• Posted: 2013-07-15
  • المؤلف: I2P devs
  • تاريخ الإضافة release

0.9.7 includes significant bug fixes and improvements.

For the first time, class 'N' routers (those with a minimumum of 128 KBytes/sec of shared bandwidth) will automatically become floodfill (previously it was only 'O' routers with 256 KBps). This will increase the floodfill population for additional resistance to certain attacks (see below). Floodfill routers don't consume much additional bandwidth, but they do tend to use additional memory and concurrent connections. If you do not wish your router to become floodfill, set the advanced configuration router.floodfillParticipant=false .

As we think the last release fixed the experimental update-via-torrent bugs, 3% of routers should update over in-network bittorrent this cycle.

Plugin update checks, possibly broken for several releases, are fixed. Your plugins should once again auto-update after updating the router.

We fixed a major streaming timer bug that contributed to frequent IRC disconnects.

This release contains additional mitigations for the "practical attacks" paper. However, we have a lot more work to do to resist Sybil attacks on the floodfills, and resist traffic analysis at the gateways and endpoints of exploratory tunnels. It's a good reminder for everybody that our network is still relatively small and vulnerable. We don't currently recommend any uses that would put anybody in serious jeopardy. We'll keep working to improve it... please keep working to spread the word. A bigger network is a better network.


Anonymity Improvements

  • End-to-end encryption of responses to leaseset lookups
  • Expand floodfill pool by enabling class 'N' floodfills
  • Randomize padding inside encrypted SSU packets
  • Preparation for better SSU protocol obfuscation

Bug Fixes

  • Fix newer lease sets not getting stored or published
  • Fix classpath bug when used with 4-year-old installations, causing the console not to start
  • Fix addressbook database bug preventing update of the reverse index
  • Fix i2psnark bug that changed the infohash of torrents created by Robert and fetched via magnet link
  • Fix version checking for plugins
  • Fix a streaming timer bug causing frequent IRC disconnects (also affects other close-on-idle tunnels)


  • Don't install as a service on Windows by default
  • Reduce transport idle timeouts
  • Reduce tunnels on idle in i2psnark
  • Change default in i2ptunnel GUI to 3 hops
  • IE 10 support
  • Individual expiration times in leases, for efficiency on destinations with a high number of tunnels
  • Low-level encryption and XOR speedups
  • Jetty 7.6.11
  • Tomcat 6.0.37
  • Translation updates: Chinese, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish
  • New Turkish translation
  • Wrapper 3.5.19 (new installs and PPA only)
  • Update GeoIP data (new installs and PPA only)

SHA256 Checksums:

48c10fe5c7455e134df44717215ed66ff79cfb2dd03fbfd64c14b3d5c179eab7  i2pinstall_0.9.7_windows.exe
c0a67051bb0c6f1e4ce3ac8a04257063c4b606b76309b39a6c3daeaaa3888e04  i2pinstall_0.9.7.jar
497e2601ab7594c93e0866e7f6ad9c445f05f7660efcea596ab255677056b1cb  i2psource_0.9.7.tar.bz2
d0b8f0a2491c5ad401f87c94b3b805c03bccd69f9f1b57177a53287f29f85959  i2pupdate_0.9.7.zip
a620eafff86e8eb919acb5b8cd42578df68928b122dc3e715c0b431cdd4c0ef2  i2pupdate.su2
0d5723c361059a60431f3275ad5c0978c3b66097ecda1d1b8f5310c594f0a1ea  i2pupdate.sud

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