I2P dev meeting, January 4, 2005

Quick recap

  • Present:

ant, cervantes, eco, frosk, Hybrid, jdot, jrandom, Myo9, protokol, slart, slaw,

Tam IRC Günlüğü

13:09 <@jrandom> 0) hi
13:09 <@jrandom> 1) Net status
13:09 <@jrandom> 2)
13:09 < ant> <DrVince> It says that it can't find tools.jar but doesn't stop
13:10 <@jrandom> 3) 0.5
13:10 <@jrandom> 4) jabber @ chat.i2p
13:10 <@jrandom> 5) ???
13:10 <@jrandom> 0) hi
13:10  * jrandom waves
13:10 < eco> hi
13:10 <@jrandom> weekly status notes posted up @ http://dev.i2p.net/pipermail/i2p/2005-January/000541.html
13:10 <@jrandom> DrVince: if you can hang around, we can hack through that after the meeting
13:10 < ant> <DrVince> Cool
13:11 <@jrandom> jumping on into 1) Net status
13:11 <@jrandom> (as i'm sure y'all have read the weekly status notes already *cough*)
13:11 <@jrandom> basically, the net seems to be working well
13:11 <@jrandom> we still do have more irc disconnects than usual though, but not a horrid amount
13:12 <@jrandom> hopefully the next release (with the streaming lib improvements) will help out, as will further load balancing off duck's server
13:12 <@jrandom> (since remember, every message we send to any irc channel is sent to the irc server and echoed out again several times)
13:13 <+protokol> yeah
13:13 <@jrandom> a fully distributed chat system would be neat, but i'm not holding my breath.  plus, irc works good enough
13:14 <@jrandom> ok, thats all i have wrt 1) net status
13:14 <@jrandom> does anyone have anything to add, comment, etc?
13:14  * eco has been away for a while (what's new)
13:15 < eco> and was happily surprised by the state of things. very good progress
13:15 < Myo9> Wasn't the meeting at 10?
13:15 < eco> both performance and usability wise
13:15 < eco> Myo9 10GMT (general meeting time)
13:16 <@jrandom> 9p GMT
13:16 <@jrandom> the last year has definitely brought a lot of progress
13:17  * eco hands out cookies to all devs and then shuts up
13:17 <@jrandom> *munch*
13:17 <@jrandom> ok, jumping on to 2)
13:18 <@jrandom> new release coming with bugfixes, improvements, and the addressbook bundled in
13:18 <@jrandom> i dont know exactly when it'll be out, maybe end of the week
13:18 <@jrandom> it'll be announced on the list and in the channels, of course
13:19 <@jrandom> thats all i have to say on that - anyone have any questions/comments/concerns wrt
13:19  * eco recalls someone mentioning Debian packages
13:20 <@jrandom> os/distro-specific packaging is probably premature at the moment
13:20 < eco> Burton is willing to give that a try, but that won't be this week i guess
13:20 <@jrandom> ah cool, i hadn't heard that
13:21 < eco> agree, though it would be handy
13:21 <+protokol> hold on, im pretty high
13:21 <+protokol> oops
13:21 <+protokol> that was supposed to be a PM
13:21 <@jrandom> distro-specific packaging will be nice, but we probably need to have the auto-updater in place for that to be viable
13:21 <+protokol> i can look into making an ebuild
13:21 <@jrandom> protokol: if you're nice, i'll cut that out of the logs ;)
13:21 <+protokol> no guarentees
13:21 <+protokol> lol
13:22 <@jrandom> yeah, i wouldn't worry about packages until 0.5, if not 1.0
13:22 <@jrandom> (i hope to have the auto-updater in 0.5)
13:22 <+protokol> awesomecore
13:23 <@jrandom> actually, if someone wants to work on the updater, that'd be a pretty kick-ass low-hanging-fruit.  just write a servlet to download and verify from dev.i2p/i2p/i2pupdate.zip, then call the router's restart method
13:23 < Myo9> Auto-updater, sounds like a threat.
13:23 <+protokol> modulus: welsome
13:23 <+protokol> $200 bounty for it
13:24 <@jrandom> heh true myo9, the update would want to allow both manual controls (one click update) and would want to verify a signature on the update
13:24 < ant> * DrVince had a problem with i2pupdate.zip
13:24 < ant> <cervantes> something that can be enabled or disabled would be nice ;)
13:24  * protokol makes it offical
13:24 < Myo9> So, all of a sudden, the router restarts and one notices Jr. has teamed with the IP ppl and DRM is enabled.
13:24 <@jrandom> protokol: oh cool, send in the $200 and i'll add that to the bounty page 
13:24 < Myo9> ;)
13:24 < Myo9> I want auto-update turned off by default.
13:24 <@jrandom> agreed myo9
13:25 < ant> <cervantes> perhaps the routerconsole can be ammended to notify if a new version is available
13:25 <@jrandom> right cervantes
13:25 < Myo9> Great!
13:25 <@jrandom> it would want to display whether there is a new release, and give the user a one click option to upgrade
13:25 <@jrandom> (it'd be easy enough to add a web page @ www.i2p/ that contains the current version, so the router could check that periodically)
13:26 <@jrandom> ((or on demand))
13:26 < Hybrid> yes jrandom. that would be cool.   also on the button a link to 'whats new' html page
13:26 <@jrandom> Hybrid: http://dev.i2p.net/cgi-bin/cvsweb.cgi/i2p/history.txt?rev=HEAD
13:26 < ant> <cervantes> yeah...I've got a page on the forum that lets my firefox toolbar know of latest "events"/news
13:27 <@jrandom> but yeah, a link there too would be nice
13:27 <@jrandom> ah cool cervantes
13:27 < Hybrid> don't forget to put the version the user is currently running and the new version number available.   (I like the way dvd decrypter does this)
13:27 < ant> <cervantes> don't count on me releasing anything yet though....
13:28 <@jrandom> right right Hybrid, the current version the user is running is visible on the top left corner of the router console, so it shouldnt be a problem
13:28 < ant> <cervantes> wanted to spend the holidays working on it and have so far done absolutely nothing...
13:28 <@jrandom> but this won't be bundled into the release, because i havent written any of this code :)
13:28 <@jrandom> heh cervantes, i hear you.  i do look forward to the xul though!
13:29 <@jrandom> ok, anyone have anything else wrt 2), or shall we move on to 3) 0.5?
13:29 < Hybrid> is it a problem for i2p to shutdown, new version install, and restart... would other applications irc need restarting??.. any other complications in  a 'click n update' feature
13:30 < Hybrid> (sorry interrupting dev meeting lol)
13:30 <@jrandom> Hybrid: not a problem at all - thats what the "graceful restart" button on http://localhost:7657/configservice.jsp does
13:30 < Hybrid> k
13:31 < ant> <cervantes> jrandom: does the wrapper re-read the wrapper.config on a restart?
13:31 <@jrandom> cervantes: no :(
13:31 <@jrandom> i wish it did
13:31 < ant> <cervantes> guess we need a wrapper service wrapper
13:32 <@jrandom> perhaps someone could get a patch in to the java service wrapper folks
13:32 <@jrandom> heh
13:32 <@jrandom> ok, jumping to 3) 0.5
13:32 <@jrandom> well, i dont really have much to say about this beyond whats in the email
13:33 <@jrandom> lots of progress, many sheets of paper, and some code.  nothing committed or ready for show yet though
13:33 <@jrandom> thats 'bout all i have to say on that front, unless someone has any questions
13:34 <@jrandom> if not, we can mosey on over to 4) jabber @ chat.i2p
13:35 <@jrandom> new jabber server (w00t!).  see the email & the forum for details
13:35 <@jrandom> aparently it was dirt easy to set up the server too, so hopefully we can get some docs out there so that other people can run their own
13:35 < frosk> i think it's the third i2p has had. i hope this one sticks around :)
13:36 < jdot> docs are coming.  its easy a heck w/ Jive Messenger.  Just tunnel the ports properly.
13:36 <@jrandom> personally, i'm fine with irc for one on one and group chat, but having the option for jabber is cool
13:36 <@jrandom> ah word jdot
13:36 <@jrandom> no rush, whenever is great
13:37 <@jrandom> it'd just be great to be able to tell people that if they dont like how things are on one particular irc srever, they can go run their own :)
13:37 < jdot> also will be looking to changate it with the irc channels .. in the future
13:37 <@jrandom> nice
13:38 <@jrandom> ok, thats all i have to say on that.  you have anything you want to add jdot?
13:39 <+protokol> how does one get on chat.i2p
13:39 <+protokol> tis not resolve for me
13:39 <@jrandom> http://forum.i2p.net/viewtopic.php?t=229
13:40 < jdot> nothing to add.  
13:40  * eco has peeked at java service wrapper in the mean time
13:40 < eco> re-reading the config file has been implemented for the upcoming 3.20 release
13:40 < eco> see http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=981060&group_id=39428&atid=425190
13:41 <@jrandom> ah wikked
13:41  * eco doesn't know when that's due though
13:41 <@jrandom> perhaps with 0.5 we'll do a big external-app-upgrade, replacing our aging jetty and java service wrapper code
13:42 <@jrandom> oh, before i go on, i suppose we should officially move to 5) ???
13:42 <@jrandom> protokol: i think i remember you saying you got jetty working with CGI?  any docs / info on that?
13:43 <@jrandom> someone else out there was able to get jetty to do symlinks too, though i dont know who
13:43 <@jrandom> (you out there, whoever you are?  how'd you do it?  :)
13:44 <@jrandom> or, i suppose, anyone else have anything they want to bring up?
13:45  * eco has a public service announcement
13:45 < eco> there's a bounty for succesfully pulling i2p through gcj
13:45 < eco> according to jr this will be dead simple, so go get it! :-)
13:45 <@jrandom> heh, not dead simple, that was just wishful thinking ;)
13:46 <@jrandom> but it might be
13:46 <@jrandom> (so go get it :)
13:46 < cervantes> think I posted links concering jetty symlinks somewhere either in chat or on the forum...can't remember which
13:46 < cervantes> was a while back now
13:46 <+protokol> jrandom: it was for the more recent version, i just crashed my jetty
13:46 < slart> any news on the azureus plugin?
13:46 <+protokol> i think jetty should be borught up-to-date so the docs on their website are useful
13:46 < Hybrid> gcj?
13:46 <+protokol> makes java into a binary
13:46 <@jrandom> ah cool cervantes, i'll dig around for it
13:47 < cervantes> I've looked at jetty with php...but it's a very hit an miss affair... php comes with a servlet .jar executable for use with tomcat..., I've seen reports that it can be made to work with jetty...but I have no idea how
13:47 <@jrandom> protokol: ah
13:47 <+protokol> and it needs cgi and symling support as well
13:47 <@jrandom> slart: the azureus devs are hacking away and making progress, but its not ready yet
13:47 <+protokol> cervantes: DO IT!
13:48 <+protokol> it would be like apache built into i2p
13:48 < frosk> Hybrid: The GNU Compiler for Java, or sumthing
13:48 <@jrandom> cervantes: yeah, .jar support would be neat, but if its flakey, not worth it.  having cgi support in jetty would be best, sicne we could then use normal php
13:48 < slaw> excellent
13:48 < frosk> mod_i2p :)
13:49 <@jrandom> heh
13:50 <@jrandom> ok, anyone else have anything they want to bring up for the meeting?
13:51 <@jrandom> if not...
13:51  * jrandom winds up
13:51  * jrandom *baf*s the meeting closed