• Posted: 2012-01-06
  • المؤلف: I2P devs
  • تاريخ الإضافة release

The 0.8.12 release fixes several message corruption bugs, some present since 2005. It also contains a redesign of the router's congestion control, and continued optimization of CPU and memory usage. We are hopeful that these changes will improve network performance. Upgrading is recommended.

Files are available on the download page.


This release contains several big changes that should help network reliability and performance.

The first two changes are fixes for major UDP packet transmission bugs, described below. The third change is fixes to the decompressor. Fixing these should eliminate a big source of message delivery failures.

Also, the release contains a rewrite of the router's participating traffic congestion control. It should now more accurately measure current participating bandwidth, handle bursts better, drop messages less, and drop the right messages if dropping is required.

Also, the release reduces the amount of processing that routers do for messages they pass down the tunnel. These messages do not need to be completely parsed and validated since the gateway is simply passing them through. This will help performance of all routers but the improvement will probably not be noticeable except on high-traffic routers.

We're optimistic that these changes will help, and of course eliminating sources of message corruption is sure to help. However the extend of the improvement won't be apparent until the majority of the network upgrades.

The release also contains some updates to the router console light theme. You may need to do a shift-reload or control-reload in your browser to force a reload of the CSS.

Major changes

  • Instead of fully parsing and validating messages received at the inbound gateway, simply pass them down the tunnel
  • Don't verify I2NP checksums in most cases, as message corruption is caught at other layers
  • Don't recalculate I2NP checksums on messages passed through unchanged
  • Several NTCP pumper optimizations, to hopefully fix NTCP pumper high CPU usage on fast routers
  • Rewrite participating tunnel congestion control, to drop less, more accurately measure traffic, and handle bursts better

Wrapper Update

New installs include wrapper version 3.5.13 which fixes a heap corruption with very long log lines. See http://wrapper.tanukisoftware.com/doc/english/release-notes.html for additional information. I2P PPA package users should have received this update in the last week of December. If you do not use our PPA package and would like to update your wrapper manually, follow the instructions at http://www.i2p2.de/manualwrapper .

Bug Fixes

  • Fix major SSU MTU bug introduced in 0.8.9.The router sometimes sent UDP packets that exceeded the maximum size that routers would accept on the receive side. This resulted in a lot of dropped packets, tunnel build problems, and connection problems. One thing that contributed to us missing the problem was that 0.8.9 was released in the middle of the huge network expansion in early October, when network performance was already deteriorating rapidly.
  • Fix major SSU fragmentation bug present since 2005. UDP corrupted transmit messages when the message size was an exact multiple of the fragmentation size.
  • Fix major decompression bugs present since 2005 that caused message corruption and data loss at multiple protocol layers.
  • Snark doesn't always delete directories
  • Fix all character case conversion (Turkish four i problem)
  • Whitelist more IRC commands
  • Remove expired reseed cert


  • Speed up the inefficient GeoIP lookup
  • Optimize several heavily-used utility functions
  • Don't drop the transport connection when receiving an invalid message, it isn't necessary and could be an attack vector
  • Console light theme update
  • Move the complex network configuration stuff to a new console page
  • Add a link to hide the news in the console
  • Allow numerous additional IRC commands through the IRC filter
  • Several other cleanups, optimizations, and object caches added
  • New Estonian translation (thanks ajutine)
  • Spanish, Swedish, Ukrainian translation updates

SHA256 Checksums:

7a05b96c535f565b06aeec3b83fca6245b1159003d4e2da2149374ba0f476847  i2pinstall_0.8.12.exe
019d6018e7093650cf67fd883b0cf0f12aa2f4f0cddc5ef6a08e6147af07f142  i2psource_0.8.12.tar.bz2
a9556998b136d47b124749f426d86514e7128094308f03085b889f34bbdf8dc0  i2pupdate_0.8.12.zip
bb7be1dc9bdcc9b2db2587988325b4ea7c81e9eeb542ebcb17e0d6de29fc98d3  i2pupdate.su2
491722ef1a641512fc3bbaf825d5d1671b701e32b1298572f2820ab7fbf9851d  i2pupdate.sud

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