• Posted: 2012-02-27
  • المؤلف: I2P devs
  • تاريخ الإضافة release

The 0.8.13 release contains several bug fixes and a couple of new features. We are pleased that the last release significantly improved performance, and the network is running well despite continued rapid growth. Upgrading is recommended.

Files are available on the download page.


This is likely to be the last release before 0.9, in which we will migrate to Jetty 6, and introduce a simplified router console home page. Monitor the news section of your the router console in the coming weeks for more information on the next release.

Starting with this release, the router will check for and install plugin updates shortly upon restarting after a router update. To prevent this, add the advanced configuration plugins.autoUpdate=false before restarting. There is also a new update-all button on the client configuration page.

Routers in certain countries will now automatically enable hidden mode for increased protection. However, hidden mode may have lower performance or reliability, and is still a work in progress. To disable hidden mode before restarting, add the advanced configuration router.isHidden=false. To disable hidden mode later, select use all auto-detect methods under IP Configuration on the network configuration page. For the list of countries see the thread on zzz.i2p. The only country on the list that has more than one or two I2P users is China.

Major Changes

  • Check for and download plugin updates upon restarting after a router update.
  • Routers in certain countries will now automatically enable hidden mode for increased protection.
  • New Tunnel Wizard for creating tunnels
  • A SIGHUP to the wrapper will now initiate a graceful shutdown

Bug Fixes

  • Increase read timeout in HTTP Proxy
  • Shutdown hooks will now run when router is shutdown externally (i2prouter stop), broken in 0.8.8
  • If an external IP address is specified, bind only to that interface
  • Fail tunnels we created when we can't contact the adjacent hop
  • Prevent races when saving configuration
  • For plugins, check min and max Jetty versions; check all version requirements at startup, not just at install
  • Fix plugin startup when console is not on port 7657
  • Only stop plugins if they are running
  • Fix NPE when no network interfaces are present
  • Fix eepget exit code on failure
  • Improve inbound tunnel building when in hidden mode
  • Publish our router info sooner after startup to facilitate inbound tunnel building
  • Fix Streamr tunnel registration


  • Add icons to buttons in SusMail and SusiDNS
  • Move wrapper PID, status, and log files from /tmp to ~/.i2p (Debian packages and new installs only)
  • i2prouter graceful (Debian packages and new installs only)
  • Increase number of floodfills
  • Repack jars in installer to save a little space
  • New translation infrastructure for i2prouter script (not enabled yet)
  • New Czech translation (thanks Waseihou)
  • German, Italian, Polish, Spanish, Swedish, Ukrainian translation updates

SHA256 Checksums:

648a552ee009e9648aba0666c05e2f71e442a714716659a0ca4f60aca87bda50  i2pinstall_0.8.13.exe
bdd510cc47b2cd78aa8d994e27694185c1f2deb48b049d61a93a795932ce5712  i2psource_0.8.13.tar.bz2
36683d906ac121fd28ac5600218aec943da154cb0230f274f0e2a7c6cc6fb8a5  i2pupdate_0.8.13.zip
81fa5256250fde2790153b83d2b01b6bc3b5ee7ea1b4d12232ce46f06ae736ef  i2pupdate.su2
2eb25974ebfeeeec59d8138e42d5663d97cc24b94f2c6cf77cfe6dc991acf0bb  i2pupdate.sud

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