• Posted: 2011-10-20
  • المؤلف: I2P devs
  • تاريخ الإضافة release

Release 0.8.10 includes two changes intended to reduce the number of router-to-router connections, and therefore improve tunnel build success rates and general reliability. Of course, there's also a few bug fixes and translation updates.

Files are available on the download page.


Major Changes

  • Disable tunnel testing as it forces too many router connections
  • Select outbound endpoint - inbound gateway paths that are closer, using an XOR metric, to reduce router connections.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix exceptions at shutdown
  • Fix concurrency errors in SSU
  • Fix timeout message on POST


  • Increase max tunnels, reduce router info expiration
  • Add gunzip support to eepget to reduce reseed bandwidth
  • Finnish, Italian, Russian, and Swedish translation updates

SHA256 Checksums:

8494640d29b1b7969118169a7ae1c56bc5a07f354ec883734687bf09eef0e35c  i2pinstall_0.8.10.exe
e5832bb49f46b0b6620e8492e6fc6454de4107b84bca5a4b35461c6b7ac0575e  i2psource_0.8.10.tar.bz2
64bcd1fdd478cfda987c1d4906d94b3f20a0555bd4037aefa7a09af4f39a0e99  i2pupdate_0.8.10.zip
5620113f4e19768e15af0a9c8bc670ca443e9983a0d4868997800ee215790c51  i2pupdate.su2
39bfbfebbf77d660081fe1ce282f642fb15ed9cd170901f54a954bc986eadaf5  i2pupdate.sud

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