I2P dev meeting, December 11, 2012 @ 20:00 UTC

Quick recap

  • Present:

    lillith, Meeh, postman, psi, str4d, topiltzin, zzz

  • Next Meeting

    The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, December 18 @ 20:00 UTC (8:00PM)

Tam IRC Günlüğü

20:20:09  <str4d> <str4d> Not sure where dg is, so I propose that we get the meeting started anyway, continuing on with the agenda from last week (or restarting it if necessary).
20:20:09  <str4d> (http://zzz.i2p/posts/5779)
20:20:18  <iRelay> Title: zzz.i2p: IRC Meetings (at zzz.i2p)
20:40:14  <str4d> No one going to reply?
20:41:48  <Meeh> I'm in for a meeting
20:42:09  <Meeh> but IRC was really unstable today
20:51:48  <str4d> Does someone want to chair and start a meeting? No idea where dg has got to, and I've got to leave partway though so I can't.
20:52:40  <str4d> Looks like iRelay is on postman's server, so if the chair is also there then disconnects won't affect the meeting log.
21:01:13  <psi> meeting was...?
21:01:32  * lillith volunteers to chair once i have zzz.i2p loaded succesfully
21:04:05  <psi> meeting is now rite?
21:05:43  <lillith> yep unless anyone else wants to chair
21:07:16  <psi> ok
21:07:16  <psi> topics?
21:07:16  <lillith> So, Carrying on from where we left off last week, orion are you in here?
21:09:52  <psi> sounds doable
21:09:54  <lillith> i'm not sure what for though, seems a little pointless to me at least
21:10:20  <psi> to make a more structured environment for helping users
21:10:27  <psi> iirc
21:10:48  <topiltzin> more like pool resources
21:11:05  <topiltzin> +1 on that but iirc someone had to be asked first (the owner of the channel?  who is/was that?)
21:11:13  <lillith> so combine two fairly dead channels to a less dead one?
21:11:50  <topiltzin> yah
21:12:23  <lillith> okay item 2a: who owns each cannel and what do they think?
21:12:50  <lillith> 2b: is the new channel #i2p or #i2p-help?
21:12:57  * postman owns #i2p and thinks nothing in particular
21:13:31  <postman> #i2p should keep its name
21:13:33  <lillith> 2c: ask someone to delete one and redirect people to the other
21:13:38  <postman> zzz owns #i2p-help
21:14:10  <psi> i suppose the ircd can do a "symlink" of sorts for channels?
21:14:12  <lillith> i think new users need an obvious 'help' channel to go to first when they connect
21:14:31  <lillith> otherwise they will just ask in random channels
21:14:51  <postman> re: symlink. i will check that
21:16:35  <lillith> okay, item 2 dealt with?
21:18:16  <lillith> item 3: website revamp updates.
21:18:35  <lillith> str4d, any news?
21:18:37  <psi> how many are working on that?
21:23:13  <lillith> psi: afaik only str4d
21:28:17  <lillith> re: Item 4 : 0.9.4 Console links additions, i think str4d has gone and books isn't here, maybe next week?
21:28:17  <str4d> lillith, about to go afk
21:28:26  <str4d> But website page reorganization is basically done.
21:33:45  <str4d> I'd like some feedback from people on it (navigation and url structure) - see ticket #807 for the live url
21:33:48  <iRelay> http://trac.i2p2.i2p/ticket/807 - (accepted enhancement) - Revamp of website
21:33:50  <str4d> And that ticket also lists the next todo items for the revamp.
21:33:50  <lillith> okay, thanks :)
21:34:09  <lillith> item 5 ; 0.9.4 release
21:35:46  <lillith> zzz, are you still aiming for mid-december?
21:39:52  <zzz> monday. see also /topic and http://zzz.i2p/topics/1252
21:39:55  <zzz> and re: console link additions, that agenda item can be pushed out 6 weeks for 0.9.5
21:45:02  <lillith> okay thanks :)
21:45:09  <lillith> item 6 : any notes from participants
21:45:09  <lillith> ... anyone?
21:45:09  <psi> notes?
21:45:09  <lillith> anything you wish to add
21:45:09  <psi> the most common complaint from new users is that it's slow at start
21:45:22  <psi> is there any way to address that?
21:49:54  <Meeh> make the installer include RIs could help on the startup speed. But it's not a flawless solution
21:49:54  <Meeh> what if dose RIs goes down, or high load, etc etc
21:49:54  <psi> is there a "faster" way to initial seed besides prebundling?
21:49:54  <zzz> Meeh, is your reseed server script at all a bottleneck? is it slowing down reseeding at all?
21:49:54  <Meeh> higher the limit before the router stop reseeding to 2-300.. But not a flawless idea either
21:49:54  <lillith> Meeh,surely any solution would be better than none
21:49:54  <Meeh> it slows the server down if it's much used since it's a write lock on sqlite
21:49:56  <Meeh> I should make a mysql version, and those reseeders that could use it, would help a lot
21:51:20  <lillith> prebundling RIs could only speed up initial startup; worst case is that it's the same as now
21:51:20  <Meeh> then the file/db lock wouldn't be a bottleneck anymore
21:52:49  <Meeh> or whatever else *sql as long as it run as a server
22:01:    <lillith> orion dosen't seem to be here, and i don't see how we can go on without him
22:04:    <lillith> item 7: next meeting
22:06:    <topiltzin> pre-bundling has some strong arguments against it, they are available on zzz.i2p
22:07:    <lillith> i'l leave this to dg , presumably it will be 8.00 UTC next tuesday (18th)
22:08:    <lillith> topiltzin, i'l take a look
22:09:    <lillith> I'd say this meeting is now officially over then :)