First, download and install Firefox, then, just download and install this installer(below). To start an installer, "double-click" the downloaded .exe file.


Download that file and run it.

What is in it?

A Jpackaged I2P Router: The I2P router is "jpackaged" which means that it includes all the required Java components it needs to run successfully. It does not require a separate Java installation, because it bundles a Java 16 Runtime which is only used for I2P.

Browser Extensions: The browser profile also includes both the NoScript and HTTPSEverywhere plugin for better protection Javascript based attacks and HTTPS support where available. It also keeps your I2P search activity separate from your visible internet search activity. The profile configures the I2P Proxy for all sites and browser features. I2P In Private Browsing is used to provide I2P-Specific browser integrations.

Source Code and Issue Tracking

If you would like to examine the source code for individual components, you may find it on i2pgit.org or github.com. The license for each respective component can be found in the license directory of the i2p.firefox project.
If you wish to file an issue about the Firefox profile, please use Gitlab to contact us. For security-sensitive issues, please remember to check the "This issue is confidential and should only be visible to team members with at least Reporter access" option when filing the issue.

How is it different from Tor Browser?

This is not a fork of Firefox. Instead, it is a browser profile with pre-configured settings, combined with an I2P router and some launcher scripts. That means that it requires Firefox(Or Tor Browser) to be installed before you can use it. This is for security reasons, it is important that you are able to recieve reliable updates from a trustworthy vendor.

I2P routers are designed to have long uptimes, and so unlike Tor Browser, the lifetime of your I2P Router is not tied to the lifetime of your I2P browsing session. The browser profile will manage your history, your browser's local storage and cache, and your browsing context but it will never stop your I2P router on its own. You may stop the router using the web interface on the router console homepage.