• Posted: 2011-10-11
  • المؤلف: I2P devs
  • تاريخ الإضافة release

The 0.8.9 release has several performance improvements, and many changes to handle the continued rapid growth of the network. It uses a new iterative method for Kademlia network database lookups that should be more reliable and efficient. There are also several improvements to our SSU (UDP) transport protocol that should help reliability and efficiency. We have made several changes to improve tunnel build success rates. And, of course, there are lots of bug fixes and translation updates.

The network has grown quite rapidly in recent weeks, and that's great news, but it has caused some instability. We welcome all our new users and we ask you to be patient as we make improvements to the software.

Please help grow the network. Get involved, spread the word, and donate! If you find a bug, please enter a report on Trac. We are still looking for help on new and existing translations. Please volunteer on IRC #i2p-dev.

Files are available on the download page.


Major Changes

  • Iterative netdb lookup, this had to be fixed as the network growth was making the old method less reliable. Also increase lookup timeouts to improve success rates.
  • Implement a SSU disconnect message so that the other side of a connection finds out when the peer disconnects. This should considerably speed up subsequent reconnection.
  • Major rewrite of the SSU send queue code, for efficiency in high-speed routers
  • Major rewrite of the participating tunnels expiration code, for efficiency in high=speed routers
  • Increase the maximum SSU MTU so messages take less packets
  • New reverse lookup table in the hosts.txt database so that names are displayed again on the neteb leases page.
  • Preliminary support for IRC DCC - not enabled by default
  • (New installs only) Switch to the Maxmind GeoIP database which is up-to-date and has better coverage of some countries.
  • (New installs only) Update to wrapper 3.5.12 to fix file permission problems.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix restoration of original tunnel quantity after idle
  • Reduce CPU usage when network is disconnected
  • Fix i2psnark "eject" button in certain browsers
  • Fix changing i2psnark tunnel parameters
  • Fix installation issues on some non-English Windows versions
  • Catch some uncaught exceptions from GNU NIO
  • Fix connectivity issues after long suspend times


  • Improvements to the data structure caching, and increase some cache sizes, to increase hit rates. Add a country code string cache.
  • Continue work on removing global locks for performance improvements
  • Rewrite of the job queue for efficiency
  • Switch to https reseed by default for security; update the reseed host lists
  • Don't bother to gzip small http responses and images
  • Use bigger buffers and gunzipper cache in the http proxy
  • Several changes to improve tunnel build success rates
  • Increase the number of floodfills again
  • Faster router info expiration
  • Remove ancient deprecated ministreaming socket manager
  • Add option for i2psnark files readable by everyone
  • Add option for i2psnark page refresh time
  • Add streaming API for getting and setting I2CP port
  • More aggressive netdb exploration by hidden routers
  • Remove confusing "firewalled and fast" message
  • Translation updates for German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, and Swedish

SHA256 Checksums:

554d0abe82ca034e1b7479410bab330bba5644ca1ae4117982af670d0f44ee66  i2pinstall_0.8.9.exe
c40d503c0ee2e90c75f3d635649490a8e49b60e1da8100db118e2097a133429e  i2psource_0.8.9.tar.bz2
dba9258b67b3021c40456aae8e6986dc954ec55ab4ea527fd1ef02cfba88d803  i2pupdate_0.8.9.zip
8f04438cd3d17240bebe8afc172ed54a65c3265db8ea4675a8c508d8ba088326  i2pupdate.su2
e8754a0490bd3e47bc5017ea66d2bfda6386e9c9c6d50a6d77d2c15c0cab098b  i2pupdate.sud

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